Friday Night Funkin' VS Pibby NEWEST Mods (Come and Learning with Pibby) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pibby NEWEST Mods (Come and Learning with Pibby)

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Friday Night Funkin VS Pibby NEWEST Mods (Come and Learning with Pibby) Today we have some new pibby mods Friday Night Funkin. Which one did you like best?

00:00 Intro
00:11 Friday Night Incident (BF vs Pibby Trololo)
02:10 Zanta but it’s a Pibby cover
05:14 VS Vicky and ???
07:56 Pibby Henry Stickmin
09:40 VS Pibby Tord

Friday Night Incident:
Zanta but it’s a Pibby cover

FNF X Pibby || V.S. Vicky and ??? – Wish Come True:
FNF V.S. Pibby Henry Stickmin Mod:
Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pibby Tord (Demo):

Friday Night Incident

Zanta but it’s a Pibby cover
Creator – Crashy
bbpanzu – Made Original Holiday Mod
and credits to RowanSkie

V.S. Vicky
Nelsonhazlett – Coding, Drawing, Charting
boyfriend_brother – Making The Anim for vicky and timmy
LuckiiBean – The person who made FNF X Pibby V.S. Vicky
Fidy50 – for making the pibby sprite

Pibby Henry Stickmin:
The creators of this mod
Lamon Damon – Charter, Remixed Song, Artist
Marbick Manuel – Made Background
poggieboii – Fixed Some Bugs
The creator of the song
Clowfoe – Creator of the song titular used in this mod as a remixed version
The creators of the original Henry Stickmin Mod
SpiderThiago – Leader of the mod (Art and animation)
RenRenNumberTen – Music
Vincio_Dev – Principal charter and the creator of the Ron cover
Eliestarman – Charter number 2
PikaThePikachu – Coder
Tomaschap1969 – Ideas and a future trailer
Luisi – Creator of the Endless cover
TJ255 – Creator of the Guns cover
Pap7rus – Creator of the Ugh Cover
Rozebud – Main xml author of 2 stickmans, 1 gf

Pibby Tord:
/u/FordNuds – Programmer And Owner
SuperBonk06 – Artist And Animator
Blue Bird – Composer And Charter
Special Thanks
Shadow Mario – Psych Engine
bbpanzu – Original Tord Mod
BellowBomb – Concept Art
Washo789 – Camera Follow Pos. Script

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Friday Night Funkin VS Pibby NEWEST Mods (Come and Learning with Pibby)


  1. I love music from mod vs vicky (pibby corruption)

  2. The Tord vocal is so good

  3. “ Corruption pibby incident “ Trollge Incident

  4. You dont know whos that child with vicky? Its the main character timmy

  5. If some are wondering what was ??? In Vicky and ??? It's evil Timmy (Timmy) So yeah

  6. My favorite is Pibby trololo and Vicky pibby and tord zanta one is good cover

  7. Vs pibby henry stickimin looks like a 0.1$ animation bruv

  8. friday night funkin mod is incidint mod

  9. Once bambi (pibby) it will just be HELL or spamming

  10. My fave is pibby trollo because his voice is just perfect

  11. mi favorito es el de friday night incident contra pibby trololo

  12. ??? is Timmy turner he TURNED into a mindless zombie

  13. I feel Vicky is crazy and like Timmy better

  14. I love got wear green color T-shirt girl

  15. and the fairy godparents? where are they? managed to escape?

  16. Me fovirte pibby uncle trololo and vicky and timmy

  17. My favorite was The Glitcher trollface is a deadly zone.

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