Friday Night Funkin' VS Sonic.EXE - EXEternal Impactful Renditions (FNF Mod/Majin Sonic/Encore) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Sonic.EXE – EXEternal Impactful Renditions (FNF Mod/Majin Sonic/Encore)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Sonic.EXE – EXEternal Impactful Renditions (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. Let’s take a look at this Sonic.exe Exeternal: Impactful Renditions MOD.
JDogg – Owner:

This mod is an official rendition of what certain EXEternal songs or EXE songs would have looked like if they were “Finished” cause if you didn’t know by now Sonic.exe EXEternal was canceled, but I have heard a few people from the Sonic.exe EXEternal were working on this EXEternal Impactful Renditions mod so why not check it out? I really wanted to play Too Slow AWE remix &
Endeavors Remake songs. I swear I’m not here to see Majin Mommy, she’s probably a friend of sonia.exe. For some reason, encore GF wasn’t included with encore BF so I had to snitch 2 gameplay together to have her in the song. Will Boyfriend and Girlfriend defeat sonic.exe for one last time or will they be defeated? Let’s see.

Sonic.EXE Exeternal: Impactful Renditions Mod Download

VS Sonic.EXE 3.0 Mod Download | Vs Sonic.EXE 2.5 / 3.0 INCOMPLETE OFFICIAL RELEASE:


Game Note by Fleet-Dev: So many souls To play with so little time wouldn’t you agree? Please Note: that this is not a “Restored/Revival”.

Sonic.exe (also known as “X” or “exe” for short) is the titular main antagonist of the Sonic.EXE series. Sonic.EXE sends out a haunted game disc featuring the creature killing the main Sonic characters and has a lot of jumpscares.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Sonic.EXEternal Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation / Song Preview
00:47 Message
01:03 Title Screen
01:17 Menu & Freeplay Song List
01:56 1) Too Slow Song (Sonic.EXE vs BF)
02:39 Laugh
03:24 I Am God!!
04:17 He’s mad
04:29 2) You Can’t Run
04:43 Laugh
05:26 Pixel Transition
05:54 Back to normal
07:01 He’s mad
07:23 3) Endeavors Remake (Majin Sonic vs BF)
07:38 Majin US
08:01 Future (Female Majin backup dancers)
08:26 Past
09:22 I think my game is glitching up
10:13 Backup dancers
10:38 Majin bows
10:55 4) Cycles Song (Lord X vs BF) (New?)
13:43 5) Trichael Song (New?)
14:46 Lyrics 1
15:16 Lyrics 2
17:03 Lyrics 3
17:29 6) Prey Song (Furnace vs Sonic)
17:41 Dialogues & New Animation
19:39 Dialogues
20:02 VS Starved Eggman
22:14 Ending
22:26 9) Fight Or Flight Song (Starved vs Tails | New Sprites)
24:30 You can’t escape!
25:20 Sonic calling for help, he doesn’t want to end like Amy Rose
26:15 Sl4sh3r Song (SL4SH vs Mobian BF)
26:46 Lava rises
27:36 Pov
29:17 10) Chocolate Milk Song (Sunky vs BF w/ Cereal GF)
30:41 New Mechanic
32:10 11) Too Slow Encore | Awe mix (Fake Sonic vs Mobian BF)
33:32 Do you want to play? Sonic.exe Reveal
33:49 Dialogues
34:09 Dialogues
34:26 Dialogues
35:01 Pixel Transition (Best Part)
36:02 12) You Can’t Run Encore
37:00 Chasing BF all over the place
38:14 Laugh
39:09 YOU CANT HIDE & YOU CANT RUN! (Lyrics)
40:04 The end
40:19 Credit
40:24 Game Over Animations
40:50 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Sonic.EXE – EXEternal Impactful Renditions below
FNF Mod | Sonic.EXE EXEternal build | Sonic The Hedgehog:

JDogg Owner Charter
Raena Co-Director Artist
FleetDev Co-Director Coder
Zero Charter
Retr0 Coder
FanSonic99 Encore BF Icon Artist
Phill Artist For Majin Present Sprites
VoidEyedPanda – I think he made the female Majin sonic design:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ VS SONIC.EXE 2.5 / 3.0 (Starved Eggman, Curse)

FNF Lost my Mind – Sonic Vs. Xain FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/Hard) (Sonic.EXE/Fleetway)

Friday Night Funkin’ Chaos Nightmare – Sonic vs Fleetway | Phantasm Song:

FNF New Triple Trouble Reanimated & Remixed:

FNF VS SONIC.EXE Hell Reborn V2 | CANCELLED BUILD (FNF Mod/Encore) (Tails/Sonic)

FNF VS Rewrite V2 – Sonic.EXE | Trinity (FNF Mod/Sonic/Lord X)

FNF VS Tails’ Insanity Dr. Eggman (FNF Mod/Hard/Sonic)

FNF VS Secret History Tails | There’s Something About Amy DEMO

FNF VS Dorkly Sonic For Hire FULL WEEK All Swagged Up

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. Why are you playing downscroll

  2. never thought I'd see sexy majin sonic but uh. Now I have. Thanks fnf mod community

  3. When I see dancer Majin: what the frick?


  5. why not just use the sprites at the end for the beginning

  6. Sonic.exe mod developers trying not to make gf a baddie (impossible)

    (Im only partially sorry 😅)

  7. Majin does have B$#%@es after his discussion with Xenophanes.

  8. Comunity plis play mod cfmot ppppppppppplllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss

  9. Comunity plis play mod cfmot ppppppppppplllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss

  10. sonic FNF Roblox EXE🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🧠

  11. Comunity plis play mod cfmot ppppppppppplllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss

  12. não importa o quão criativo seja, Sonic tá saturado em fnf.


  14. 32:31 Am I the only one who thinks fake Sonic's vocals sound freaking beautiful?

  15. The idea of different Majins appearing to sing against you is a fun and intriguing idea.

    The versions 1, 2 and 3 of Majin from the original EXE mod being in the background is a really nice detail that supports the idea!

  16. how does this already have more views than the convict video

  17. Поздравляем! Вы нашли комментарий на русском языке!

  18. 9:22 i think i know why he's playing with downscroll. community game sussy moment again

  19. Fun Fact: 35:01 is a reference to one of awe's songs called 'Suffering Siblings' for a mod 'Pibby Apocalypse'

  20. IM SO EXCITED FOR TOO SLOW AWE TO BE ADDED, but where you cant run ghostlab

  21. This is an awesome mod. I will say I miss the original version for cycles, it was much more menacing. I do understand changing it up though since it is a remake and they wanted to make it fresh.

  22. How my gosh the original one is part of the mod!?!! That is so cool I loved the voice line of furnace sonic

  23. Ini iiiiiiiiioooooooooggggggggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuu😂❤

  24. Hey dude. Can you play the Hybrid Shitpost mod? That mod is seriously a great mod and also a Turkish mod.

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