Friday Night Funkin' VS Funkin MIX FULL WEEK 1-2 | DEMO (FNF MOD/HARD) (Lila/Skid/Pump) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Funkin MIX FULL WEEK 1-2 | DEMO (FNF MOD/HARD) (Lila/Skid/Pump)

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Friday Night Funkin’, VS Funkin MIX (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This time the FNF cast are mixed with each other, providing them with bits of each other’s personalities.
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Boyfriend meets Girlfriend for the very first time. GF asks BF for help to convince Daddy Dearest to let her join his business and BF agrees, they eventually start dating and the main story begins. In this mod the characters are mixed with each other, for example; BF is mixed with Pico, GF is mixed with Mommy Gearest, Skid & Pump are mixed with BF, Lila is mixed with Lemon Monster and I’m not sure about the others. We’ll be playing it on very hard mode for all Funkin MIX songs.

Funkin’ MIX [Full 2 weeks | Demo] Mod Download:

Game Note: In a calm campus, Pico and Otis attack a school, and students, including BF, are hurt. These thoughts not only affect BF’s character but also his future. After the school incident, he became a professional killer, working under Daddy Dearest. After a mission, BF accidentally overhears a conversation between his boss and his daughter GF. And it all. That is how it all started.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ Funkin MIX Week 1-2 Mod Timestamp
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:21 Message
00:33 Intro
00:43 Title Screen
00:50 Menu
00:58 All Weeks
01:08 Lore
01:11 Cutscenes/Dialogue 1
02:57 BF & GF Meet
05:56 Tutorial Remix (Girlfriend vs Boyfriend)
07:39 Cutscenes/Dialogue 2
08:30 Cutscenes/Dialogue 3
12:12 1) Bopeebo Remix (Daddy Dearest vs BF)
13:40 Cutscenes/Dialogue 4
14:18 2) Fresh Remix
15:50 Cutscenes/Dialogue 5
16:12 Daddy Why?
16:58 3) Dad Battle Remix (Gun Mechanic)
17:58 BF Last Stand
18:20 BF knocks his weapon away
18:24 Cutscenes/Dialogue 6
19:54 Cutscenes/Dialogue 7
22:06 4) Spookeez Remix (Skid & Pump vs Boyfriend)
23:42 Cutscenes/Dialogue 8
25:08 Lila Fuse with a Monster
26:09 5) S. O. S Song (Lelaom vs BF, Skid & Pump)
28:33 Cutscenes/Dialogue 9
30:29 Is it really Lila?
31:28 6) Sickly Sour Song (Lila vs BF & Moloch)
31:36 She Laughs
31:50 Darkness
32:11 It’s Me!
34:27 Ending Cutscenes
37:20 Song List | Freeplay
37:42 7) Dad Battle AP (Daddy Dearest VS Boyfriend)
39:23 8) Warmth (Skid & Pump VS Boyfriend)
42:17 9) West (Skid & Pump VS Boyfriend)
44:53 10) Object Error (Lila VS Boyfriend)
48:02 Credit
48:25 Extras / Full Game Over Theme
49:19 Actually, I think Mommy is mixed with GF, NOT Lila
49:42 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Funkin MIX Week 2 & Week 1 below
VS Funkin MIX FULL WEEK 1-2 (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Namdam_096 – Owned, Co-director, Lead Artist, Lead Spriter, Scripter:

PosiTVt – Co-director, Main Artist, Scripter / Sprite Pose designer:

Toast Fish – Lead Coder:

tbyt – Lead Composer:

Qski – Main Spriter:

fileeeeeeeeos – Composer:

DareiPhobia_ – Main Spriter:
MikeFNF – Stage Artist:

FLD9 – Concept Artist:
ascenti – Artist:
Farsy – Charter:

diego26007 – Charter

Dreupy – Charter:

Echo_Forwarning – Charter:
ThatOneGamingDude // T1GD – tutorial song:

Banana – Lila, Lelaom and Lemon monster chromatic:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  2. Why does Lemon Demon Lila look so cute tho-

  3. Ngl they did a good job at this mod and I kinda find it cool that they used the utau daddy dearest soundfont and the girlfriend one (at least in the tutorial)

  4. FNF is the only game where I read the dialogues from start to finish. They're always extremely enjoyable to read while looking at the amazing portraits.

  5. I keep saying it. Every mod with a 1-2 week demo has an awesome version of spookiez


  7. Now we patiently wait for them to create a MINUS variant of this mod

  8. We better have some banger missions with GF. This has a lot of potential to be a well written story narration of the fnf base game with well established dangers. Even the plot around the assassination business could lead to extra weeks involving GF and other characters

  9. god these au mods are always really good, honestly this is probably one of the best aswell, love the idea

  10. I think daddy is mixed with garcello cause of the age and the light green icon

  11. 1st achievement:
    "She calls me daddy too"
    And yet it never gets old


  12. i just realized that skid and pump is a mix of bf💀💀💀💀

  13. Best mod of all time, I love uniqueness, but I also love classics!
    And this is perfect for procrastinating!
    Like writing my own version of songs, referencing even more songs!
    Before doing my homework

  14. its cool that dd in this universe is more acceptance

  15. I was trying to come back to fnf thought f its ded but i was wrong, The community is still going keep it up dude 😎👍

  16. Hello comunity game look My video of fnf the 2

  17. My Only theory I have for Lila is…
    She has a mindless clone that is so real and realistic but the appearance of the clone looks off from the original,and unfortunately a random black blob that seems to be a luquidic virus or parasite of some sort,had taken over the clone and now it's affected,the clone itself doesn't technically do any harm before being taken over by a parasite/virus,
    It's only doing what the original do,take them home and make sure they're safe,but skid doesn't trust the clone

  18. MattPat is fusing my soul into his! NOOOO-

    Daddy Dearest had 2 children, a boy, and a girl. The reason why Daddy Dearest is overprotective is because he lost his son, because every single hitmen he hired, turned into traitors, and was actually part of the an unnamed organization that's trying to takedown Daddy Dearest, whom the organization deemed too powerful.
    Daddy Dearest and his son, who was one of his hitmen, got surrounded with nowhere to run. The son told his father about his plan to escape and cast a teleportation spell, but since he didn't have enough magic left, he cast it at his father, who thought both of them are gonna escape. "Wait, why are you not inside the spell circle?!"
    "I'm running out of magic, Boss"
    Daddy Dearest, who tried to give his son more magic power, was also exhausted, so he failed.
    "Stop it, Boss", his son said with reassurance.
    WHY?! WHY NOW?!"
    "Haha! <sigh> Boss"
    "My little sister still needs someone to take care and protect her, since mom can't cast magic, and I have only learned one spell, and I don't know how to take care of people, so why would I not sacrifice myself for the sake of our family's future?" his son said, with a faint smile.

    Wait what happened? Is MattPat gone?

  19. i keep thinking of Daddy Dearest with some accent like the godfather every time i read his dialogue 💀

  20. 18:03 This had the same energy as the "Ascend" part in one of Tankman's songs

  21. What are the fuses i really wanna know cuz i forgor

  22. This is a really cool concept! What if they did mod characters as well? Whitty mixed with Garcello could be like a smoker with anger issues or it could be a sort of laid back Whitty who is sketchy but cool

  23. This mod is so cute might download it later😁


  25. I still can’t find who merge with daddy dearest

  26. This is so cool! I wonder who will be combined in next week.

  27. Let me predict this, 2023 will be a great year for fnf.

  28. yo that lila got to be splatoon3

  29. Actually pretty bored guy (yes, really) says:

    my friend worked on this wow

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