Friday Night Funkin': VS Happy Tree Friends: Lifty & Shifty [Trickster Trouble] FULL WEEK | FNF Mod -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Happy Tree Friends: Lifty & Shifty [Trickster Trouble] FULL WEEK | FNF Mod

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Friday Night Funkin’ Trickster Trouble VS Lifty & Shifty from Happy Tree Friends – now in FNF. Lifty and his brother Shifty are two green kleptomaniac raccoon identical twin brothers with dark green mask-like markings around their eyes. They frequently steal merchandise and products from the other Happy Tree Friends (thus their names).
Ratty and Batsy go shopping for new equipment at the music store, until they notice Lifty and Shifty try to steal some stuff. it’s up to them to stop the raccoon brothers from getting away with the heist.
This mod includes: 1 week, 2 songs, cool mechanics and animations, and comic styled cutscenes (or at least one cutscene lol)
00:00 Cutscene
00:12 Gameplay Preview
00:26 Thievery Song
2:56 Kleptomania Song
5:43 Ending Cutscene
5:57 Game Over Screen 1
6:08 Game Over Screen 2
6:22 Outro
Director and Artist UltraJNH
Co-Director and Charter @AdeliFlame
Main Musician @KamexVGM
Story Menu Artist dei_Woah
Comic Artist @Wiionthemoon
Main Coder @Cocasse
Secondary Coder @Shokora
Chromatic Scale VA for Lifty and Shifty @Banbuds
VA for Batsy UnReone
moral support @Paptrisha
#FNFMod #LiftyShifty #HappyTreeFriends


  1. Как круто это третий мод по HTF который с новым персонажи круто надеюсь будет ещё персонажи.

  2. In the other mod bf is bunfriend in this mod is mousefriend😅

  3. Htf mods are how you cure my depression.

  4. i didn’t expect such good music on a demo

  5. they should make a kaboom and sneaky mouse mod

  6. They finally make girlfriend as bat for once

  7. Ooooooooohhhh, that's such a great mod! Imma play this!

  8. Yo. Quiero. Un. Mob. De. Cuddies. De. Happy tree friends

  9. Happy tree friends are creepy and brutal and cool

  10. Hey! This mod seems great so far, I can't believe I missed this! I can't wait to see more of it as it comes out, good job to the developers!

  11. A mí también pero no ves que son pequeños los 2

  12. Я думал придет Flippy и их убьет и начнется еще одна песня

  13. Anyone else notice that when bf is Injured, he loses his ability to push the health bar back?

  14. either you forgot to dodge or you just wanted to show how you would like if you got hit

  15. El mejor mod htf + fnf
    El que voltean 1000 mods de Flippy :
    A los que le hablan :

  16. Finally a HTF mod with a different character

  17. Wow this is an amazing mod!! I can't help but keep watching it over and over again! Wonderful animations and songs and after like the 4th time I have watched this, I realized that Shifty's singing voice is slightly deeper than Lifty's which shows just how much time and effort was put in this mod. Truly a masterpiece! 😀

  18. Why haven't I heard of this sooner
    This is godly!

  19. I hope that in the future there will be mods with other characters

  20. 🗡Link y La fiera leidad Game 1.5 suscríbete 🛡 says:


  21. This has been easily a wholesome mod without Flippy. This is sort of adorable being with the musical swings and rhythyms and such. This is good.

  22. Anyone else questioning why gf is not considered about bf getting his arm broken

  23. I love the way Lifty chuckles after Shifty hit boyfriend

  24. For some reason, I ship them together-❤ FOR SOME REASON OK?

  25. I didn't even know about this mod but it looks really good!

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