Friday Night Funkin': VS Pibby Family Guy High Effort FULL WEEK [Darkness Takeover/FNF Pibby Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Pibby Family Guy High Effort FULL WEEK [Darkness Takeover/FNF Pibby Mod]

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00:14 Intro & Menu
00:28 A Family Guy Song
4:10 Rotten Family Song
6:51 Airborne Song
10:34 Outro

The darkness is spreading, rapidly, and it has made its way into a show called “Family Guy.” BF is also pulled into this world and must survive alongside familiar allies to ensure his s̶u̸r̷v̷i̸v̸a̶l̵. Will he survive? or will he get c̸̪͠ö̵͖́r̴̟̀r̶̙̄u̶̗̓p̸̥͛t̶̹́e̵̜̅d̵͚̆ like the others? The choice is up to you…

Darkness Takeover: High-Effort Family Guy [Demo]
Created by Team Glit¢h Studio
Crotheon – Director, Lead Animator, Charter, and Coder
Banditage – Co-Director and Charter
HayseedHere – Main Composer
HotRacer652 – Charter
Dul – Animator and Logo Artist
SonicTonic400_YT – Promo Artist, Mechanic Ideas, and Trailer Maker
KING Z – Coder and Additional Animator
Dusttrust – Icon Artist
Mr. Revenchik – Original Pibby Family Guy Concept Artist
Dev – Concept Artist
King Daniel – Concept Artist
MiniSymba – Additional Coder


  1. Peter is one of the only people who broke out of the glitches control

  2. Is nobody gonna talk how intense airborne was?

  3. Can I ask how did Peter got out of the glitch thing? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Peter is the first one to get out of this pibby corruption thing!

    (Btw I love this mod)

  5. I think it starts with airborne. The crash occurs and then Stewie and Brian are joined by Boyfriend.

    And I think it's neat here, the corruption attacks boyfriend because it knows he's a threat. Which is why it tries to attack Stewie. The only other person to be a real threat to it.

    I can't wait for more of this story

  6. Did you noticed stewie when he disappeared keep looking on brian's back you will saw him have some scars on he's face and her mother is holding him

  7. Soviet cat СОВИЕТ РУССИА☭ says:

    Rupert solos no diff

  8. i wanna know what lois corrupted icon looks like does anybody know?

  9. Peter falls at the corruption that's actually kind of cool and also it said high effort it's really high effort

  10. Quagmire's trying his best but he feels but at least he looks kind of cool fighting off the corruption even though he has the corruption on him or the glitch that is actually a nice touch to it but he doesn't survive very long I think 35 or 59 seconds he gets pulled in to the glitch which is sad but that's how life goes with the glitch that's it that's all I have to say

  11. “Well geez Lois, I haven’t heard that since I was corrupted!”

  12. The tv show has all this concept art it's been 10 months

  13. Exactly what a pibby family guy mod should look like:]

  14. Actually in rooten family Stewie teleported

  15. did anyone notice that Brian is crying?

  16. “Lois I haven’t heard a noise like that ever sense when we got corrupted!” cuts to this

  17. Am I the only one who didn't see Stewie inside the glitch no just me okay

  18. allso if s stewe got drag in the
    glich all so he is stuck into the wall and next rap you can hear stewe saying i miss brain 2 times if hes infected in first round you can brain say whats happing allso next round stewe said kiss brain next round if peter got free from the glich brain eyes got a dot meaning hes still in there
    next round wait and you hear Qagmare say in my way sorry this is long

  19. Next thing you know you're going to see 17000 notes.

  20. The story: Glenn is trying to protect he's friend Peter Cleve Joe and Glenn is trying to defend them and he got glitch and then the pibby glitch caught Glenn and it's Joe Swanson is defend them" the end

  21. Peter and quaqmire forced out the corruption

  22. Why are we surprised that Peter escaped The darkness when he took a punch from GOD

  23. will stewie help his father peter and will peter save his friend from the darkness find out on next time on Friday Night Funkin': VS Pibby Family Guy Coming Soon..

  24. I feel like stewie did get corrupted, becuase if you look at corrupted brian's side, in the background, after the screen comes back from white, you can see some weird figure in the wall that i believe kind of resembles stewies head, and it would seem that the corruption is actively swallowing him, but like i said its just a thought, and i suppose we will find out when the full build is out weither he teleported or was corrupted!

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