Friday Night Funkin vs Rainbow Friends -

Friday Night Funkin vs Rainbow Friends

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  1. I like how they put the monster in order from the game
    Night 1 : blue
    Night 2 : green
    Night 3 : orange
    Night 4 : purple

    even tho they didn’t say that purple is coming in night 4

  2. Wait why did Green suddenly know where boy was Green’s blind

  3. why does it kinda sound like triple trouble from the sonic.exe mod?

  4. Mod Mame : VS Rainbow Friends

    Songs : Friends to tour end

    Blue 1
    Blue 2


  5. I love this it's amazing, the voices sound so good and it's awesome but i wish that they added red

  6. I love how bf just has the winning smile. Glad to see there is an actually good Rainbow Friends mod.

  7. The amazing thing is that this mod is made in roblox I really liked it 😄

  8. Hope to see your new content every day! 😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Оранжевую не дали пожрать.

  10. roblox rainbow friends be like: ah yes i am popular and getting everywhere now time to chapter 2 for some popularity ah yes
    me: literary seeing bf wear winning smile face
    me: brings a infinite amo minigun to kill bf

  11. sonic exe reference and. Yea why isn't red in here

  12. Sever blue Les make friend blue

  13. This song is almost as long as triple trouble

  14. Me identifying every type of the rainbow friends: blue: king, green: lizard, orange: raptor, purple: fish monster or an angler fish and Red: human bc it has the same shape of oswald.

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