Friday Night Funkin' VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth V1 (FNF Mod) (Metal Slug/Donkey Kong/Shygal/Sky/& More) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth V1 (FNF Mod) (Metal Slug/Donkey Kong/Shygal/Sky/& More)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth V1 (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we go up against arcade classics and a few oc characters.
ZAPZONZAL – Director:

In this fnf mod, we battle the Metal Slug Soldier, Donkey Kong (DK), Pac-Man Ghosts, Shygal from Super Mario Bros 2, a Sky-like character (Skylie), Quickman from Megaman, Simon from Castlevania, and a Cat named Catsi. It’s up to Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Pico to take them all out. This mod feels like a collection of Arcade
classics one-shots with a few oc weeks.

The mod mainly focuses on having good music. The chart is a bit harder than most mods, but I like it. PROJECT MSG Rebirth comes with 12 songs, 2 animation scenes, and a lot of game-over animations. I’ll be playing it on very hard mode for all VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth songs.

PROJECT MSG Rebirth V1 Mod Download link:

Game Note by ZAPZONZAL: Project MSG Rebirth is a Friday night funkin mod focused on music and chart. More content will be added in the future. BF & GF will face off against more opponents.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview
00:24 Song Preview
01:42 Week List
01:58 Arcade Bit Crush PT 1
02:05 Cutscenes
02:39 1) Judgement Song (Soldier vs Metal Slug BF w/ Pico & GF)
04:08 Marco saves BF (Why didn’t Pico help?)
05:45 Animation 1
06:08 2) 25m Song (Donkey Kong vs Boyfriend)
07:05 Over here!
08:20 This part sounds amazing
10:03 Animation 2
10:27 3) Chompin Beats Song (Blinky & Pinky vs BF)
13:23 Arcade Bit Crush PT 2
13:29 Quickman Intro
13:36 4) Can’t Beat Quickman Song (Quickman vs BF)
15:22 Quickman uses a boomerang
17:32 Simon Intro
17:40 5) Blood of Dracula Song (Simon vs Dracula BF w/ GF)
19:01 Bloody Tears Reference
21:40 This part sounds amazing
22:27 Selecting Toad
22:33 6) Overworld Song (Shygal w/ Koopa Gal & Goomba Gal vs BF)
23:53 She sounds amazing
24:34 Toad uses trumpet
25:01 Catsi Dialogue
25:13 7) Resolution Song (Catsi vs BF)
26:33 I like this part
27:35 Sounds cool
28:16 Transition
29:50 Catsi Scene
30:10 8) Fly Song
31:28 I like this part
32:14 Raining
33:02 Turns dark
34:19 Catsi Scene
34:31 9) Away Song
37:56 Turns dark/Transition
39:22 Dialogue 1
40:21 10) Eden Song (Skylie vs BF)
43:26 Song ends
43:49 Dialogue 2
44:31 11) Cross-Over Song
47:27 Song ends
48:00 Dialogue 3
48:38 12) Rage Song
49:32 This part sounds cool
50:06 Sounds sad
51:49 Song ends
52:05 Good Ending
52:27 Gallery
53:24 Teaser
54:01 Extra
54:05 Credit
55:03 All Game Over Animations
56:40 Decoding
57:01 Old Shygal vs New Shygal
57:31 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth below
VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth / Metal Slug FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

ZAPZONZAL – Director, Coder, Charter, Musician:

koreanon – Animator:

geonwoo – Animator:

Mayhew – Animator:

Saha! – Artist:

rini – Artist:

P.K.T – Artist:

Borabacji – Charter:

ilelv – Charter:

Punpkin Melon – Musician:

RiceThief – Musician:

Zero – Editor:

Shy Gal, Koopa Girl, Goomba Gal by minus_8 / Minus8

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  1. 90% of the songs make me think if rock music and orchestra music were put together

  2. Let's say in the Pac-Man song BF got those Roller Sneakers

  3. I definitely have not seen the original minus 8 yoshi's island animation

  4. Funnily enough, boyfriend is dressed as Kid dracula in the castlevania track.

  5. Only theses who been long enough on internet know where all koola/goomba/shyguy gitls designs are from

  6. Why are there so many good mods these days

  7. I think Pico didn't help, because he turned into Marco…? They look generally similar, now that I think about it.

  8. This was a well made mod 9.4/10 So good 😊

  9. I absolutely love how cool this mod is and the different artstyles with each character, definitely one of the coolest looking mods I’ve seen, great job to the team who worked on it!!!!!

  10. Nah. shygal ain't that friendly, she pulled a gun on a crying baby Mario.

  11. I think the old sprite for shygal was better
    idk why

  12. Holy shit, Metal Slug was one of my childhood games my dad had

    I'm so glad it finally got something in fnf form

  13. why’s your outro always the same

  14. No sé si sabes español aunque no soy tu fan pero miro todos tus videos saludo desde México 😊

  15. The IMPROVATION… like- its 2-3 years this game is released bro

  16. "Family friendly characters"
    We all know what's going on, it's only implied but we know.

  17. Minus 8 characters… If you know… You know

  18. im Am Addicted to Retro Musik So Almost Everybodys Song being So Good And Feeling memories Back to My Head.
    Hits The Beats

  19. I saw Quickman and thats when I clicked in an instant
    I honestly didn't expect to see megaman on fnf for how many people don't even know about the videogame series

  20. The thumbnail gave me minus 8 videos 💀

  21. This is a good mod but the pac man one lacks good running brah

  22. Ya se que val a subir el mods de arcade con ponibius en la v1

  23. First time I see a mod that incluyes Donkey Kong and Metal Slug

  24. 21:36 this part is a reference to a popular rock band called "Iron Maiden"

  25. I remember the ShyGal, KoopaGal and GoombaGal from a certain animator

  26. Hello, help me and I downloaded the indie cross mod, but every time I press any note the whole game crashes. I would like to know if you can help me with this problem :(. Thank you

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