Friday Night Funkin' VS Papyrus FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & Sans (FNF Mod) (Undertale/Triple Trouble) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Papyrus FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & Sans (FNF Mod) (Undertale/Triple Trouble)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Papyrus, Sans, and Gaster for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time The Great Papyrus is the main focus of the mod. BunxMaker – Submitter:

Boyfriend joins Undertale and we The Great Papyrus and Sans in a funny mod with cool cutscenes. This mod also includes a triple trouble cover with their own take. Some parts of the song sound different. Make sure to check the outro for more info. The mod only shows Papyrus, Sans, and Gaster so you won’t be seeing Frisky or Chara here. I’ll be playing the undertale songs on very hard with mechanics on.

VS The Great Papyrus Mod Download Link:

Extra Songs:

Official Game Note: Challenge THE GREAT PAPYRUS into a Rap-Battle!! After a lot of time, the Full week is finally here, ready to be played by you! Originally this mod was just J-Bug’s Papyrus Animation re-creation, but in this update, I started to put my ideas so it becomes different.
I hope that you have fun with this fun little project of mine (that took so long, holy).

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS The Great Papyrus Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Song Preview + Game Over Animation
00:56 Intro
01:12 Title Screen
01:23 Menu
01:29 All Weeks
01:40 Rigged Tutorial
02:11 Cutscenes 1
02:57 Bad To The Bone Song
04:30 Cutscenes 2
04:49 Dating Fight Song
06:56 Cutscenes 3
07:08 Papyrus Special Attack
07:35 Sans Help Me!
08:34 Bone Brothers Song
10:24 Cutscenes 4 (Ending)
11:05 Credit
11:18 Congratulations!
11:32 Guide How to beat Triple Skeletons
11:35 Triple Skeletons Song
11:38 Sans
13:17 Gaster Act 1
13:41 Gaster Act 2
14:31 Papyrus
16:18 Gaster Act 3
17:53 Final Boss Song
18:09 Sans Appear
18:52 Him Song
20:11 Dating Fight Remix
22:48 All Game Over Animations
25:06 Outro + Extras – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS The Great Papyrus Full Week below
VS The Great Papyrus FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

BunxMaker – Artist and Programer:

Aiess – Charter:

Legogodzilla – Composer:

J-Bug – Made the Papyrus animation:

Yamahearted – Music-“Bad to the Bone”:

Toby Fox – Creator of Undertale:

Shadow Mario – Creator of the Psych Engine:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ – WEEK 7 All Tankman Death Quotes:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2022)
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  1. The sans in the triple trouble remix is just a last breath reference, I really hope I'm not the only one to notice that.

  2. for triple skeletons, it's pretty cool how papyrus' design is the one from _HELP!tale, nice attention to detail

  3. fun fact: Triple skeletons papyrus design is based on help_tale papyrus design

  4. I'm more curious of the background papyrus and what he said


  6. man triple trouble sans looks like a last breath phase

  7. A random user on yt who does fnf and other stuff says:

    After Papyrus eats his own spaghetti:

  8. Did anyone know how papyrus in triple skeleton literally is help_tale papyrus

  9. they shouldve done papyrus as knuckles & chara as eggman

  10. 20:11 no queria decirlo pero he de confesar que papyrus me excita un poco, no puedo evitar ver fanfics de papyrus con undyne o mettaton…y sans. Su increible envergadura de la pelvis es tan solo descabellada, y esas pelotas de basket…DIOSSS ES TAN SOLO… nyehehehe

  11. I love how the start of bone brothers is backbone from disbelief papyrus

  12. I also like how papyrus in triple skeletons is the papalgamate from help_tale

  13. sixbones would be perfect for this mod


  15. I feel like the final boss song was meant to make fun of the undertale fans who think sans was the final boss when it's actually asriel or asgore

  16. The Help_tale and the Disbelief Papyrus Backbone ref at 8:40 was… very cool.

  17. 14:31 reminds me of a creepy character called spaghetti which takes a form of papyrus and if you try to attack it, it will grow 5 more heads.

  18. Helptale papyrus for the triple trouble was a smart choice for me

  19. I love how they made triple skeletons as literally just three opponents instead of four opponents, that was a smart move

  20. Also the extra song is from the undertale fan game helptale

  21. Nice help_tale papyrus design

  22. It is so funny when sans blabbers in final boss song🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Haaaanng on a moment, the 1st song is from the indie cross mod. Is that plagiarism I smell?

  24. i like how they do disbelief papyrus reference at bone brother song

  25. Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssans

  26. That isn’t the dating fight my fair C sign…


  27. Thank for playing this mod 😸i am recharting the songs so they can be more accessible for everyone.
    by: The VS Papyrus Team

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