Friday Night Funkin' VS Lord X & Starved Squidward (FNF Mod: Hit Single Real) (Sonic.EXE/Sonic) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Lord X & Starved Squidward (FNF Mod: Hit Single Real) (Sonic.EXE/Sonic)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Lord X & Starved Squidward (Hit Single Real All Songs) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. @churgneygurgney9895 – Director:
SPACENAUTIC – Co-Director:

In this video I play the 3 songs made by churgney gurgney. The sprites and music for the joyous song look so insane and Im glad we can finally hear Bold or Brash get finished. Hit Single Real is a set of mods directed by Churgney Gurgney, as of now it only includes 3 songs.

Vs Lord X & Starved Squidward | Hit Single Real Mod Download:

Game Note by churgney gurgney: im gonna manual blast all over your mom face if you dont shut teh up! just download the real epic.. down below… in the realm where no one hears you… thank you hit singlevery cool

Lord X is a character created by JoeDoughBoi and is the main antagonist in the Sonic PC Port series. He was created in March 2020 for the Luigikid Creepypasta Challenge. He is also known for being in the Friday Night Funkin’ mod, VS Sonic.EXE with the songs Cycles, Hellbent, Gatekeepers, Gotta Go, Judgement, Fate, and Execution which was removed. He’s also in many other mods including Hit Single, Vs. Mario FNF Port, and many others.

From what I remembered Mistful Crimson Morning got uncancelled again, but I’m not sure if it will still have Bold or Brash.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ Hit Single Real Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview
00:33 Menu
00:41 1) Joyous – Song (Lord X vs JoeDoughBoi)
02:59 Dialogue
03:25 Transition
04:23 Remember This?
04:39 Dialogue
05:03 Dialogue
05:14 Round 2
05:41 Reference
06:26 Ending
06:50 Freeplay
06:54 2) Trichael – Song (Lord X vs BF)
07:08 Song Begins
07:57 My creation! is it real?
08:27 Soon I’m coming home
10:13 But I’m still here
10:36 3) Bold or Brash – Song (FINAL VERSION / Darnell Wet Fart??)
10:40 Dialogue (Starved Squidward vs Mr. Krab)
11:08 Plankton Appear
11:39 Plankton Appear (He pops up every now and then)
12:10 Squidward’s Clarinet
13:50 Completely Blue
14:34 End
14:48 Credit
15:14 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Lord X & Starved Squidward below
Hit Single Real (Mid Event Cutscenes) Mod Download link:

Sturm/@churgneygurgney9895 – Director/Composer
@spacenautics – Co-Director/Artist
@Aperatus – 3D Artist
Dahleag – 3D Artist/Animator:
LectroA – 3D Artist/Animator
tinb – Animator:
Meh – Artist/Animator:
Stonesteve – Artist/Animator:
scrumbo_ – BG Art:
FranksPole – Charter/Audio Design:
@HassenXMP4 – Composer:
@Neutroa – Composer:
phantasmuh – Composer:
TapWater – Composer:
wrathstetic – lyrical assistance:
Decoy – Programmer:
DuskieWhy – Programmer:
@CumiNashe – Sound Design:

Razencro – Cycles Encore Sprites:
Joedoughbo – Cycles Encore Sprites:
AdjDraws – Cycles Encore Sprites:
LYYYPMHHH – he wanted to be credited early:
PoorlyDrawnGaming – gassy piracy sonic:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. Vinimos ver a lord x que el starverd azul

  2. Hit Single:

    Bold Or Brash

  3. When I saw lord x I nearly almost yelled furry😂

  4. What were the words said at the end of mr krabs and squidward

  5. This reminds me of this one spongebob Christmas ep😂

  6. Finally after a year of waiting.. all of us MCM fans can die happy now that bold and brash is complete..

  7. I like how Mr. Krabs play the world's smallest violin, such a good reference.

  8. The starving Squidward part would have been better if it were themed around the scene where Spongebob catches him going into the patty vault. Squidward loses his mind when he tries a krabby patty which drives him to break into his place of work to get more.

  9. i did not know joyous was lord x vs joedoughboi

  10. It looks like lord x is traveling dimention or something to get new souls

  11. I'm surprised that this mod was able to be released considering the lord x and starved ban that happened recently

  12. gotta love that mr krabs is playing the smallest violin in the world

  13. No way if Lord X has a version that looks like he’s in real life. And I LOVE the lyrics part.

  14. Lord X looks so fluffy i cant be only one who wants to pet him

  15. the fact that they finally added the world's smallest violin at 12:23 makes me happy 😀

  16. Lord X looks incredible 🤩
    I've always been invested in him as a character and now he looks like he's in a scene in the sonic movies!!! Good for him ✨

  17. Did you guys just saw plankton popping out of spongebob's eye socket?

  18. Calamardo Latinoamericano(Mortimer's Rp Art) says:

    What does it say at the end of bold or brash?

  19. Lord X always manages to look so nasty and unsettling, I love it.

  20. Tell Me where is Plankton i cant tell

  21. This mod is perfect and what makes it even more menacing is how they made lord X

  22. Bruh why plangbong in sploinkbib I 😂😂😂

  23. When squidward played the clarinet and the shadow clones came out that was sick af.

  24. WHY Lord X So Realistic Like Real Lofe🤩🤩🤩

  25. I love how Lord X from Joyous looks so realistic and like he's made of playdoh

  26. I wonder if Sonic.Exe v4 wasn't cancelled then would starved squidward still exist?

  27. Why is no one talking about Trichael's Lyrics? Its so emotional like, H O W ?
    I love Darnell Wet Fart

  28. This is what happens when you let a mastermind cook up an ENTIRE mod

  29. Wow… Im Gonna Smack My Forhead If It Gets Any Better Like The 3D Models Is Already Enough

  30. Gotta love how Xenophanes sung like he was a nu metal vocalist and everyone hated that but then there's Lord X all classy, calmed with a sinister tone, and it actually sounds good

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