Friday Night Funkin' VS Rewrite V2 - Sonic.EXE | Trinity (FNF Mod/Sonic/Lord X) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Rewrite V2 – Sonic.EXE | Trinity (FNF Mod/Sonic/Lord X)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Rewrite V2 – Sonic.EXE (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. “Rewrite” is an original take on the infamous Sonic.exe creepypasta, and also the inspiration for this mod. Springless – Mod Creator:

This new Sonic.exe character named Rewrite has been getting a bit popular for
being very creepy and interesting. This mod was made by one person. It is one of the creepiest Sonic.EXE mods I have ever seen.

Vs Rewrite (Sonic.exe) Mod Download:

Game Note: Sonic.exe (also known as X or exe for short) is the main antagonist of the Sonic.EXE series creepypasta. Sonic.EXE haunted game disc taking over the main Sonic characters. This is a horror mod w/ jumpscares. The foes we battle today are a scarier version of Tails Doll, Phantom Tails & Knuckles, Dr. Eggman/Robotnik, Fleetway Super Sonic. Lord X and Majin Sonic, Fatal Error Sonic, Needlemouse with Sarah, FNF: SPIRITS OF HELL, Starved Eggman, secret character Sunky, and new Majin Sonic.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS SONIC.EXE Rewrite V2 Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Song Preview
00:13 Story/Lore
00:30 All Weeks
00:43 1) Trinity Song
00:46 Majin Sonic vs BF
01:20 Sonic.Exe appear
01:56 Majin fuses with SonicExe
02:21 Who is there in the darkness?
03:08 Lord X appears
03:41 Majin and Sonic EXE reappear
04:07 Rewrite wants to play
04:58 Rewrite walks towards BF
05:07 Rewrite sings 1
05:25 Rewrite sings 2
05:43 Rewrite sings 3
06:01 BF finishes the song
06:19 It’s still not over yet
07:08 Thriller Gen Song (Rewrite vs BF)
07:59 I am God
08:44 Rewrite Laughs
09:09 End
09:11 Unused Song
09:20 Credit
09:48 Game Over Animation
10:02 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Rewrite V2 SONIC.EXE Remake below ”
VS Vs Rewrite (Sonic.exe) (No Cutscenes) Mod Download link:

Springless – Artist Composer and Writer:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. The song at 9:30 is majin (Endless encore voice I think) and rewrite

  2. 5:07 can YOU smell the ENA reference?

    Press see more if you guessed or don’t know.

    Hourglass meadow

  3. Bruh that transition into Rewrite appearance is golden, like you expect some cliche green hills zone leitmotif but get that sudden change.

  4. 6:18 this sound sounds a lot like the music of disbelief papyrus

  5. I like how rewrite stomps with a beat and comes towards the player

  6. I think rewrite not only takes the horror associated with sonic.exe, but takes all that childhood horror of that one "Sonic Dreams Collection" game… if you know what I'm talking about, you know what I'm talking about.

  7. 6:20 This part I love because it's also disblief papyrus music in phase 1.5

  8. Bro that disbelief reference at the end hits diff (i believe its the end of painful retribution correct?)

    (Mb its interstellar retribution)

  9. Bro the part sonic exe laughing and walking to boyfriend
    It’s gave me a creep 4:59

  10. I think the scariest think about this mod is that they gave sonic five fingers

  11. question for everyone. mine keeps crashing halfway through the lord x part does anyone know why?

  12. I know the this mod 2nd week song it's metalic madness from sonic cd

  13. Your not sneaky. I heard Disbelief Papyrus at "it's still not over yet". Best reference I've heard

  14. What makes this so interesting is that you're given so little to go off of for this EXE.
    He just sees it all as a game. No violence needed. Just straight to the point until you can never go back. Sort of like No More Innocence.

    He imitates as a way to "help" the game reach its conclusion.

    And the models and song itself are both reminiscent and nostalgic at the same time.
    Sonic CD inspiration with other stuff thrown in….

    It's genuinely off-putting for something so small and simple.
    No complicated gimmicks or extra fluff to pad it out. Just…him…

  15. For the secret song, it sounds like sans is singing with Rewrite.

  16. The way he can move in the middle song and taunts you 5:00 because he has full control

  17. Also, out of curiosity: During the final stretch of Trinity, are you the one playing or is that stretch of the song entirely the "opponent"? If you are the one playing, what happens if you miss a note?

  18. I would love to play this mod but everytime I try to it just closes does anybody know how to fix that? My fps is already set to 60

  19. He Rewrote the code with his stomping so he can walk 👁️👄👁️

  20. Rewrite's imitation of Sonic isn't spot on: His glove and socks are too long.
    It's quite subtle but if you look closely, you'll notice.

  21. The most unnerving part of this mod is that in the end of the trinity song, Rewrite shows that there were only two characters the entire time, he, himself, and you.

  22. Can someone please put rewrites Lyrics in the comments i

  23. New Mod Idea:FNF vs Addams
    Week 1:Vs Wednesday🖤
    Week:2:Vs enid🎀
    Week 3:Vs the Addams Family ♠♟
    Secret song in freeplay:vs Thing. 🤏
    (Note:you dont have to make it,its just an idea-)

  24. 4:26 nah cuz why is bro doing the harlem shake? His legs 💀💀💀

  25. Here's A Fact About Rewrite: The Reason Why He Starts Stomping Is Because There's An Invisible Barrier And Because Of It He's Basically Stomping To Break Out Of The Invisible Barrier To Get To BF It's Also Proven In Wiki Also Since Rewrite Is Aware That There's An Invisible Barrier He Also Gets A Red Ring On His Limbs Which Makes Sense Since He Took Everyones Souls

  26. 6:20 im pretty sure this part of the song was a refrance to disbleave papyrus at his "limit" in phase 1

  27. Even though I got tired of people still over creating Sonic.exe mods this one hit a whole new level with new characters and designs.

  28. So if i understanded all the exes majin xeno(idk) and lord x is rewrite but morphed at they(sorry for bad english i think)

  29. I like how Trinity replicates the style that represents each character
    Majin has Sonic CD samples
    Lord X has record scratches
    Xeno is high octane and fast

  30. i love the crude 3d animations, reminds me of sonic schoolhouse

  31. 6:19 it's just me or this sound like a part of Disbelief papyrus phase 3 theme

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