Friday Night Funkin' VS Nikku FULL WEEK | Hotline 024 Medley Update (FNF Mod/Monika/ENA/Majin Sonic) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Nikku FULL WEEK | Hotline 024 Medley Update (FNF Mod/Monika/ENA/Majin Sonic)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Nikku Full Week (Hotline 024 The Medley Update – DEMO) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle Nikku and characters from different mods.
Saruky – Hotline 024 Director:

Nikku is back with a whole remastered version of the first demo. it includes a whole new set of songs, stages, secrets, and a bunch of familiar faces. We have Ena who appeared in a mod leak last year, Monika and Yuri from Doki Doki Takeover/Doki Doki Literature Club, Majin Sonic from Sonic CD, but the one in this mod is called Mazin, Sussy Bussy from Imposter V4/V3, Xigmund from martian mixtape, Boo from Don’t Get Spooked, momo gogo and many more. I’ll be playing Vs Nikku on very hard mode for all VS her songs. Will GF & BF beat this new foe? or will Boyfriend & Girlfriend lose? (shh, secret yt url: xIKRVd0N3b8)

Hotline 024 Mod Download:

Game Note: Meet Nikku, an alien girl that crashed on earth and was captured by a secret agency, she has been used for experimentation for years, until one day she was able to escape and decided to hide in an abandoned mall.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Nikku FULL WEEK Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview + Game Over
00:46 Intro
00:57 Title Screen
01:05 Menu
01:15 Freeplay
01:29 All Skins
01:35 broadcasting
06:20 mirror magic
11:15 Fandomania (Secrets)
12:08 Undertale Transition
15:14 Killer Queen
16:03 Anime Transition
19:13 HyperFunk
24:36 Sugarcrush
26:22 Sonic.exe Transition
30:21 SmokeBomb
33:53 Overdrive
37:28 Expurgated
44:03 Soda Disco Funk (Momo & Gogo)
47:33 Armageddon (Nikku & Rude)
51:10 Thunderstorm
54:49 CG Megamix
58:17 Promenade
1:00:57 Deathmatch
1:04:57 Entering Code Guide 1
1:05:45 Extraterrestrial (Xigmund)
1:09:31 Satellite picnic (Boo)
1:12:51 Sussy (Tomongus)
1:16:27 Close Chuckle (PIM and Charlie)
1:19:30 Deep Poems (Monika & Yuri)
1:22:55 Fun is infinite (Mazin)
1:25:35 Nightland (Clips)
1:28:33 Uncanny Valley (Ena)
1:31:51 Entering Code Guide 2
1:32:21 Memories
1:33:21 YT URL
1:34:44 Entering Code Guide 3
1:35:34 Astral Projection (Matzu – Final Song)
1:39:03 All Miss Animations
1:40:34 Option
1:40:42 Credits
1:41:41 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Nikku below (Follow everyone!)
Saruky__ – Dev:
Fabs – Main Programmer, Co-director:
VaChildish – Artist:
BAnims – Artist:
SajiArts – Artist:
MaxOKE – Artist:
Offbi – Artist:
SaltedSporks – Artist:
Sugarratio – Artist:
gibz679 – Charter:
Melissa MekRose – Voice Actress:
Nebits – Artist:
10ju – Charter:
PointyyESM – Charter:
MrDJ – Artist:
Chroma – Charter:
Shadow Mario – Programmer:
Cerbera – Charter:
Niffirg – Charter:
Lavaprox – Artist:
ABrickToTheHead – Artist:
TOFU – Artist:
OhSoVanilla – Animator:
Ebola – Artist:
Seni – Artist:
Fore – Artist:
Slushy_Anime – 3D Artist:
Raze – Jojo Nikku’s Design Assistance:
Nashira – Artist:
Cape – Charter:
PooterStapot – Artist:
JustDemianAgain – Artist:
Kitty – Voice Actress:
MongMongTwo – Artist:
DozenRahyz – Artist:

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Funkin Physics Demo (FNF Mod/Troll/Trollface):

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD by CommunityGame (2022)
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  1. I love the killer queen song mostly… if you know you know

  2. I don’t think an hour and a half is a demo that’s a masterpiece

  3. Me:nice mod
    hears deathmatch
    Also me:*getting flashbacks*

  4. Dear god, a lot of great mods coming around the same time

  5. Aight, Baku’s crossing over with this mod, why, because, if there’s one thing Baku hates, it’s simps (also because he thought Nikku would be a neat Roblox Bedwars player)


  7. Hotline 024 X Indie Cross Collab imagine that gonna be the best mod from fnf


  9. Like how the 2020 code takes you to Xigmund's song. Y'know? The fact that he's an alien and the code is 2020?

  10. the moon is watching us
    heh…wiz and liz reference,that mustard looking how losing the time to game over xd

  11. I can't find the hidden video. Can someone tell me where it is?

  12. I just realized in fandomania I think there is a homestuck reference or 2

  13. how many references and banger songs do you want?
    saruky : yes

  14. I've been waiting for this for MONTHS now, it's finally here!

  15. 28:43
    You've been hit by-

    You've been hit by-

    A smooth criminal

  16. If W.I. is really out the 27th I will really want a guide for the nameless song, they said that should take several days to be discovered

  17. Saruky use a lot of Sonic CD style for her song :>

  18. It's like a shitpost mod but REALLY well made

  19. Its been a long time since Ena was in a mod

  20. When you stop to consider that this mod alone has more songs in it the all of original Funkin', its truly staggering to think how far mods and the game as a whole has come. The highest of props to these artists who keep delivering us these masterworks of art and music. I can only hope that the full FNF game can live up to the legend that the fans have already crafted.

  21. this is no demo nor mod, no this is a game a literal game!!!

  22. That last song.. Do you miss me is one of the messages also never wake up is a message???

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