Friday Night Funkin' VS Mario's Madness V2 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod) (Mario 85'/MX/Mario.EXE) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Madness V2 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod) (Mario 85’/MX/Mario.EXE)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Madness V2 (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a mod Directed by Marco Antonio:

This mod has everything you could ever want in a Mario Creepypasta mod including Mario Kart. Amazing art, a lot of cool art, man the art is so amazing. The songs are awesome too.

This is the 3rd Mario ’85 PC Port mod to come out, it is the one that got the most popular. This time we play as Boyfriend and with the help of Girlfriend we must battle a lot of the creepypasta based on Mario’s characters / Super Mario Bros Games. We go up against Beta Luigi / Dead Luigi from the first Luigi’s Mansion trailer, I Hate You Luigi, Wario Apparition, Mario Land, MX from MARIO 85′ PC Port, Race Mario, Devil Mario and so much more cuz I can’t fit them all in description.

So it’s similar to the Lucas Story, basically, BF and GF got a copy of Super Mario Bros Nes game and they ended up getting sucked into the TV by MX himself

VS Friday Night Funkin’: Mario’s Madness V2 Mod Download link:

Play the actual Mario ’85 Game:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Madness V2 Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview (spoiler alert)
02:24 Title Screen
02:41 Menu
03:15 Week List
03:24 Cutscenes 1
06:54 1) It’s a Me (Lore Context appears before in every song)
09:04 Times up
10:34 Cutscenes 2
10:55 2) Starman Slaughter
12:01 Parabones
13:00 Peach & Yoshi
14:04 Mario Attacks
15:00 Cutscenes 3
15:58 Overworld
16:34 3) So Cool
19:33 4) Nourishing Blood
21:22 Transition
24:24 Spotlight
25:51 Overworld (Heading to next world)
26:18 6) Alone
27:23 Luigi’s Mansion
29:37 Mario Painting
31:14 7) Thalassophobia
33:47 Eel (Super Mario 64)
35:10 8) Oh God No
36:28 Princess Peach – Sad Ending
37:20 If Miss Mushroom, he gets mad
37:57 Cutscenes 4
38:17 9) I Hate You
39:56 Lava rises
40:15 Mario appear & BF pushes Luigi
40:50 10) Apparition
41:31 Wario will show you fun
43:21 11) Last Course
46:36 12) Dark Forest
47:51 Dialogue
48:24 Transition
48:56 Overworld (Heading to next world)
49:22 13) Bad Day
50:25 Mario jumps on my arrows
51:45 Yahoo
52:56 14) Day Out
54:37 Dialogue
55:50 Dialogue
56:17 15) Dictator
59:00 End
59:17 16) Race-traitors
01:01:12 Kratos
01:01:28 17) No Hope
01:04:20 Overworld (Heading to the next world)
01:05:10 18) Golden Land
01:05:55 Evil
01:06:21 GF
01:07:44 No Party Opening
01:08:08 19) No Party
01:10:52 20) Paranoia
01:12:36 Fake GF
01:14:50 Overworld
01:15:04 Cutscenes 5
01:15:38 21) Overdue
01:16:00 Mr. L (Too Late.exe) Reveal himself
01:17:04 Transition
01:17:55 Ghost Mario appear
01:18:30 Pico Run
01:19:33 22) Powerdown
01:20:23 MX appear
01:22:23 Innocence doesn’t get you far
01:23:12 23) Demise
01:25:20 Underground
01:26:16 GF saves BF
01:26:54 Overworld (Heading to the next world)
01:27:10 Cutscenes 6
01:27:49 24) Promotion
01:28:49 Luigi on TV
01:29:09 Evil Mario, Luigi & Peach
01:30:59 Overworld
01:31:10 Cutscenes 7
01:31:31 25) Abandoned
01:32:08 Water mechanic
01:35:20 26) The End Song
01:37:13 1st person view & GF in danger
01:37:44 Overworld Glitched
01:38:16 Mario’s Speech
01:39:54 All Stars Act 1
01:41:42 All Stars Act 2
01:43:38 All Stars Act 3
01:44:54 Lyrics
01:45:46 All Stars Act 4
01:47:30 BF tries to avenge his gf
01:48:37 Credits
01:51:42 The End & Something Unlocked + Overworld
01:52:19 27) Unbeatable
02:03:03 Calling Luigi
02:03:14 Game over dialogues
02:05:40 Game Over Animations (Major ones)
02:13:27 Outro/Extras – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS MX – Mario’s Madness 2.0 below:
VS Mario’s Madness V2 FULL WEEK (Cutscenes/Cinematic!) Mod Download link:

Mario’s Madness 2.0 FULL WEEK

Marco Antonio – Director – Artist:

Shadow Mario – Author of Psych Engine:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Tails Gets Trolled by BF & GF

FNF Overdue – Mario’s Madness V2 (OFFICIAL TEASER)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS SONIC.EXE 2.5 / 3.0 FULL WEEK (Not Leaked/CANCELLED BUILD)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga FULL WEEK

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. Man I wish I could play that final song, my computer is just too slow to barely load the death animation. I love how there is no good ending to this and it shows just how powerful Mario truly is. This mod convinced me that Mario is the most powerful EXE

  2. Woah. Didn’t expect gf to get ripped in half by MX. she has died soooo many times in this mod

  3. Oh god no and I hate you are the best ones sue me I don't care

  4. o have a problem with the no party song, i cant see any of the screen but the intro of mario party still play. any help?

  5. While I'm no fan of bad endings in this kind of stuff (even if it's pretty typical of anything horror-related to not end on a happy note), which does sour a little of my feelings on it, I'm extremely happy the mod managed to make itself to a full completion, given how a number of the contemporaries it sat alongside for a while ended up getting cancelled. With so much quality and some really banger songs (I love IHY Mario vs. Luigi's song in particular), you can really tell the effort put into things, and congrats need to be given all around for the whole team for what they've done.

  6. 1:48:37 the whole credits is actually the mario.exe we meet in the beginning being set free. U didn't know that but now u know.

  7. Grâce au lien pour le moment mais pour l'instant pour vous remercie par avance de réponse 🥹🥹🤧

  8. Exe Carlos exe yes fnf v 2 power rock música 🤟🎼🎵🎵 si

  9. Im crying right now😭😭😭I cant believe they did all this way for nothing😭😭😭

  10. This mod is a masterpiece that it didn't even need to have that much jumpscares

  11. insane triple trouble vibes from the final song


  13. I know the old classics were good but jeez wiss. This is better

  14. I don’t get how you can play long ass fnf mods without a break

  15. Alright MM v2 is out, time to wait for the other like hypno and sonic new update

  16. Omg this mode is awesome and i love the fact for once in a mode there is a bad ending(i know there are possibly other smaller mode with bad ending but idk them so) because always see bf and gf winning aggainst anything even if there are way more powerfull than them for 3 years it's kinda boring

  17. the ending credits were so needed. the fact it was all just a huge skit made me so happy because i did NOT like the concept of bf actually losing

  18. why didn’t your wallpaper change for the mr. virtual song, if you know?

  19. This has to be one of the greatest if not the greatest fnf mod in history.

  20. Finally a Creepypasta mod that hasn't been cancelled, besides Hypno Lullaby

  21. The song that plays during the credits is surprisingly sad.
    M second guessing himself, and revealing a side of himself that nobody was supposed to see.

  22. 1:08:16 Wait a minute who the hell is him, I don't remember seeing him in Mario Party DS

  23. Did the modders get Charles to voice this Mario

  24. I’m really upset that boyfriend just falls into the hands of Mario I was extremely disappointed

  25. In the face of the pico it must be written: what a shit I got into again because of these two idiots

  26. Seeing this is refreshing because most mods that are in beta get completely cancelled lmao

  27. Love the mod, but I call HARD cap for the ending

  28. Mario's Madness V1 looks like a demo compared to this.

  29. This is first mod in my memory, when Bf and Gf canonically dies, it’s a little sad

  30. Piko is still alive tho, maybe it's not the end yet

  31. I love how the whole thing was just an act, a movie magic thing and in the credits we see the characters getting along, that needs its own series.

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