Friday Night Funkin' VS Pibby Triple Trouble But Characters Sing It (FNF Mod) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pibby Triple Trouble But Characters Sing It (FNF Mod)

Sad Finn YT
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This is a Tribute to the FNF Pibby Corrupted mod!
What do you think?

00:00 Intro
00:20 Pibby Finn
02:08 Pibby Steven
02:34 Jake & Finn
04:19 Corrupted Steven
05:11 Pibby Spongebob
07:07 Corrupted Steven

Anonymous Four – Made the mod and the cover lmao

The FNF Pibby Corrupted Team
NiteWind – Mod Owner & Animator
haylow – Chart, Code & Director
CinderAshMaker – Director
DayyBloom – Director
Killerfoxy10 – Director
Yoshi Dam – Composer
Visummum – Composer
SmokeCannon – Composer
Jakeneutron – Composer, Concepts, and made Corrupted Spongebob
agvids – Composer
MashProTato – Composer & Charter
Antimation- Chromatic Scales
Artache – Artist
FuntyLora – Artist & Animator
SUS_PAIN – Artist
~!vurn!~ – Artist & Animator
OJogadorAnimador – Animator
Veljiko – Artist
RbxJames1 – Artist
TormentedProgram – Code
Scissor – Chart, Code & Animator
KyeVL – Chart
TheZoroForce240 – Chart
BlueCyanide. – Chart
PRDevOfficial – Chart, and made the Corrupted Finn Chromatic Scale

FNF Pibby Corrupted Mod Download Link:

Friday Night Funkin’ Pibby Trouble FNF x Pibby Mod Download Link:

Vs. Pibby Spongebob mod 1.5 UPDATE

Vs Corrupted Steven Universe (Pibby X FNF)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pibby Triple Trouble But Characters Sing It (FNF Mod)


  1. I really like the SpongeBob part like eggman

  2. I love that monochrome reference when Jake does his op pose

  3. I’ll cool these bois instead of the triple trouble trio it’s going to be the Glitched cartoon trio

  4. Megusta😁😁😁😁😀😀😉🤐😇

  5. the spongebob as robotnik matches it so well since the laugh

  6. Honestly this really fits the situation

  7. I don't think Jake's character isn't good I like the og one xd

  8. if you watch steven universe you know whats happening in the background

    Pink Lion is looking at us Blue diamond's ship is heading towards us pearls spear blade of rose stabbing water melon steven also amethyst whip under watermelon steven

  9. Did anyone notice jake's up pose mouth is actually lost silver's mouth

  10. is make sense because if u see the backround u can see that is from steven universe show so steven (be sonic exe because is on his show) and other is cross over the show i mean the pibby show is like cross over of all cartoon i think so

  11. I think Steven should've been Tails since he didn't want to hurt anyone either than White Diamond

  12. Ngl but this look cool my favorite is that Steven sings sonic exe and the others sing tails knuckles and egg man

  13. I would have put a Glitcheada bubble from the powerpuff girls or have the sweet Glitcheada princess from Adventure Time and also have put a spinel.

  14. Pibby Finn=soul Tails
    Pibby Jake and Finn=Soul knuckles and soul Tails
    Pibby Steven=Xenophiles
    Pibby Spongebob=Soul Eggman

  15. Why you remove the finn arrows🤨🤨🤨

  16. Pibby SpongeBob looks a bit out of place

  17. Wow cool mod I like the SpongeBob corrupted part!

  18. I Would love to have pibby mods in funky friday

  19. Don't forget
    Pibby gumball
    Pibby shaggy
    Pibby Mordecai
    Pibby spinel
    Pibby Bubbles
    Pibby mickey
    Pibby pico
    Pibby robin
    Pibby Edd
    Pibby tom
    Pibby tord
    Pibby math
    Pibby oswald

  20. it should have be

    Pibby as the BF

    Ladybug on a pibby trailer = Tails
    Bun bun = Sonic.exe
    Skunk on the pibby trailer = Knuckles
    Alligator on the pibby trailer = eggman

  21. Hey it’s supposed to have rings

  22. it's make sense that steven show up again cuz he a stronger character then finn,jake,spongebob

  23. the sonic exe shouldve been the big blob its self

  24. The arrangement makes sense if you remember that Spongebob is canonically annoying to everyone. Lol. So it makes sense if Steven, aka Future Steven, would find Spongebob annoying and hard to command/deal with at first. Like eggman and sonic.exe

  25. In jake and finn: Jake sings and finn swings the sword when BF collects a ring or more.
    But in the start finn sings. No jake in the 1st

  26. If ben 10 was not corrupted that would be a good fight bc he can transform into monster or uncle grandpa i wish steven universe wesent corrupted tho

  27. I love this like not gonna like, it's so good that I listen to it all day, that I make my phone shutdown because it's 0 and stuff anyways this is good like heck

    Edit: Steven Sounds Like Triple Trouble Amor

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