Friday Night Funkin' vs Sally.exe is Worse than Sonic.exe -

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Sally.exe is Worse than Sonic.exe

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Friday Night Funkin’ vs Sonic.exe hell Reborn Gameplay and Reaction. In this FNF mod we vs Sonic.exe as well as vs Sally.exe! FNF HELL REBORN Is a Fan expansion on the popular mod FNF Vs Sonic.exe. This Friday Night Funkin’ Sonic.exe mod has 2 new Friday Night Funkin’ weeks (fnf Sonic.exe week and fnf Sally.exe week), 8 new songs, and mechanics. Can Boyfriend and Girlfriend survive the Sonic.exe creepypasta characters such as Lord X, Sally.exe, Rouge.exe, Tails.exe, Knuckles.exe, Cream.exe and Xenophanes?

(play and download the fnf mod we played in this video here)

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  1. this mod is so good i want to be one some day.
    do you ever wanted to be a mod?

  2. "xenophane?" you were really close, add an S at the end

  3. You know out of the four girls, I say Rouge would be the easiest to edit to make her normal

  4. Sonic 3 phase is xenophane

  5. Trojan kinda like faker.exe but remake


  7. Theres alot of exes and ALT and exeller and exetior are sonic.exe but different entites and all exes are different entites and they kill different and have different origins and theres lord x an mx/mario and there friends and lords of there exe and yea just want to say that and theres also trilogy sonic.exe which is a expirement

  8. I know it’s a bit late but you should play the date night masses mod it’s very good

  9. I have a theory, I think that Lord X made a copy of himself (Sonic.exe) back then and brought him back to make it more difficult for BF

  10. Sonic.exe's actually officially called Xenophanes (zee-no-fa-knees)

  11. Ayo Sally_ALT is here and she means business..

  12. day 2 of waiting for mairusu to finally play Blueballs incident 2.0

  13. i like the hell reborn mod's knuckles sprites better actually , the original ones look kind of lazy imo

  14. In the first song i could hear a hint of endless from the original mod

  15. The green Hill song has to be in every fnf sonic mod pretty much

  16. 2:00 Tails: Trust broken
    Kuckles: Hatred
    Eggman: Failure
    That’s what there themes are Mairusu

  17. I was wondering if you could cover 5 mods and the other are random mods but absolutely worth
    Longer ones: Fnf Funkdela, Hotline 024, Documic.txt, Funkin' traumatized (TMK), FUNKIN IS MAGIC
    Random: Chainsaw vs Sword, fnf Simpgirl, "wacky" mod, evil Otto, chotix., vs Rouxls Kaard, Mad Rap Dead, Ben's Adventure, Metroid Funk, Rolling Again, Soinc.wmv, [SFNS] Distant Memories: Side jam, Clover mod
    I know that the list is too many to cover but don't worry. We can wait patiently while you cover one by one (especially the longer ones)

  18. Me after seeing Sally.exe:
    Fear of titans rising

  19. Gf looks like rouge
    Vanilla is Cream's mom
    Also I wish that more of sally.exe was around
    And sally.exe songs are best

  20. All of the songs are a Bangor! ○_○

  21. Can you play a scary game called frosty nights

  22. Try some pico day mods because its pico anniversary

  23. The reason exe and lord x are showing up together is because every exe from every timeline works for lord x… although some (like Fatal Error) have tried and failed to overthrow him.

  24. I honestly think Lord x just wants to rap battle

  25. I was wondering if you could check out VS Void. It recently got updated with a new week and 2 freeplay songs (one of the songs needs a code, which can be found in the game files).

    Edit: this is really late ;-;

  26. I got sad seeing the thumbnail because I thought it was Sonic.Exe 3.0

  27. you didnt see eggys line so it iratated me so it was failure

  28. Every sonic is a separate entity unless we talking transformations

  29. Hey mairusu there is a stranger things fnf mod out and to be frank and fair I used to be scared half to death of stranger things but now it's like I've faced enough demons to not be afraid of this show

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