Friday Night Funkin' VS Monster Of Monsters, Godzilla NES Creepypasta (FNF Mod/Godzilla.EXE/Scratch) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monster Of Monsters, Godzilla NES Creepypasta (FNF Mod/Godzilla.EXE/Scratch)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monster Of Monsters, Godzilla NES Creepypasta & Godzilla.EXE Too Scratch | Also known as Kaiju for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD.
CumiNashe – Director:

The NES Godzilla Video Game Creepypasta is regarded as one of the scariest internet horror stories of all time, this time Boyfriend and Girlfriend will play the Godzilla Nes Creepypasta from their couch and BF & GF will control Godzilla & Mothra. Red spider is not in the mod yet. I don’t think girlfriend dies, she can heal herself.

I’ll be playing all of the Friday Night Monster Of Monsters mod on very hard.

Vs Friday Night Monster Of Monsters: Madden Attack Mod Download:

Game Note: – Mod based on Nes Godzilla Creepypasta in a silly rhythm game! Since this is a demo only we added the cast of Mars and two extras, in the future we gonna add more stuff from the original story.

Song References:
1) Godzilla NES: The Most Disturbing Creepypasta of All Time
2) Godzilla.EXE (Scratch version) playthrough
3) Game Boy Godzilla:
4) NES Godzilla Creepypasta Alternate Ending
5) Godzilla analog horror – Instance #1:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Impostor V4 But They Are Human Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview
00:43 Message
00:55 Warning
00:59 Title Screen
01:10 Menu
01:17 Freeplay | All Songs
01:26 1) Too Scratch (Godzilla.EXE vs BF)
01:45 They Sing
02:10 Godzilla reveals himself
02:57 Too Scratch 1
03:07 Too Scratch 2
03:18 I killed your Girlfriend, I AM GOD!
03:41 Screams Again, BF sounds sad
04:24 End
04:40 Story Mode
04:55 Cutscene 1
05:33 Cutscene 2
06:00 2) Amoeba (VS Gezora)
07:18 Dies
07:26 Glitch Begins
07:32 Overworld
08:17 3) Bad Omen (VS Gezora)
09:02 He begins to glitch
09:44 Glitch becomes worse
10:08 Dies
10:34 4) Bad Signal (VS Moguera)
12:19 He begins to glitch
13:07 Dies
13:24 5) Out of place (VS TitanoSurus)
15:35 My favorite part
16:48 Dies
17:03 Credit
17:59 Replaying story as Mothra
18:09 6) Bad Omen
18:55 Glitch 1
19:36 Glitch 2
20:00 Dies
20:17 7) Bad Signal
22:02 Glitch 1
22:50 Dies
23:04 8) Out of place
25:15 Best Part
26:28 Dies
26:55 9) America Port (VS Godzilla Kun)
28:28 Sounds a bit cool
29:06 Godzilla becomes angry
29:55 10) Deus EX Machina (Xolta vs Red 2nd form aka John Madden)
30:53 Plays Piano Keyboard
31:30 Plays Guitar
32:08 Throws Guitar
32:28 Screams
32:49 Dies & NES Explode
33:23 11) First Instance (Analog horror: The Suitmation Trails)
33:44 Rap begins | Are you alone?
34:04 Godzilla has a seizure
34:33 Godzilla Movie
35:52 All Game Over Animations
37:28 Cheat Code
37:57 Outro – CommunityGame

Monster Of Monsters Unknown Attack – Links to Mod Devs | Credit:

CumiNashe – Artist and director
EL GAMER POBRE – Artist and co-director
Yesntisaduck! – Programmer
Lyfer! – Musician
Hyporious – Musician
Wilde – Charter
Zinkk99 – Musician
anticrista2007 – Artist
Ghost1843397 – Charter
Mele – Artist
iseta – Artist
DestrioSZ – Artist
Re_Thinkin – Artist
DaThree_O – Artist
@KrimCLmusic – Music
Dumbiedumbie on ng – Artist
Teethlust – Artist
scrumbo_ – Chromatic
DevilousHavoc – Charter
MadzillaKOTH – Artist
SkoomBaBoom – Artist
LeCherlok – Artist
CamDev – Artist
Cosbydaf – Author of the creepypasta
JokasDroid2 – Musician

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  2. I love this, I wonder if there gonna be a fanmade reskin of this mod, it would be cool to see someone turn them into fnf style.

    But I prefer the original artstyle, I'm just saying it'd be cool to see a reskin like how they made imposter but human mod. Seeing reskins is nice.

  3. Why Godzilla just like Sonic and he said I AM GOD wow

  4. Is it just me or does anyone feel bad for bf in too scratch (the first song) I mean his gf literally dies

  5. i would like to think of the instrumental versions of the same songs as you playing the oppositions sides in their notes with their difficulty and the real chart that was playing for them while you fought them but GOD DAMN ARE THEY HARD……and fast

  6. I am so excited to see this mod. Godzilla.exe is one of the first long creepypasta I finished reading as a kid, and the whole plot with the girlfriend and all that actually fits well with FNF. Good mod choice, and it really handled tbe artstyle of that creepypasta well.

  7. Geez, I see people on Twitter saying that this story seems similar to Sonic.exe. I mean yeah, the creepypasta of Godzilla Nes does revolve around a haunted game and you'll eventually see Red who is like an EXE, BUT, the Godzilla Nes creepypasta came out 4 months before the Sonic.exe creepypasta. So this is the original.

    1:26 This however is a clone of Sonic.exe, I think the game this song is based on came out few years after.

    In order of their release date:
    Godzilla NES Creepypasta > Sonic.EXE Creepypasta > Godzilla.EXE (Scratch)

  8. Fnf mistry house please iam subscriber you

  9. Gezora is the best kaiju to exist
    And you can’t change my mind

  10. the creepypasta is about a game that shows you your greatest fears, so in reality this would never happen since boyfriends brain is too smooth to fear anything 🤓

  11. ho. what a nice looking mod. but for reds sake. please, dont cancell it!

  12. First instance is absolutely the best song

    37:01 game over screen

  13. Godzilla NES is such a classic Creepypasta, I know more content is coming, but it's a shame the story ends right before the first chase scene with the red thing, that's like one of the best scenes in the OG story. Especially when you win and it looks at you angrily.

  14. I’m not going to lie but the first instance is my favourite one it reminds of vhs series I mean it is but like Mandela catalogue but Godzilla

  15. How about make a bewilderbeast in how to traon your dragon fnf plsss dude i subscribed

  16. as a godzilla fan im really happy to see he got his own creepypasta mod now also when godzilla was talking i can hear he says ''i am god'' and the voice sounds pretty much like sonic.exe but anywways great mod!

  17. My friend from school would love this
    One time I had a Pic of sonic.Exe and Mario.Exe and he seen it on my locker at school and he said when there is a Godzilla mod I should add him


  19. En el minuto 33.49 es un cre pipasta que se llama god x yo abia grabado un vídeo ablando sobre el


  21. I don't get it
    It is a diffrent creepypasta or what?
    Where is Red? Where is angel?

  22. I know all these monsters from my childhood

  23. The thing i like the more its godzilla also godzilla.exe i dont like

  24. Glad to see this mod is getting the recognition it deserves! As my pfp clearly shows, I am a huge Godzilla fan and when all the creepypasta mods started to show up, I always wanted one based on the Godzilla NES creepypasta. (No bias towards it or anything, nahhh) And while I did see a few pop up, but they were either 1 song or demo for a full mod. (There's another Godzilla NES creepypasta mod, but I haven't heard much about it since the demo build that only had a few songs.) Meanwhile, this mod is shaping up to be one of the best if not the best so far! The amount of effort put into it so far is outstanding and the fact that the story mode songs have Godzilla and Mothra versions depending on who you choose is awesome! I can't wait to see what future updates bring, this mod has so much potential and can't wait to see my dream creepypasta mod finished! (Also idk if someone else said this. But Godzilla.EXE said "Boyfriend.XML! I. KILLED. YOUR GIRLFRIEND! I. AM. GOD!! HAHAHAHAHA!" So, typical EXE demon stuff. C: )

  25. I love you can hear the 1954 roar in his voice😍😍😍😍

  26. Out of Place reallly slaps dude!
    It sounds amazing! I can't stop it from playing in my head over and over again.

  27. TST Godzillas up pose is terrifying

  28. Can't wait for red to make an appearance in this mod!!!!

  29. I like how he says I killed your girlfriend even tho she is still moving to the beat kinda massacred 👌

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