Friday Night Funkin - Vs. RetroSpecter: Icebreaker FULL SHOWCASE REVEAL - NEW 1.75 UPDATE -

Friday Night Funkin – Vs. RetroSpecter: Icebreaker FULL SHOWCASE REVEAL – NEW 1.75 UPDATE

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Vs. Retro has finally been ported over to Psych Engine, and comes with a lot of bonus goodies as well in this 1.75 update! Coming to Gamebanana and Gamejolt shortly after the premiere is over. Links:

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  1. huh, retro has two sets of balls, very interesting… (which must be really uncomfortable), oh also, the music is epic, including the fnf corruption song

  2. I really liked the Kamex song and the sprite in icebreaker. Also the corruption part was dope. The songs and sprites were just dope as hell. Keep up the good work Retro!

  3. This was amazing I love how we get to see more of maku I love her and her personality. Her color scheme and sparkly wings are really cute as well. Good job on the mod man

  4. Does Retro control his corroupted faze or the corruption taked complety control over him in the last song ?

  5. What if you and the team did a "saying A LOT of things as" that would be cool

  6. "NOBODY CALLS ME TUBBY!" is 100% a spongebob refence

  7. I have always liked you, despite the fact that you are not Russian {=.

  8. Nice job!!
    Icebreaker is my favorite of your songs!!!!


  10. Can't wait till retro hits 1million subscribers 👏👏👏

  11. AAAAAAAAA I was waiting for you! i love you! RetroSpecter!!

  12. – ace got a 2nd form
    – maku and metro are a thing
    – sakuroma already encountered an alternate reality
    – corrupted people are aware and can talk

    man i learned a lot today lmao

  13. Top tier work here. Absolutely amazing!

  14. So zerker retro has two pairs of balls for Saku to crush?

  15. The fuckin Corruption Matt line got me, wasn't expectin to see it in a long time.

  16. I love the part with you two calmly sitting there relaxing, making each other blush, you both are adorable together 💙

  17. The authors I didn't display the picture in the game, not the characters, not the background.
    Please fix it or help.

  18. retro always coming in hot with these bangers

  19. Retro's discord server is very toxic. Never join it.

  20. I love that Corruptro has his own unique sprites rather than just having his normal Zerktro sprites but "edgier". What a quality mod!

    Meanwhile the BETADCSI animator guys making videos about this mod going brrrrrrr

  21. Полуголые фурри с трясущимися бубсами? Нормас кнш

  22. Dang I love the SpongeBob reference inside Zerktro vs. Metro. Other than that this is one of my favorite mods and the voices goes so well with their songs. Thanks Retro and the people who made this for making a great mod.

  23. I can finally have a mod that can run a clean framerate on my toaster computer

  24. My Dream is Retrospecter make a remix for Sonic.exe 2.0
    Make a Remix Triple Trouble and others
    Pra others

  25. Dude this mod is incredible! I’m excited to play 2.0 when it comes out!

  26. There is a bit of a question I have Retro. Will there be Saku and Maku’s Phase 2 in V2 of your mod?

  27. The bottom icons in Mompoms is like Maku is like, “Saku, can you stop?”

  28. Zerktro has 4 balls? Well… no wonder you pee so loud. XD

  29. Ok… this mod came out with more than I expected

  30. good job retro on working this mod

  31. This is just a masterpiece, there is nothing to add, just wonderful, my rating is 69 lustful moths out of 10.🔥🔥🔥

  32. During the stream I remember you saying this month or year had an affect on your mental health (not sure if it’s month or year) and some of the songs in the mod seem to have a sad theme to them… (don’t mind me… just theorizing lol)


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