Friday Night Funkin' Vs Horror Sans FULL WEEK | Midnight Hunger (FNF Mod/Undertale/Ft. Horror Sans) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Horror Sans FULL WEEK | Midnight Hunger (FNF Mod/Undertale/Ft. Horror Sans)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Ft. Horror Sans (FULL WEEK) + Cutscenes for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. A gameplay/showcase video for the sequel/spinoff to the original Ft Sans, FNF Undertale mod.
Daniztic – Director:

This story takes place 7 years after Ft Sans Mod so Boyfriend & Girlfriend are 26 years old and they basically do the same thing as last time, they both return to Undertale by opening an odd door in an odd alleyway, BF & GF seemed to have found their way back into a weird bar but this time the scenery is different. BF & GF sees Sans sitting near the bar table, but he doesn’t look like his old self anymore. BF, as usual, asked Sans for a rap battle, and Sans accepts the rap battle challenge.

The whole mod here is so amazing from start to finish, this feels exactly like horrortale, these devs really know how to make a true sans mod IMO. The whole UI was so cool to look at and so much more. Chara, Frisk, Asriel, Toriel, Papyrus, and Flowey don’t make an appearance here.

We’ll be playing it on very hard mode for all VS FNF Ft. Horror Sans songs. This Undertale mod has 6 songs available in this mod, epic cutscenes, and 1 week along with game-over scenes.

VS Friday Night Funkin’ Ft. Horror Sans Mod Download link:

Game Note: It’s been a while hasn’t it? 7 years to be precise…7 years without either Boyfriend or Girlfriend encountering the same door which brought them into that wacky world full of monsters in the underground. Once, 2 determined young adults, now? Nothing more than a mischievous couple causing harm to anyone around ’em, even if it isn’t their intention…
or…well, HIS intention. But wait… What is this? In this dark and cold alley, is that… a wooden door?

From most of the members of the same team that brought you the “FNF Mod: Friday Night Funkin’ Ft. Sans” experience, we present to you: “Midnight Hunger”, a straight-up sequel/spinoff to the original Sans Mod we came to show off Yet…now, with the goofy and funny mod being twisted into a very grim situation shared between the couple drastically, you have once again more to enjoy. Discover what you haven’t seen in years, and face the reality both of ’em have come to live with…
A betrayed and deeply hurt skeleton against a corrupted and manipulated rapper.

Who shall win this rematch?
Or rather, who will be able to live another day?

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Horror Sans Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:13 It takes 7 years after ft Sans mod
00:24 Sans Message
00:35 Intro
00:45 Title Screen
01:00 Menu (Epic UI)
01:10 Option (Just showing how cool it looks)
01:22 Enter Door | Story Mode
01:25 FNF Animation 1
01:51 Time Flies Song
02:08 Rap Begins
02:54 Sans Creepy Laugh
03:00 Music starts to pick up
04:15 Interrogation Song (VS Horror Sans)
05:12 Music starts to pick up
06:03 Part sounds nice
06:48 Creepy Background Appears
07:26 Music goes faster
08:04 End
08:43 Freeplay
08:53 Human Song (Human Sans vs BF)
09:17 Rap begins
10:29 Cracks/Transform (Crazy Human Sans)
10:58 Cracks Again
11:28 Turns back to normal
12:02 Credit
12:17 Scary Pause Menu
12:49 All Game Over Animations
14:21 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS FNF Undertale | Ft. Sans below
VS Ft. Horror Sans FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Daniztic – Director, Main Artist and Editor:

Bwena – Creator, Main Musician, Sound effect Designer:

LoWTecH123 – Musician, Artist, Misc. Animator:

ShiftyTMHD4KREA – A few sound effects, and also a beta tester:

Gazozoz – Main Programmer, Main Animator, Charter:

MrCaiomecar – Programmer Helper:

PheSpriter – Main Charter:

Toby Fox – Created Undertale:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ – WEEK 7 All Tankman Death Quotes:

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Dusttale Remastered Undertale GENOCIDE/PACIFIST:

FNF VS Indie Cross V1 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & Ending (Cuphead Sans Bendy)

Friday Night Funkin’ Undertale Last Breath Vs Sans FULL WEEK DEMO

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2022)
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  1. Did anybody notice in the 2nd song when sans puts his fingers on the table over and over again (idk how its called i dont know much english) the sound actually plays loud so thats a detail

  2. Idk if u think like me but horror sans is just like lord x ngl

  3. Fun fact: the fave of human sans when he turns crazy looks like An Enigmatic Encounter sans face which is Sans Last Breath Phase 3

  4. 04:15 holy fucking shit, i'm going crazy with the reference here- it's in that one unavailable comic where aliza has dinner with sans and sans has been nothing but quiet amd creepy for past 10 minutes in that comic, hence the long pause here. losing my mind.

  5. Is the artstyle trying to simulate something?

  6. Ernesto rey de la locura comentarista says:

    Me gusta el mod de friday night funkin actualizado gran mod! 😀

  7. This mod is based of horrortale a undertale Au where they prob got the WORSE ENDING
    Srry for me bad english i will try me best

    Many years happened after the famous "neutral run" that frisk did after the human escape from the underground only killing the King the Queen toriel tried to take the throne again and adding a new rule that said that all humans Who fall to the underground must be treated as Friends

    Undyne and other Monster take over the Queen and made her go back to the ruins and changed the laws saying that any human Who fall to the underground MUST be killed so with 7 souls she could destroy the barried and start a war with everyone from the surface

    Many years passed the core broke and with the end of the core everyone was going to die without the core working there isnt a way to make food or even electric everyone was dying of hunger and undyne the new Queen couldnt take It any more and she literally decide to kill her self but alphys stop her saying that there was another way to repair the core but they needed to KILL SANS and use his eye which is filled with energy undyne at first didnt wanted but after alphys push her to her limit she did it but she also lose her left eye smh after have killed sans something weird happened… He didnt turn to dust and after some min he just wake up killing a guard and taking his eye as his own eye (the red eye on his head is from that guard) and sans entered on a rage destroying the core and making alphys disable taking everything from undyne…

  8. Tengo un dilema con este mod por que las canciones son buenas pero les falta algo como que duren mas sus partes buenas de las canciones como la última cancion del mod que duro muy poco la parte buena

  9. I fucking LOVE the breakcore style they tried to make. Its so fucknig cool

  10. Its not the best mod to some people but for me its the 10/10

  11. The people who made this mod have talent on a whole different level. I'd love to see the type of sans related mods they make. Or any at that. I'd love to have more mods like this in the future! Incredible work devs!

  12. This is based off of Horrortale. Let me give you a basic rundown.
    7 years after the best possible neutral ending (only Asgore dies), the Core goes into shutdown due to not having a good power source. As a result, the monsters can no longer make food and some monsters like Grillby are now in constant agony due to the magic in the air keeping them safe is gone. Monsters now have to rely on humans as food.

  13. now….

    make an infected skin mod.

    if u dont know by "infected" its a funne alphatale guy that actually LOOKS so alike to horror, his design got changed.. 🙁 but, can always use the old skin!

  14. That Rabbit Girl is Super sad… Maybe is Because Her "Sansy" Is not the one she loves… Not anymore

  15. Good to know they too reference off the comic

  16. I love how the gameover is a reference to the comic and story itself where Aliza literally gets put on grillbys fryer. To be killed and eaten but as soon as papyrus says undyne..or well the queen has arrived they instantly throw Aliza out the f*cking window into snow..she’s she’s literally halfway burnt but still alive

  17. 4:56
    I remember how sans did that finger knocking in horrortale game (when he were selling hotdogs), i mean, that really fits the music

  18. who is. . .no, WHAT IS "Human" Sans? I don't remember him being in The HorrorTale itself.

  19. I love how the interrogation song captures the hand drawn style just like in the comic strips of the game

  20. Horror Sans: hehe… We usualy say "in this world its kill or be killed" … But in this mod, its better to say :
    In this world… Its funk or be funked….
    Horror Papyrus: What are you talking about Sans
    Horror Sans: I have no idea

  21. finaly a good horrortale mod i Love undertale and Aus

  22. WOW THE MOD IS GREAT AND the art 10/10 and very similar to the horrortale comic!

  23. Haganle mod a horrorsans no al pinchi sans

  24. game over screen references aliza getting cooked Alive on grillbys grill

  25. heya can some one say to me in what au the last song is inspired i cant find anything about that sans as if i look human sans i just find some cringy drawing of sans looking like a human

  26. In the song that shows sans’s inside if you look at his face he looks like he got corrupted by the darkness (aka the pibby glitch)

  27. If there is anyone asking for the death animation for bf, in the original horrortale comic Alisa was going to be cooked alive by Grillby's for all the monsters that where inside of the bar.

    This because the giant reactor in horrortale inside hotlands stopped working and the reactor was the one that was bringing food and magic so all the monsters where able to live.

    Ah yeah for last, Grillby's has that screaming face because he is basically burning alive because the magic in the underground dissapear with the one that generated it, the reactor.

  28. what the hell is going on in the freeplay song?!
    I don't remember this in the original comic.

  29. Friday night funking was once a fun computer game but in the future the mods are getting way to violent I think kids are playing this mod and the parent will be furious they might sue you for violence mods🤬😰

  30. You finally have rebooted the stuff you add in the video

  31. This mod is underrated! Worths every hard work

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