Friday Night Funkin': VS Grimace Shake - McDonald Tiktok [The Grimming/FNF Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Grimace Shake – McDonald Tiktok [The Grimming/FNF Mod]

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VS Grimace Shake – McDonald tiktok trend but in Friday Night Funkin’. Boyfriend goes to McDonald’s to try out Grimace’s Birthday Shaker, BUT he has no money. But luckily, Grimace is there, so he rap battles him for a free shaker. Then they do the GRIMSHAKER. :] This mod features one song, and a cutscene!
VS Grimace Shake – The Grimming
Trashcam – Director Man who did most of the art and the song.
Nebula !! – Co-Director and Charter
SeanicGames – Co-Co-Director, Made Song Name, and the GameBanana art
Inkedartist – Made more GameBanana art
kiwi !! – Made even more GameBanana art
ItzFaygo – Our dearly beloved man that we lost, who inspired the creation of this mod.
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  1. Try out the grimace shake and let yourself an incident in Ohio 💀💀💀

  2. Bro fryday nigth Funkin is dead do another content fnf is trash

  3. ey quieres jugar conmigo una atualisasion de craman

  4. bf: i need money
    grimace comes out of nowhere

  5. You’re right it’s not you it’s your mom

  6. Что? 😂😂😂 = What? 😂😂😂 я русская 🙂

  7. Girlfriend home come asekd 02:19 Boyfriend ma come à bevvuto puel micuceil del meccdonad .s😢😥🙌😣😰😵‍💫☠️

  8. What do you mean the grimace shake is out

  9. @Tomtordwolf and her friends and family says:

    I Like Boyfriend That He Said" Yo Can I Get, The Grimace Shake

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