Friday Night Funkin VS Imposter V4 Fan Animation -

Friday Night Funkin VS Imposter V4 Fan Animation

z Ke
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Friday Night Funkin より『インポスターV4』MODのファンアニメーションです!



  1. One small issue…

    At 1:19 when black stabs and kills white, that's not accurate, since in Black's sprite from the mod it's actually a grey crewmate, not white (though it is a bit difficult to notice)

    Other than that, A great animation

  2. Please continue this masterpiece! It is so amazing!

  3. Este video es muy Cali es el mejor video de todos esto se merece un like

  4. Não precisa fazer o preto matar branco né hooo

  5. these videos are always amazing, great job crack 👌

  6. bro not gonna lie the part when white dies its like a betreyal 1:19

  7. bro please know that thats not the same white that was in defeat that was fustrating towatch

  8. Can’t wait for the finale animation, but no, if you want to, take a big fat break, we’re not forcing you.

  9. zkeさん…今度はベンティをお願いします…

  10. Crucifix works on impostors because impostors is a type of monster

  11. 最後のところめっちゃ仲良く歌ってって好き😊

  12. I like the animation of amoug us V4 is a amazing and great the scenes in anime,
    Good animation of amoug us

  13. Estubo un poco sangriento pero estuvo chidu

  14. Did Black just killed White his own side kick wow but in the original mod that wasn't White it was Grey's dad not White

  15. Bruh u should had done more resurge on the crewmate that comes out when black hits the down note thats not white thats grays dad ik its a little mistake but that made me very mad because black and white duo is my favourite fnf duo

  16. Plisss make with gospel or The dissaspereance of hatsune miku plisss

  17. カービィと友達になりたい しょー says:


  18. Dato curiso:Aunque sea fan animation amarillo nunca cayo porque todos los crewmates se fueron a un lugar seguro y no caer.

  19. Fun fact:in black's up pose the cremate is not white it's grey on the top

  20. Привет создатель этого видео мне нравится это видео амангаст пожалуйста где ещё видео пять ночей с Фредди больше сражается против пять ночей с Фредди пожалуйста

  21. I don't know if you'll care, but the crewmate/impostor on black isn't white, but rather greys parent

  22. O!Sky Fnf VC BF GF và các tế gia đình có

  23. Yep i actualy killed White i kinda hate him soo yeah

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