Friday Night Funkin' vs Sonic.exe Rewrite is NIGHTMARES -

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Sonic.exe Rewrite is NIGHTMARES

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Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Rewrite (Sonic.exe) Mairusu Gameplay and Reaction! In this FNF Mod video we face the Sonic.exe character known as “Rewrite”. Rewrite is a original take on the infamous Sonic.exe creepypasta that rewrites the game every time you play it. Here Boyfriend faces Sonic.Rewrite and other Sonic.exe characters in a rap battle for his life…

This fnf mod features a whole new story and new week with 2 songs being “Thriller”, “Trinity”, and the secret cancelled/ unfinished song “Chaotic Evil”.

play and download the mod yourself here –

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  1. Lemme clarify: At the end of Trinity, Rewrite (or X, if my theory is correct) says "See you next time". Certainly creepy.

  2. Oh lord, I’m a big fan of mods like this, where they go from sideview to front view, Like Backslash, from the scrapped exe build, I would love to see more stuff like that, it just eases into the horrific atmosphere, and the fact that Rewrite becomes Self aware in Trinity makes it all the more better

  3. For those Wondering: Exe, Majin and Lord X was never here in the song, as Rewrites gimmick is to lore you shifting into people or characters you saw. So in Bfs case. Having battling Exe characters so much Rewrite shuffles through them and trying to lower his guard.
    As for the movement in the song, he's showing us the player that he's not bound to FnF rules, he's not standing in place because he has to, he's letting you think that he's like the others.

  4. if you lost when rewrite was facing in front of you you would get a new death scene.

  5. When will you ever play seek's cool deltarune friday night funkin mod?

  6. He took your title of "Someone". He seems to like doing that.

  7. At the end I think he says see you next time.

  8. Day 3 of asking Mairusu to play fnf vs imposter b4 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  9. The thing about Rewrite is that he's supposedly an A.I that disguises itself as Sonic, he's capable of adapting to the player's mind and as the game progresses he becomes more self-aware, and when you lose to him, your soul turns into a red ring, which Rewrite takes for himself.
    and regarding the presence of Majin, Xeno and Lord X, they're either just Rewrite morphing into them because he knows they're very iconic so he's showing you something you're already familiar with to lure you in, or if you look closely at him after he walks up to you during Trinity, he's already got 3 rings on him, so he's either shapeshifting into Majin, Xeno and Lord X or he's somehow controlling them like puppets, or he just killed the 3 and can now assimilate them.

  10. I know the Imposter mod is almost 3 hours, but it took the devs 16 months of constant work to complete. You really should play it, there's a lot of great songs in the mod too

  11. The reason that BF turns into a ring when is because Rewrite takes his soul

  12. Yeah the unused song was Basically Majin (Encore version) Vs Rewrite (Honestly the scariest imo) but It was banger tho!

  13. Question for Mairusu and possibly the audience: Who do you think is the scariest exe? I find Rewrite quite creepy

  14. Could you please play the Spooky's Saturday Scare mod?

  15. I always look at lord x in this mod and think it’s really good, until I see those freakin teeth 💀

  16. Mairusu do more fnia pls 🙏 I love the episode

  17. Rewrite is so good! I get Egyptian and Circus vibes from it….I don't know if it's the soundfonts or instruments, it's great watching you play it ☺️☺️

    The 3D models are fantastic and the music is like banging.

  18. The one thing I love about this mod is its illusion of 3D, this honestly feels like a 3d fnf game

  19. If your going to play fnf vs imposter v4 I think you should split it into different parts hopefully this video gets 5k likes

  20. rewrite at the end of the song trinity is saying see you next time

  21. I love the 3D art style they went in this mod I can’t wait to see what else they do with the mod, and your reactions of course are always a joy! Also your sprites in my mod are lookin goofy AF!!

  22. Hey Mairusu, I’ve been a really great fan of you for years now and I’ve got something to say to you. It’s been on my mind for a really long time now and I only feel comfortable telling you. (Following for Mairusu’s eyes only) Ur sus bro lol

  23. You haven't played wednesday infidelity 2.0 and dave and bambi 3.0

  24. he says see you next time, also another mod i would recommend is tom's basement, it is almost as good as vs sonic.exe as i might say myself

  25. Been 4 months and he still hasn’t finished mistful crimson morning, let alone touch mods like Wednesday’s infidelity V2, hotline 024 and more, like I don’t really like how kid friendly mairusu is now a days but can he at least play things most people are expecting him to play and not do the 20th video on alphabet lore or my singing monsters, or heck, at least finish the stuff you started to play on the channel

  26. At the end he says "See you next time" so probably they intend on adding more stuff in a future

  27. at the end of trinity rewrite says "SEE YOU NEXT TIME!"

  28. Wait, you haven't played Vs Impostor V4 yet? I never noticed.
    5k likes is a long way..

    Boyfriend and Rewrite's voice were very likely made with UTAU/Vocaloid, evidenced by how the notes slide.

    I like how Sonic.exe shifts his foot in the idle like Sonic does in Sonic Advance.

    "Boyfriend is nothing to me" implies that Rewrite wasn't talking to Boyfriend, but the player controlling him.

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