Friday Night Funkin' vs Minecraft Mobs is of the Highest Quality -

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Minecraft Mobs is of the Highest Quality

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Friday Night Funkin’ vs Minecraft Mobs (FNF Mob Mod) may be the best FNF mod I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing! The Friday Night Funkin’ Minecraft Mob Mod week has amazing songs, incredibly animated minecraft sfm style cutscenes, simple yet effective mechanics, and more! In Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, Boyfriend and Girlfriend face many of the minecraft mob enemies while trying to find and face the Enderdragon and head into the Nether.

Do you ever just hate being killed by mobs in Minecraft? Well, in “Friday Night Funkin’: MOBMOD” you can challenge them to a rap battle!!
After the events of the “Friday Night Funkin’: Vs Steve”, Boyfriend and Girlfriend go in an adventure to kill the Ender Dragon and beat Minecraft, but they keep stumbling into mobs and have silly rap battles with them because Boyfriend is just chill like that.

Play this FNF MOD yourself here:
Friday Night Funkin’: MOBMOD (A Minecraft FNF mod) –

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  1. The gang of grey villagers are called the pilladgers and their gang consists of 2 illidgers and 1 rare pilladger (the rare one drops the banner) the banner you get from the rate banner gives you a bad omen effect but it will stop the effect if you (aka steve/Alex) die then you will lose the negative effect. The banner effect "Bad Omen" is what you can get from killing a pilladgers gang's leader and it triggers an event when you walk into a normal village that consists of villagers and iron Gollum protectors and a Pillager raid happens by chance when you walk in with the bad omen but it's garenteed if you ring the bell with the effect. If you kill every raider then you get a effect called "hero of the village" it basically increases your luck in villager trades. And the big creepy blue mob in the cave/city is one of the newest mobs in Minecraft its the big bad of the ancient city update and it's called a Warden. A warden can only be spawned by spawn eggs or setting off 3 alarms in the acient city. Wardens can't see but have excellent hearing and it freaking hits like a truck even through full netherite armor. It's also a all rounder base boss where it can clobber you with its fists but it also has a Hypersonic screech wich negates armor and sheilds so its basically hits you through your armor. Acient city biome is hidden mainly under moutain biomes and has amazing loot in it but with a high risk to it. Placing blocks neer a sculk sensor will sound 1 of 3 alarms. If you set off 3 alarms a Warden will spawn. Wardens can blind you btw. The best blocks to use are wool blocks so shearing/ killing sheep's are best for warden raids. You have to be sneaky in ancient citys cause you are basically done if you spawn even 1 warden. They can despawn if you are 60 blocks away though. You have to crouch which is slow but if you place wool blocks you can run on those and you wont make a sound. Placing wool blocks also doesnt make a sound. Use wool and alot of it. If you spawn a Warden you are 80% screwed. The only chance you can escape from the warden is if you have an elytra and fireworks to speed up away from the warden to despawn it. But fireworks do set off the alarm when exploding so make sure to have them explode atleast 5 blocks away from any sculk blocks

  2. Btw piglins are naturally neutral to the players unless started by damage. Hoglins are aggressive to anything except other mobs from the nether and entitys that are wearing a piece of golden armor which may i state has crap durability so a boarglin can easily jab you 2 times and break golden boots.

  3. In gf's hands in the bastion song is minecraft's equilvelent of a sterio box. It is called a juke box in minecraft but whats dumb is to make one you need to sacrifice a diamond to make one

  4. Whoever made this is so pro at making fnf mods

  5. Ya know this is why you ALWAYS CHECK THE KEY BINDS so you can know if theres a healing mechanic (wich there is in this mod indicated by the regen potion)

  6. since u play this minecraft mod i suggest you to play heavenly harmony at this mod u play as gf and u are angaist her old high school friend her name is althea i played the mod of day of the release and the country is philippines for the download check communitys game video

  7. btw the reason bf left in fortress just to join back is because you can reset the falling height meaning you dont take fall damage

  8. If you ever play Minecraft you should totally play hardcore mode once you get used to it! Its Minecraft but if you die, you cant come back ever. Its really entertaning!

  9. The blue monster is worden and its the stronger monster in the game

  10. Yo Mairusu, are you gonna watch the new FNaF movie trailer on the channel?

  11. Do you take big damage when you get hit or you don't hit the s sheld

  12. If you want to play another mod I highly recommend vs starecrown. It just got an update today and it’s really cool

  13. Haven't seen anyone mention the fact that the story menu is based off of Minecraft Story Mode. Also spooky scary skeletons is played during the skeleton's part of Spawners.

  14. imagine if gf did that same thing with the shaggy mod

  15. Or the mob Titans or the mutant creatures mod

  16. Oh yeah Pigstep the best song in the Minecraft game

  17. Do you know what would make it. Even crazier and funnier. Hank's spawned in with Pico and his friends. get it. Because they're newgrounds characters.

  18. Fun fact: a neat little detail is that you cant actually lose during the song "portal"

  19. You know…the "chapters" are a reference towards minecraft Story Mode, a spin-off game from minecraft as you probably could tell, mcsm is basicaly a choice-based story that you go trough as "jesse" unforzuanly it wasn't very succesful but I loved it

  20. gettin' freaky on a friday night yeah!

  21. you need to play minecraft bruh, you called a noteblock a “crafting table”.

  22. Would absolutely love to see a Minecraft let’s play! I really enjoyed jacksepticeye’s of him just going in blind and learning everything himself or from comments, so a play through of similar style (if you want ofc) would be awesome

  23. The black and blue thing is called the warden it came out in 1.19
    And the week select screen is a refr3nce to minecraft story mode

  24. For msm can you call pummel nothing

  25. I love this mod so much

    Btw you should try VS FNAF 2 it's really high quality too it's been out for months im suprised you haven't played it yet

  26. i know im not the only one that was counting the pieces of obsidian

  27. I'm never going to get over how well they translated the minecraft graphics into fnf. The Mod Devs did an amazing job!

  28. one of the best mods of the year? or ever? LET ME KNOW!

    this was brilliant though, and the effort put into this is pure insanity! can't wait to see what else is in store in chapter 3!

    if you all enjoyed, and you have other fnf mod suggestions… you know what to do! thanks for watching!!

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