Friday Night Funkin' VS Monika + Doki Doki Takeover Plus (FNF Mod) (Doki Doki Literature Club/DDLC) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monika + Doki Doki Takeover Plus (FNF Mod) (Doki Doki Literature Club/DDLC)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monika + Doki Doki Takeover Plus (FULL WEEK) from Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle the whole Literature Club which includes Monika, Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, MC, Just Monika & More.
Team TBD:

VS Monika (Doki Doki Takeover) just got an update, but it’s now called Doki Doki Takeover Plus and it includes over 30 songs, a bunch of secrets, art, a ton of cute costumes for all the boys and girls in the Literature Club, a gallery, “alternate endings” for the main protagonist, epiphany with lyrics, easter eggs, new game over animations, huge story, Senpai finds a way to glitch into Monika game, a new VA-11 Hall-A song, a new PROJECT LIBITINA song (supposedly its Team Savaltos next game, or did that got debunk?) and much more. This update is pretty huge. Will Boyfriend and Girlfriend be able to beat the Doki Doki Literature Club or will BF & GF be finally defeated?

Doki Doki Takeover Plus Download:

New Update: After a year’s worth of work, the final update to Friday Night Funkin’ Doki Doki Takeover is here! Presenting, Doki Doki Takeover Plus!

The FNF and DDLC worlds have entangled, causing unusual things to occur when Monika finds herself in the Hating Sim and when Boyfriend and Girlfriend wind up in the Literature Club. How shall things fare for these three and the rest of the club?

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monika + Doki Doki Takeover Plus Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview
00:32 Small Message (I had to make a 2nd video / its in outro)
00:42 Intro & Title Screen
01:02 Menu
01:18 Welcome Back
01:22 Dialogue (Just Monika Week)
02:04 High School Conflict Song
04:02 Dialogue
05:02 Bara no Yume Song (Senpai & Monika)
08:00 Dialogue
08:23 Animation
08:50 Dialogue
09:28 Your Demise Song (Just Monika)
12:10 Dialogue
13:42 Your Reality – Takeover Song Mix
16:52 Animation (Sayori Week)
17:02 Dialogue
19:23 Rain Clouds Song
21:03 Dialogue
21:38 My Confession Song
23:30 End Dialogue
25:29 Dialogue (Natsuki Week)
26:12 My Sweets Song
27:54 Dialogue
28:43 Baka Song
31:21 Dialogue
33:28 Dialogue (Yuri Week)
34:10 Deep Breaths Song
36:38 Dialogue
37:31 Obsession Song
40:00 Dialogue
45:04 Animation
45:18 End Dialogue
46:12 Dialogue (Monika Week)
47:48 Reconciliation Song
50:30 Dialogue (Festival Week)
52:57 Yuri Sings Crucify Remix (Taki/Fever Town)
55:53 Dialogue
56:14 Natsuki Sings Beethoven Remix (Kapi)
58:03 Dialogue
58:27 Sayori Sings it’s complicated Remix (Soft GF/Soft Mod)
1:00:58 Dialogue
1:01:16 Monika Sings Glitcher Remix (Hex)
1:04:03 End Dialogue
1:05:29 Dialogue (Encore Week)
1:07:58 Hot Air Balloon Song
1:10:20 Dialogue
1:12:15 Shrinking Violet Song
1:14:58 Dialogue
1:17:33 Joyride Song
1:20:04 Dialogue
1:21:17 Our Harmony (Best Song)
1:24:42 Lyrics
1:25:13 End Dialogue
1:26:33 Dialogue (MC Week)
1:28:19 Neet Song
1:30:43 Dialogue
1:31:26 You and Me Song
1:33:09 Choose your waifu (Monika)
1:35:30 Dialogue
1:36:18 Animation
1:36:38 Dialogue
1:37:35 Monika cries & hugs BF/GF
1:38:10 Takeover Medley Song (Ending)
1:44:35 Thanks for playing
1:45:07 All Weeks Unlocked
1:45:36 Dialogue (Side Story)
1:47:48 Love N Funkin Song
1:50:15 End Dialogue
1:51:20 Dialogue (Side Story)
1:53:06 Constricted Song
1:55:08 End Dialogue
1:55:38 Dialogue (Side Story)
1:56:45 Catfight Song
1:59:52 End Dialogue
2:00:31 Dialogue (Side Story)
2:01:53 Animation & Dialogue
2:04:39 Wilted Song
2:06:43 Hey!
2:07:04 Friendzone & Dialogue
2:08:21 Drinks on me Song
2:11:18 Libitina Song
2:17:06 Final goodbye
2:17:28 Freeplay – Notebook
2:17:50 Poems n’ thorns Song
2:20:15 Dual Demise Song
2:21:57 Titular Song
2:24:33 Dialogue
2:25:32 Epiphany Song
2:28:48 Revisiting Monika
2:29:51 Dialogue
2:30:45 Epiphany with Lyrics
2:33:57 Credit
2:36:11 Gallery & 2 Secrets
2:43:52 All pause menu art
2:45:14 All Costumes unlocked & gameplay (More in outro)
2:53:09 All Menu Easter Eggs
2:55:50 All Game Over Animations
2:59:38 Choose your waifu (Alternate Path)
3:06:47 Secret Costumes | Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Monika + Doki Doki Takeover Plus below
VS Monika FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download:

(All credit listed in this google doc)

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Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

FNF VS Indie Cross V1 + Cutscenes & Ending (Cuphead Sans Bendy)

FNF Pico’s School Edition / Tankman Week 7

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  1. Monika my sweet how you doing i miss you monika

  2. Am I the only one that seeing Monika pointing a middle finger on the first week I'm sorry just wanted to now

  3. When was the last time a large mod like this got a finished finale because I want more now!

  4. Wow this mode really went over the top and it's amazing!


  6. Wonder if Dan Salvato has seen this? If not then he needs to! Amazing mod. And just when I started getting into DDLC content again too.

  7. What the hell is this, 3 o'clock, do you want me to do the same thing as bambi?

  8. I watched the whole damn thing because I was so invested into this mod I couldn't stop! And this might just be my favorite mod now! The music is outstanding, the art is charming and the overall quality and content is so jam packed! There's a certain vibe to this mod that makes me feel very good and I really gotta give it to the devs, they nailed it! Fantastic mod, basically a whole new game!

  9. hey lyrics guy here thanks for playing the mod

  10. GelatinMations(bout to rename my channel) says:


  11. wait as Monika being a sentient character but a corrupted one
    Then what would happen if fatal error sonic gets the code of her…

  12. This looks sick this is one of the biggest mods now. New songs I love this mod

  13. Yesss, another big and successful mod that has been released, just like vs imposter v4. And not cancelled like sonic.exe and hipnos lullaby

  14. Bro you did such an amazing keep up the good work 🙂

  15. Mario Gamer juanteddy1234 Fnf Retrospecterfan says:

    Yep this is probably be last final update of doki doki takeover Lets do this!

  16. Mario Gamer juanteddy1234 Fnf Retrospecterfan says:

    1:02 hey look it’s purple guy and Bendy

  17. Mario Gamer juanteddy1234 Fnf Retrospecterfan says:


  18. 𝙺𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚒𝚒𝟶𝚡 says:

    and this is how i met your father
    (monika and senpai singing)

  19. Mario Gamer juanteddy1234 Fnf Retrospecterfan says:

    2:46:01 WAIT OF MINUTE! This is so familiar you might know it’s from bad ending of doki doki takeover and triple trouble cover

  20. Mario Gamer juanteddy1234 Fnf Retrospecterfan says:

    2:46:31 Taki and Tabi costumes on yuri is great

  21. most of the songs in this mod isnt my type but visuals are great

  22. Woah, they changed some designs!

  23. It's wholesome yet sad to see so many mods made during the beginning of fnf start to end, like vs imposter for example, but this is just the beginning of more cool mods

  24. Letss gooo its finaly out!!! I didnt even realised that its already more then whole year but damn letss go

  25. Epiphany is peak perfection 👌
    With her lyrics being from slow to fast but when she just says “EPIPHANY” it hits hard

  26. Mario Gamer juanteddy1234 Fnf Retrospecterfan says:

    2:54:03 Why’s Sayori is hugging a Gray Imposter?
    2:55:12 Deep poems reference
    2:55:19 What’s tabi and yuri doing?
    2:55:39 PFFFF😂🤣 Sayori is spinning!

  27. (I'm going to write in French because I'm too lazy to translate) Qui pense que ddto + semble moins cool que ddto tout court ? Ils ont par exemple retiré le choix des langues et il n'y a que l'anglais US. Pourtant, dans ddto tout court, il y avait des traductions fr, espagnols, italien et même japonais. c'est bien beau, tout ça, mais je pense que ça pourrait être l'inverse. dans ddto, on a ajouté des traductions, un système de crash, et même utilisé {USERNAME} pour simuler que Monika lisait notre pseudo d'admin. Pour ddto+, voila ce qu'ils se sont dit:
    -les traductions: on vire
    -des costumes qui changent rien au gameplay: on ajoute
    -une musique déjà existante mais avec des paroles: on ajoute
    -un curseur qui ne sert à rien a part à faire joli: on ajoute
    PERSONNE dans le groupe ne s'est dit: On devrait peut-être laisser les traductions et ajouter des trucs comme ddlc+ par rapport à ddlc ? On pourrait ajouter un bureau d'ordinateur et séparer le mode histoire des histoires annexes, des paramètres triées en fonction de leur utilité, et même un lecteur de musique intégré au jeu.


  29. This whole times each time a new songs played. I was like this cant get better and HOLY SHIT was i wrong. This mod is a masterpiece from the begining to end. Probs to the mod teams for making this.

  30. I’m here to say one thing. Impostor V4 started line of FINISHED mods

  31. Back when the mod came out, I thought you'd face the protagonist in the festival week.
    So it's great to see they gave him a week even if he's not that important in the main game compared to the girls.
    The Epiphany song having lyrics is cool, as well as the costumes they added. Always nice to see mods with impactful updates of fanservice.

  32. I've been waiting for this for a huge amount of time, thanks to the developers

  33. <v^> Fnf be like:
    😀<beep boop
    / | 🎤

  34. on construction whats that beast that battled sayory

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