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Today we are going to play VS Impostor new update! It has 60+ songs & even more! We will play other FNF mods & games with you guys!


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Friday Night Funkin Gameplay
#amongus #fnf #fridaynightfunkin


  1. 4:43:52 im in the chat lol
    (Ye my internet and pc sucks so it took a bit to download, but it was worth to play)

  2. What a W mod glad to be part of this stream!

  3. Glad I got to see all of this happen getting v4 was hell though

  4. i have been waiting for this the second v3 came out

  5. Man that was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. OH YES SIR FNF VS IMPOSTOR V4 IS HERE BOOOOOOOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I just realize possussium is no where to be found

  8. It pissed me so much when people are like 🤓 it’s undertale not earthbound as it is an earthbound based song.

  9. Your channel is the best thing I stumbled upon on in my entire life on YouTube, you have such a W personality and you make truly amazing videos. Love you 8owser16/Anthony! 🔥🔥🔥
    AND GET SOME REST, you’ve been streaming forever and you deserve some sleep.

  10. Reply if you remember when this was a joke mod.
    Like if you prefer it in its current state.
    Dislike if you missed it being a joke mod.

  11. The worst part about Gray is that it’s made very clear he’s not an imposter, all imposters have mouths… but gray still doesn’t. He’s a corrupted Crewmate, turned by the one who got his parent killed

  12. Of course black is tall he's black and he can run fast

  13. So that's all the song but where is Skinny nuts or it will be there in the Hotfix update?

  14. Im so fuckin pissed I missed the stream, mainly because I was at school, but man was it hype as shit looking back at this VOD. So much effort was put into this mod, and damn it delivered.

  15. Personally, It didn't feel like the finale I expected.
    Visually finale is amazing and shows that it's the goddamn end. But at the other hard it was so PISS EASY. The game was lagging a bit cause I put the fps too high and THATS the only thing that got me killed, after that the song had no challenge. To be fraint the mod was intended to have no mechanics except defeat but MATE it's the finale and black made this buildup to where he was going to go harder then what he did in defeat and what he showed was nothing different like the other songs.
    Say again I LOVE finale it bangs but the fact it was EASIER then defeat just makes black look pathetic.

  16. shit i miss everything atleast i watch this video :}

  17. On defeat idk how you made it but it should’ve counted a miss as the notes were very far from the judgement line and in most engines it counts as a miss

  18. Sorry I couldn't watch the whole thing I needed sleep

  19. great mod, and amazing stream, can't wait for future streams

  20. bro i cant play this shit
    it just starts flashing some random pixels on my screen for a minutes and then just crashes
    now it doesn't even let me play

  21. Anthony I don’t think chat was trolling when they said to click the teleported in Henry’s week, I think they meant to go into Week 3 (Airship Atrocities) and click the teleporter behind BF, and what it did was to take you to Henry’s week quickly (Mainly in the first song is the best place to find it)

  22. So…Grey is a crewmate raised to be an impostor and Pink is an impostor that doesn't want to hurt anyone? God I love these concepts.

  23. Thank god this mod didn’t get cancelled like the last three big mods.

  24. I came in very late to this stream but I still got to say that I loved being in it and I really enjoyed watching the gameplay for imposter V4 as well.

  25. this is definitely much better than Hotline and Indie Cross, and Mario'S Madness will be just as good, but even so, these still don't beat the jewel that is Vs Sonic.Exe >:)

  26. I was a sleep why now why when you play one of the bast mods I am a sleep bruh

  27. Hey 8owser thank you for making my day even better you know I’ve been crying a lot lately and it’s because I really miss my aunt and my grandpa and grandma and my cousin, so thank you for making it video and the stream was VERY LONG! And it was very fun! But like I was saying thank you for making it better bye ^^-Emily☘️☘️✨

  28. when i tell you i was fighting my hardest to no fall asleep, i was so dam close to the end of the stream

  29. i honestly wouldnt be suprised if they did most of the instrumentals live then added extra stuff and the vocals

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