Friday Night Funkin' VS Rainbow Friends Chapter 2 New Pink Roblox (FNF Mod/Hard) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Rainbow Friends Chapter 2 New Pink Roblox (FNF Mod/Hard)
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Rainbow Friends is Going to Rap Battle with Boyfriends in Friday Night Funkin’ including All Monster, Blue (I edited it into Yellow), Orange, Purple and Green with all Jumpscares Animation. With New Roblox Rainbow Friends Concepts Monsters for Chapter 2.
Mewza – Director: .
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  1. Wow hes good at this when hes playing rainbow friends

  2. It look like accurate rainbow friend

  3. I like how The notes make blue change colors

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  8. more than 90% of ''PlayCow'' fans that's for sure

  9. Juan’s roblox videos and toys videos says:

    Cool playcow I like this!! Funky Friday!

  10. Juan’s roblox videos and toys videos says:

    I like orange!
    ! More

  11. I havent know the game at start tell the name

  12. Pink is in the vent and purple went out with pink on the vent and purple said get out of the way

  13. Po es la dee que ora ge cuando se mueve para atras es la de xenopane ?

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