Friday Night Funkin' VS Jason Voorhees | Friday the 13th Game 1.5 | Freddy vs Jason (FNF Mod/Horror) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Jason Voorhees | Friday the 13th Game 1.5 | Freddy vs Jason (FNF Mod/Horror)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Jason Voorhees FULL WEEK | Friday the 13th 1.5 for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. The Full title of the mod is called FRIDAY NIGHT THE 13TH
ElectrolitoH – Director:

This mod was released on spooky month aka Halloween month, Friday the 13th to be exact at night time, but since the mod is 2 hours long I couldn’t finish it in time to post it on 13th.

The full title of the game mod is called FRIDAY NIGHT THE 13TH and it is inspired by the Jason Friday the 13th (1980) horror movie. It includes stories that are based on Friday the 13th The Game, Friday the 13th Part 1, Friday the 13th Part IV, & Freddy vs Jason. This update includes new stories, every old song seems to have been remastered/remade. About every sprite has been updated too which I do show off a visual comparison in the video. I highlighted what I liked at the beginning of the video except the cool tutorial & practice songs since that’s the first 2 songs you’ll hear in the video. It’s my favorite song from the mod.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Friday Night Funkin’: Jason Voorhees Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview (Blurred a few grammar errors so ignore that)
01:50 Intro
02:00 Title Screen
02:14 Menu
02:26 1) Chillin (& Lore message)
03:54 All Stories Info
04:22 2) Practice Moment
04:31 GF Idle
05:49 Lore
05:52 3) The Chase (VS Jason Voorhees)
06:07 Comparison
07:30 Sounds cool
08:21 Here’s Jason
08:28 Lore
08:35 4) B Rush
09:00 Comparison
10:55 BF Throws the microphone
11:02 5) Masked Perdition
11:24 Comparison
13:53 Lore
14:02 6) Final Demise (& Lore)
15:06 Reference?
15:27 GF calls for Pico’s help
15:32 Comparison
16:25 7) Blammed Knife
16:39 Lore
16:50 Comparison
18:49 Lore
18:56 Unlockables
19:04 Lore
19:08 8) Illusionist (VS Freddy Krueger)
21:36 9) Double Slash (Freddy vs Jason)
24:13 10) Double Confront (Freddy vs BF vs Jason)
27:31 11) Nightmare Friday (Freddy vs Jason)
28:21 Sounds cool
32:03 12) Hopelessness (BF vs Freddy’s Last Stand)
33:23 13) Dead Destiny
36:08 Pushes Jason into Water
36:15 Unstable Mind (Jason’s Mom on right side)
38:42 Entering Virtual Cabin
39:02 Freeplay Message
39:19 14) Last Knife
39:51 Pico Appear
40:24 Jason Appear
41:37 15) Argument (Among Us Week)
43:54 Meeting
43:59 16) Bloody Smear (Red Crewmate)
44:58 Black Imposter/Jason takes out Red
45:50 Jason sings
47:58 17) Sus Friday
50:20 18) Deadly Friday
52:50 19) Half Report (how did he get damaged?)
55:24 Sounds Intense
57:16 All Cheat Codes
57:22 20) Hollow Point (NES Week)
58:43 Switch to GF & Throw Mics)
1:00:45 21) Pixel O Matic
1:02:29 Switch to GF
1:02:53 22) Pixel Penetration
1:04:39 Switch to GF
1:05:33 End
1:05:52 I unlocked GF
1:05:59 23) Bro This is fire (Jason Whitty)
1:07:02 He talks, but too hard to hear
1:08:00 24) Improbability (Jason vs Tricky)
1:10:31 Silly sounds
1:11:13 25) Slow Night (Jason vs Sonic.exe)
1:12:46 Stage Transition
1:13:45 Drowning theme
1:14:44 26) Unstoppable Surge (D-Sides, Jason as Trapper from Dead by Daylight)
1:17:45 27) Breaking Mind
1:18:21 Reference?
1:18:57 Glitching sounds
1:19:34 Getting intense
1:20:31 28) Killer Puzzle
1:23:51 29) Complicated
1:25:55 30) Waste Of Prey (Jessica Kimble vs Female BF)
1:29:00 31) Blurry
1:31:07 32) Bold Pure Mess
1:36:18 33) Marketable (Plush Week)
1:36:44 Jason plushie
1:38:45 34) Marketable Problems (VS Chucky)
1:43:04 35) Marketable Problems Remix
1:44:15 Missingno appear
1:46:31 Chucky talks
1:48:40 Pasta code
1:48:48 36) Slashin Night (Michael Myers vs Jason vs Ghostface vs Freddy)
1:50:06 Pasta Night Reference
1:52:18 All Freeplay / Songs
1:53:11 Credit
1:53:42 Game Over Animations
1:55:40 Extras
1:56:13 CommunityGame Outro

Game Note: It’s a foggy night at Crystal Lake Camp, and BF and GF went a walk in the woods. But a certain birthday boy has a surprise in store for them. It is a horror mod inspired by the film series Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th the game. Will Bf and Gf survive or will Boyfriend & Girlfriend escape from Jason’s hand?

Mod Creators for VS Jason Voorhees below
VS Jason Voorhees FULL WEEK (No Cutscenes) Download link:

ElectrolitoH – Artist, spriter and backgrounder:

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Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ – Pico, Sky & Tankman VS Boyfriend

FNF but GF & BF Breaks Up | Gacha Club HEARTBREAK Vs Girlfriend:

FNF VS SCP-939 | SCP: Secret Laboratory | Nerd GF (FNF Mod/SCP Containment/Mimicry)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. Really… A year later, a mod comes out, and can it really overtake even the fnf mod against imposter v4?

  2. Yooo this mod got an update less go

    Sorry but I have to ask, since I'm a nobody I need to ask for help anywhere I can.

    I'm searching a pixel artist (I wish I could but it's unpaid work sorry) for a high effort OC Sonic.EXE. So basicly I'm looking for a genesis Sonic artstyle for 2 backgrounds.

    Thanks for understanding.

  3. Reference may be for encounter song in Mandela Z mixed

  4. I miss Jason so much.. it’s been a decade since his remake with Sam Winchester, hopefully he comes back one day.

  5. 15:41 the song that sounds familiar sounds like one of the songs from Mandela catalogue if im right the song is called encounter z mixed

  6. What do ya thing pico and GF are saying in the phone??🤔🤔

  7. tbh masked perdition sounds alot like blackout pogo mix im very sorry

  8. Its kind of odd to see genderswapped bf sound just like the original which kinda aprove my theory that the reason bf sound like this and sing in beep boops is because the mic has voice changer

  9. why does the masked preditction sounds like blackout from amongus v4? or is it dlowing blackout

  10. also at 15:06 it is a refrence to defeat and finale From fnf game called amongus v4

  11. I think Chucky might be giving the middle finger in one of the sprites. He's known for swearing a lot, after all. To the point that it just immediately kills all of the suspense that he builds up in the movies (which makes a serious scene very comedic sometimes).

  12. 15:38 it sounds like the part of encounter z mixed when Gabriel the fake angel shows up and duets with the alternate lol. Cool mod

  13. Hey!! VA for pamela here! Unfortunately, the credit info wasn't fully up-to-date, but please know I am the official VA. It should hopefully be fixed in the 2.0 update

  14. Again, missed opportunity to call it Friday Night the 13th

    Edit: never mind

  15. can tell a huge improvement in music style and art direction

  16. I'm going to be honest you can't help but not fall in love with boyfriend and girlfriend especially when boyfriend and girlfriend truly has true beautiful voices in the vocal cords Beyond creation itself in the game it's beautiful and I love GF idle singing voice in boyfriend when they're both getting chased by Jason in the woods and people pulling up to save the day of boyfriend and girlfriend

  17. A música do Jason among'us ficou melhor.🍷🗿✨

  18. Marketable Problems remix is already my favorite song

  19. In what program do you make the community Game miniatures? I want to make my own miniatures. What application do you use?

  20. I love the way how they added a remix on the Jason for Friday the 13th and still continuing to watch more of this ❤

  21. I just wondered it had some fnf Imposter v4 and some meme songs so amazing

  22. Jason has done what not even Shaggy can do….Kill Boyfriend

  23. probably the song u try to remember in finald demise is ''defeat'' from impostor v4, the chords are almost the same

  24. How my boy Jason gonna get bullied by AbraKadabra and WaluigiWannabe. Crazy.

  25. 15:40 encounter… im pretty sure that's the from encounter of the mandela mod

  26. It's a really nice touch that the credits have alternate, horror-themed sprites when you scroll over them

  27. I'm gonna type that the way I heard it. says:

    Is it just me or is it in every mod where Pico arrives, BF is dead?

  28. Final demise is danger from fnf vs imposter v4

  29. Hey Hello! The owner of the mod here! Thanks for playing and uploading the mod! we promise to make it even better for v2

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