Friday Night Funkin': VS. Sonic.EXE/Cryptallax - Undefined Demise [Ft. KraimDS] (+FLP) -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS. Sonic.EXE/Cryptallax – Undefined Demise [Ft. KraimDS] (+FLP)

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Finally, after a week of work, after accidently opening the flp on trial mode and saving it many times. It’s here, i hope you guys enjoy this one! Me and Kraim worked hard on this.

Before i even start saying anything here, the alternate mix of this will now be uploaded on @Kraimytxd’s channel instead of my alt acc.
As some of you may have heard, Lord X was banned from being used in fnf mods, so Undefined Demise was scrapped from Cryptallax. Fun Fact, i made this after i heard it was scrapped since i was busy with some other irl stuff and i couldn’t do the collab in time, since this is probably one of, if not, my favorite song from VS. Sonic.EXE, i decided to not cancel the collab and help Kraim make the song. How many songs did lord x even have in vs sonic exe jesus christ, they were milking the shit out of him. Also as some of you (the people who are watching this in the premiere or after the premiere) may have noticed, i tried making something different with the visualizer, i hope you guys like it!

Vocal FLP and Song Files –

Undefined Demise Alternate Mix –

@Kraimytxd – Mixing and Composed the beginning
@Ppl707 – Drew the pixel Faker X sprites
Mr Grook – Drew the Green Hill Zone Background in the Pixel Part
@memerst135 – Drew the Faker X, BF Sprites and the Background
@Alythings – Owner of Cryptallax
@SugarMoon1 – Made some of the effects used in the video
@uptaunt2542 – Composed the Untitled Faker X Song (Yes, Undefined Demise is a fanmade name that people gave to the song)
VS Sonic.EXE Bitcrushed – Made the Pixel Lord X lmfao
Idk who made some of the lord x fanart that appears in some parts through out the video but credits to them.

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This was made in FL Studio

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  1. Hey what happened to Kraimytxd's alternate mix of Unfinished Demise? The link is broken

  2. Me estoy describiendo a todos los que tengan cosas relacionadas sobre undefined demise y que tengas información sobre está cancion

  3. A solid track, i like the new parts, especially the new beginning though they are all pretty good, this chromatic for faker lord x is also better than og faker lord x imo

  4. Everything about this is amazing keep up the great work man

  5. i will admit, this is the first time i see somebody doing a good job on a song that dosen't just sound basic and unoriginal like the rest. good take! i liked listening to this!

    i was waiting for this, chroms are decent btw, and by decent i mean they are good
    take care, and gl

  6. This song goes hard 🔥 glad to see that you guys kept the old voice

  7. lord x should get his own black sun sometime man.. cant just leave us after that transformation part. Good song though 🔥 and great work to both of you

  8. Is the instrumental going to be released?

  9. Wait, was this song actually meant for vs sonic.exe? I honestly though it was a fan song.

  10. The EXE-esque transformation at the end is interesting. It could be taken 2 ways, that being Faker learned it from Lord X (since EXE is technically Lord X’s adopted son), or Lord X is mocking EXE. Either way great song, best version of this I’ve heard.

  11. We can use lord x for mods. It’s been announced that you can’t ban oc’s that are based of existing characters like sonic

  12. This is the only non-dissapointing fan finished song i have heard so far

  13. THIS SHIT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. GREEN MUNGUS (just some follow green mungus) says:

    Can somebody give me the sprites only frames in drive

  15. sonic looks like sum1 from ren and stimpy

  16. I like Lord X's vocals, you can sense a playful and friendly tone but there's something else you cannot define behind his intentions.

  17. 3:25 His voice changes tone during this moment, does this mean the demise is getting defined? 😀

  18. i think this is the best undefined demise version i have ever found
    banger 🔥

  19. damn really wnted the actual flp :')

    still slaps tho

  20. Hello can i use this for my mod Sonic.exe Rencored since yk the mod is cancelled and ill give u credits


  22. Yes finally a version of this song thats actually interesting and sounds comeplete. Awesome 🙂

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