Friday Night Funkin' vs Sonic.exe Rewrite is NIGHTMARES -

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Sonic.exe Rewrite is NIGHTMARES

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Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Rewrite (Sonic.exe) Mairusu Gameplay and Reaction! In this FNF Mod video we face the Sonic.exe character known as “Rewrite”. Rewrite is a original take on the infamous Sonic.exe creepypasta that rewrites the game every time you play it. Here Boyfriend faces Sonic.Rewrite and other Sonic.exe characters in a rap battle for his life…

This fnf mod features a whole new story and new week with 2 songs being “Thriller”, “Trinity”, and the secret cancelled/ unfinished song “Chaotic Evil”.

play and download the mod yourself here –

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  1. Can you watch happy Abi it’s a creepy pasta

  2. If you pay attention to rewrite when he is in your face he has a red rings on his arms and on his leg. Those red rings might be from the people he got to

  3. 9:37 This has to be the best part of the mod

    There is a secret gameover animation at the part were Rewrite starts speaking to the player.

  4. there is 2 vertions. a little thing to say

  5. If you didn’t know what he was saying he was saying “See you next time…”

  6. I like the voice line for rewrite

  7. Can u play the sonic speedfunk mod fnf

  8. 3:57
    I swear I heard a Hall of the Mountain King reference there right before the song sped up.

  9. I JUST REALIZED THIS ONES DIFFRENT particularly at the end

  10. Just saying that at the end of trinity, Rewrite said "See you next tiiiiime…"

  11. Glad you played the mod, its very cool and i love the art designs 🙂

  12. He's saying see u next time at the end of the song :p

  13. @6:50 when this Sonic. exe has become your worst nightmare! Literally he would haunt you in your dreams!

  14. HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA! Let's play a game you can your favorite thing. This cliche nevers dies. You can't run and you can't hide! Let your spirit leave your body! I AM GOD! and your nobody! I will take you to me world, and I'll leave you without word, hide n, seek! Can't you see! Bf is nothing for me! You're the one I'm looking for through the screen, I can see more! Play the notes! It's so fun! Sonic loves to see you run, from a fate you won't escape! WHEN YOU DIE! WE MEET AGAIN! SEE YOU NEXT TIME!

  15. Tbh I absolutely love the references in the mod

    That one classical song used for a dramatic build up of stupidity in cartoons nowadays (don't remember the name.) In thrillergen, Smoke In The Water in Xeno's section (SONIC.EXE), Execution/Cycles in Lord X's section, and then Interstellar Retribution in the pixel part of Trinity, I love all of it lol

  16. Sorry if somebody has already said this, but at the end of the song he says "see you next time"

  17. The sprites especially rewrite reminds me of both a mix of sonic schoolhouse and sonic blast as well as the end of trinity looks like something form sonic 1 master system or sonic 1 game gear

  18. That is a good creepy sonic. No blood, no teeth, just a dark atmosphere to creep you out.

  19. 13:17 even with this scary game, Mairusu continues to vibe well with this jam!

  20. how do i play it?? i have the mod downloaded but theres no application for it

  21. He said and I quote: “See you Next Time”

  22. So fun Fact:
    The end of Trinity where its you looking at Pixel Rewrite is based on that melody alone a Reference to Interstellar Retribution, which if you've been part of the Undertale Community might be familiar to you if you've seen Disbelief Papyrus. There it was the phase 1 music

  23. I got an fnf mod you should play that you played a while ago fnf hell reborn got an update

  24. Ay I'm glad u play on fnf content again! It's been a long time. Also are u comfortable the keybinds that I recommended u 1 month ago?

  25. 12:09 There is also another death scene where he starts talking when he is one-on-one with you(lyrical part), where when you die, they put a red ring on his left leg.

  26. There's a secret death in the part you were talking about. The red ring that bf turns into goes on his leg

  27. If rewrite is stomping thats means hes not angry he just wanna play

  28. Sorry I was late for this video u the best and make more of this amazing content 🙂 ❤

  29. He said "see you next time" at the end of trinity

  30. Hey Mairusu, you should play the Tom's basement v2 mod. There's so many songs in it now

  31. 11:23 if you hear closely, you can hear him say "see you next time…"

  32. I love how Rewrite waves off BF in thriller gen, it's like he's saying "You don't want to play my mod?, How about you go play something else."

  33. hey.
    you should try out the mod that came out almost 2 months ago
    its called vs no more innocence
    its a jokeware mod that acts like a virus
    basically what it does is change your wallpaper and mouse speed

  34. Are you planning on playing impostor v4?

  35. Does Mairusu need to get his ears checked? It clearly says "See you next time" while disappearing 😛

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