Friday Night Funkin' VS Mario's Monday Night Massacre FULL WEEK (FNF Mod) (MARIO 85'/MX /Mario.EXE) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Monday Night Massacre FULL WEEK (FNF Mod) (MARIO 85’/MX /Mario.EXE)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Monday Night Massacre (FULL WEEK) + Cutscenes for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a mod Directed by Inferno64:

This mod has a lot of Mario creepypasta including I HATE YOU/I hate you.Exe, Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is Personalized (Wario Apparition), False Hero / MX from Mario ’85 PC Port, Coronation Day Peach in her Pink Forest, and Mario Victimized (I think its that MARIO creepypasta from the Super Mario World ROM Hack). Then there are other songs based on other Mario media: Secret History of Super Mario Bros, P Mario w/ Goomba, and a song based on Daisy trophy from super smash bros melee.

This is the 6th Mario ’85 PC Port mod to come out. We recently played Mario ’85 PC Port | Fighting Back, VS MX DEMO, VS Mario’s Madness, SMB. FUNK MIX: GAME OVER, Mario FNF Port and today we playing Mario’s Monday Night Massacre. I think Mario’s Madness V2 will be the next creepypasta Mario mod to come out. This time we play as Boyfriend and with the help of Girlfriend we must battle a lot of the creepypasta based on Mario’s characters / Super Mario Bros Games.

MX is a soul-stealing monster who took over Mario’s body and transforms into an evil creature in a similar way to Sonic.exe. Some people refer to him as Mario.exe, but his name is actually MX. Will Boyfriend and Girlfriend escape from this new foe? or will BF and GF lose the battle?

VS Friday Night Funkin’ Mario’s Monday Night Massacre:

Play the actual Mario ’85 Game:

Game Note: Mario’s Monday Night Massacre (MMNM) is an upcoming Friday Night Funkin’ mod revolving around spooky Mario related media while you face off against the main antagonist, MX. After over a year, MMNM is back and better than ever. You’re in for a massacre!

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Monday Night Massacre Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:18 Title Screen
00:30 Menu
00:43 All Weeks
00:52 FNF Animation 1
01:35 Loading Screen
01:39 Familiar Song (BF vs False Mario)
04:52 FNF Animation 2
05:09 Hero’s Doom Song (BF vs MX)
09:00 All Stars Unlocked
09:33 Entering All Stars
09:52 Burning Hatred (IHY Luigi vs BF)
10:48 Luigi Falls into Lava
12:50 Luigi Scream
13:35 Ground Zero Song (Wario vs BF & Mario 64)
17:34 Pink Forest Song (Peach vs GF)
20:01 Peach Talks
21:17 Cover Up Song (Secret History Mario & Luigi vs BF)
21:44 Mario Talks
24:09 Based on Daisy Trophy from Melee
24:28 Blinked Song (Melee Daisy vs BF)
25:49 Daisy’s Third Eye Revealed
27:39 Victimized Song (Super Mario vs BF)
29:18 Transformation
31:32 Loading Screen 2
31:36 Taking a P Song (Goomba vs BF)
33:35 A Grand Ol’ Time Secret Song (Mario vs BF)
36:33 All Songs Unlocked
37:00 Credit
37:29 All Game Over Animations & Mechanics
40:18 Pause Menu
40:39 GF Comparison
41:06 MX Comparison
42:12 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Mario’s Night Massacre below
VS Mario’s Monday Night Massacre FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Inferno64 – Creator & Director, Artist
Decoy – Charter, Coder
Elie – Charter
anticristadamon – Charter
Comic – Charter, Coder
willisaclown – Charter, Musician
Anti – Charter, Chrom Creator
TeiCleM – Coder
Friedrick – Charter, Coder
Polar Vortex – Coder
Moreno – Coder
Decoy – Coder
Ighby – Artist, Animator, Coder
Chase Redding – Musician
Ophomix24 – Musician
Frog – Musician
thesmallerestguy – Musician
Mystica – Musician
Nylonic – Artist
elias1128 – Artist, Animator
Cattiniscool112233 – Artist, Animator
ScrubbDubb – Artist
DexCord – 3D Artist
mar. – 3D Artist
SlushyAnime – 3D Artist
AG_Coffee – Animator
FuriousAntz – Animator
marky – Voice Actor
Sunset – Voice Actor
2ToriL – Voice Actor
mostrolavelocita – Voice Actor

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2022)
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  1. Is she suppose tho be cyclop Daisy?

  2. 38:45 man, I didn't know they got V1 Ultrakill to voice act for this mod! Incredible!

  3. Well i was expexting The original burning hatred song so i'm kinda disappointed

  4. Everything about this mod is amazing it's also the one of most high quality mods of FNF but why luigi doin that goofy ahh sonic.exe dance

  5. when I look at BF's design in this all I can think of is the youtuber SMG4

  6. Bro Luigi pulled out the sonic.exe animation

  7. Can you play fnf corruption: second chance?

  8. Am i the only one who noticed that IHY Luigi up and down poses are similar to YCR Sonic.EXE?

  9. the quality of the FNF modding scene be popping off huh…and for some reason my favorite song in a mario creepypasta mod is the meme song…

  10. Hey it’s that Mario mod everyone forgot about, and it’s looking better than ever!

  11. DUDE the art direction on this mod is insane! Everything looks so cool and boppin!

  12. Thought when it said ‘stylish!!” It said British like how the brits doin the rap

  13. Love How MX Used Toads Severed Head As A Makeshift Mic

  14. when will Mario Madness get updated? This Mod looks like the updated version of it (Also Boyfriend looks like SMG4 lol)

  15. It honestly makes it look more human when you mess up which is a good thing

  16. Daisy really does give me the exe vibe or the faker vibe depends on if you actually call him by his real name or what people think he's called regardless it just seems unnatural and not right is what I'm trying to say which is kind of a neat thing if this is supposed to be a imposter

    OmG hE SaId imposter hahahahahaha funny Among Us stupid stupid stupid stupid Among Us Go Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    [If this was you] then you should go [redacted]
    and touch some [hyperlink blocked]

  17. Saben las poses de Luigi quemado se parece a las poses de You can't run de Sonic exe

  18. THIS IS SO INSANE! This must’ve taken a while to make. I wasn’t expecting the Daisy Trophy from Melee and Pissing Mario in the mod. Anyways, it’s freaking amazing. It’s nice seeing 3 Mario Creepypasta mods.

  19. I don't know if it's just me but boyfriend Clothes remember my smg4

  20. Me gets Halfway through Grand of a Time
    "why hello there old sport. but I believe there's a virus on your computer"

  21. For answering the GF design question … Heh. They all three looks good !
    I'd say MMN GF is the closest to a classic Mario with MM GF is more modern like. Though, PC Port is just GF with blood on her alas …

    MM's MX is superior tho

  22. I like BF's color scheme. Remind's me of a certain Glitchy Guardian.

  23. 😅😀😆😃👌🏾🤙🏿👍🏿

  24. Daisy's third eye only appears in SMBM 1.1 after that they fixed it

  25. Idk this still feels just like child’s play compared to Mario’s madness, and especially if they finish v2

  26. For a second I thought they put smg4 in this

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