Friday Night Funkin' VS Sonic CD Mega CD Locked-on DEMO 2 (FNF Mod/Sonic CD V2) (Sonic The Hedgehog) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Sonic CD Mega CD Locked-on DEMO 2 (FNF Mod/Sonic CD V2) (Sonic The Hedgehog)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Sonic CD – Mega CD Locked-on DEMO 2 | Sonic CD V2 DEMO for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD + Metal Sonic who is Eggman’s greatest Badnik enemy robot creation.
StickNickLol – Creator of the mod:

In this Sonic Mega CD V2 mod, we battle Sonic, Metal Sonic, Majin Sonic, and even Amy Rose herself. This mod has a lot of passion put into it, the animations and designs of the characters look so amazing! It feels just like the original Sonic CD game. Sonic GF is so cute in this mod, you should check her out in the cutscenes. The secret playable GF now has a voice too! Overcome the past, live the present, and save the future! Are BF & GF up to it?

VS. Friday Night Funkin’: Mega CD Locked-on DEMO 2 Mod Download

Metal Sonic is the secondary antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an evil ultra-high performance Badnik version of Sonic the Hedgehog created by Dr. Eggman for the sole purpose of destroying Sonic. The brainchild of Eggman, he is by far the doctor’s greatest Badnik enemy robot creation.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Sonic CD V2 Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation / Song Preview
00:15 Message & Quick Comparison
00:50 Intro
00:54 Title Screen
01:00 Menu
01:08 Week List
01:23 Animation 1
02:20 Dashing Song (Vs Sonic/New Voice)
03:49 Boom Song (Peelout Removed/New Voice)
06:20 Warrior Song (New Song)
08:34 Code
08:51 Animation 2 (Amy Rose)
09:17 Palmtree Paradise Song (VS Amy)
11:58 Thorns Of Beauty Song (Vs Amy)
13:50 Palmtree Despair Song (Vs Eggman)
16:37 Code
16:58 Wired Connection Song (VS Amy & Sonic)
19:19 Metal Sonic Kidnaps Amy (Play as Sonic)
21:53 Collision Mayhem Song (Sonic & BF VS Eggman)
24:49 Code
25:08 Animation 3 (Old)
25:25 Speedway Song (VS Metal Sonic)
28:16 Animation 4 (Half New/Extended)
28:53 Metallic Rush Song (Sonic CD – Metal Sonic Battle)
32:10 Ruined Circuits Song (Metal vs BF w/ x2 cute gf)
35:15 Code
35:31 Dashing Mania (New/Sonic Garfield vs BF w/ Goth GF)
37:08 Boom Mania (New)
39:26 Warrior Mania (New)
41:41 Same Code
41:57 Sound Test 19-02
42:03 You can do anything song
44:55 Sound Test 12-25
45:00 Infinite Fun Song (VS Majin Sonic & GIFT)
48:00 Checking that Gift & Decoding it
48:16 Sound Test 04-21
48:21 Blue Justice Song (VS Batman Sonic)
50:05 Sound Test 09-03
50:08 Glistening Mystery Song (Sonic vs BF)
52:46 Sound Test 03-01
52:50 Kickin It Song (Metal Sonic w/ DJ Eggman vs Sonic)
54:37 Tidal Egg Song (Unused Song)
56:54 Peelout (Scrapped Song)
58:38 Tidal Tempest Song (Love Song?)
01:01:04 Secret Cute GF Sprite | Sussy Mode Activated (That’s what it’s actually called) (Song 1)
01:02:41 Sussy Mode GF 2 (Song 2)
01:05:12 All Game Over Animations & GF Disappointed
01:06:38 He caught you looking at gf
01:07:46 Achievements
01:07:51 Credit
01:08:12 Cute GF Comparison
01:08:59 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Metal Sonic & Sonic below
StickNickLol – Creator of the mod, Art & Cutscenes:

BlixertheMochi77 – Director:
NickPlayz1000 – Coder, Charter:

BetaBits – Coder:

the_mr_susguy – Coder:
TylerTehNoob – Mobile Port:
IglooLKMN – Charter:

dieteso – Charter:
EngineerGaming100.0 – Animated sprites:
Sonamous47wantsMods – Promo Art:
Sanicfan1992 – Icons, Promo Art:
some guys – Art:
Giganticjohncena – Art:
Icy The Fox – Art:
TheSheriffREAL – Art:
AeroxGD – Composed Dashing, Peelout and the Menu theme:
JustShxdowLel – Composed Boom, Produced Chromatics:
VamCatJay – Composed Speedway:
JerProduction – Composed Metallic Rush:
EthanTheHedgehog – Made alot of chromatics:

Doodlrl – Coder:
MasonPYT – Coder:

the_mr_someone – Coder:
Ty_1991 – Mobile Port:
ZeroXSP – Charter:
Pinkmin Fizz – Art
Undying_Star. – BG
Prime98 – Pixel Artist
Boot Mighty – Pixel Artist
shiftplox – Composer
Sega – Owner of Sonic:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. I was watching this and my battery ran out and I was like son of a bit-

  2. 9:10 guys this Is really cute why Is he sitting in all mods on horror ones and some speakers so l knew that he can sit in any item or furniture anything

  3. gotta love how cm refers suspicious content as "cute"

  4. Game over theme is the best out of the whole mod

  5. I agree with you communitygame, this is the best Sonic nod of all time

  6. The Waffle House has found it’s new house

  7. Everyone talks about how “cute” gf is, but bf straight drippin’

  8. THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART 5:34 and I’m pretty sure it’s yours too

  9. "VERY cute Gf" bro I can't 💀

    Edit: 28:53 Prey but normal

  10. I am surprised that she decided to leave the GF unchanged, in order to remove it from fashion in general

  11. Why is it your favorite sonic mod again???

  12. They ruined gf in this mod. I HATE THE SONIC OUTFIT SO MUCH.

  13. Communitygames: and something inside of me just snap-

  14. this version 2 of the mod looks really really cool and one of the good sonic mods in fnf to date

  15. welp soon whole community fnf will sure have good sleep because of rule 34

  16. Sonic es el mejor y experto en esto de cantar 😆


  18. Metal Sonic in song called "Ruined Curcuit" was sounded like fatal error

  19. 😃😅😁🤙🏻☝🏻👍🏻🤏🏻

  20. At this point I think people is joking about this sonic mod being their favorite, the joke is GF is charming everyone's heart and hypnotizing them. The mod is still good tho.

  21. The update is pretty amazing with the cutscenes and the sprites the mod itself is pretty amazing

  22. Gente al ver al gf: * aplausos de fondo *

  23. I like gf is kinda of sus🤨

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