Friday Night Funkin' VS Spooky Jumpscare Mansion + ImScared (Spooky's Saturday Scare) (FNF Mod/Her) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Spooky Jumpscare Mansion + ImScared (Spooky’s Saturday Scare) (FNF Mod/Her)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Spooky Jumpscare Mansion (Spooky’s Saturday Scare FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. Team Lizord – Submitter:

This actually took longer to record than Imposter V4, I guess the puzzles and riddles in this mod slowed me down. So Daddy Dearest is back again to cause some trouble and has decided to send Girlfriend into the endless Spooky mansion in hopes Boyfriend will follow her and get himself killed. BF will face many enemies from Spooky’s Jump Scare such as Specimen 9 Boss, Cardboard, White Face, Spooky, Her, & Specimen 14 & The Unknown Specimen 1 (secret song). Will Bf and Gf be able to get out alive or will the specimens defeat them?

Spooky Jumpscare Mansion Mod Download:

Game Note: Daddy Dearest sent GF to the Mansion on the Hill in hopes that BF enters looking for her and dies from the monsters within. But he underestimates the power BF has with his singing and turns out all the monsters in the building are forced to rap with him in order to kill him.

Do you think you have what it takes to brave Spooky and her plethora of enemies in Spooky’s Saturday Scare?

1 NEW Tutorial song
A Story Week Consisting of 4 Songs
4 Bonus Freeplay Songs

Based on Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion / ImScared a pixelated nightmare

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ Spooky’s Saturday Scare Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation / Song Preview
00:44 Intro
00:50 Title Screen
00:58 Menu
01:14 Animation 1
02:19 1) Chills Song (Spooky vs BF)
02:27 Giggle
02:39 Jumpscare 1
03:00 Jumpscare 2
03:17 Dialogue
03:49 Jumpscare 3
05:07 Door Cutscene 1
05:16 2) Full Body Amp (VS Specimen 9)
05:54 To take the dead
06:02 Dodge (normal)
06:14 Dodge (x3)
06:48 To take the dead
06:58 To take the dead (Long Ver.)
07:30 To take the dead
07:45 Dodge (Delay)
08:25 Door Cutscene 2
08:33 3) Septicemia
08:53 He Appears
09:12 Both on screen
10:36 To take the dead
11:37 Animation 2
11:58 4) Antagonized (Specimen 14 vs BF w/ Slushie GF)
12:44 Axe BF
15:45 Cat-Dos (Freeplay)
16:02 5) Mansion Song (GF calls BF)
18:45 6) Cutout Song (VS Specimen 1)
20:56 Cardboard falls down
21:09 7) Rigor Chorus (VS Spooky)
23:14 8) Off the goop (VS Specimen 2?)
24:00 Drinking Mechanic
25:42 Phase 2
26:50 Explode
27:12 Animation 3
27:43 Tutorial 1/2
29:06 Checking error report
29:28 Hint
29:36 Animation 4
30:20 Tutorial 2/2
31:16 Moving Heart
32:02 What is my name? (Secret Video)
33:00 Decoding
33:43 Entering Name
34:20 9) ImScared (VS Whiteface | Comments are saying White Face & HER are the same person)
36:07 Full Body of Her
37:11 She dies
38:13 End
38:30 All Songs Memo
40:40 Credit
41:17 Gallery
41:52 Best Part of the video
44:13 Secret Jumpscare
45:05 Options
45:10 What if you delete Wario?
45:28 All Logo Easter Eggs (Super rare)
46:23 Pause Theme
46:52 All Game Over Animations
50:01 All Game Over Dialogues
52:20 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for Spooky’s Saturday Scare below :
TheOsSloth – Director and Extra Tiny Bits!

legole0 – Main Programmer and Charting:

DubztepUniverze – Sprites and BGs

TheiMP0509 – BG Artist, Other Art:

DistopTF2 – Sprite Artist, Other Art:

Shammah – Art:

CelestialResort – BG:

Gagato – Game Over Art:

Poyo – Game Over Art:

Korean Nooby – Sprite Artist:

Mari_chan – Sketches and Promo Art:

Red Robin – Gallery and Misc:

TME – 3D Assets:

MayCReal – 3D Assets:





Extra Peeps
Diomana – Video Editor:
Jack-0_ – Animator for 9 Boss:

TackSFM – Visualizers and Chromatics:

RaiGuyyy – Voice Actor:

Spookynova – Voice Actor:

Ness – Play Testing:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

FNF Saturday Fatality, D-Sides Wednesday’s Infidelity

FNF Trepidation 1.5 FULL WEEK, VS Jeff The Killer/Gold/Slenderman/Lullaby

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. Oh, I heard the reference to The Living Tombstone song. It was Integrated very skillfullu

  2. Tankman & Spooky are going to be great duo for Trolling Bf: 👍

  3. the backwards text in full body amputation (5:16) Specimen 9 Says "were subjects as For More gain to seemed LABS GL By Dismant Killed Contained to Hard Deemed" (7:04) And Then The "TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN" part.

  4. I like the mod, specimen 14 song most, I know who he actually is.

  5. the artstyle of this mod is absolutely amazing. I don't know what to say, I'm just amazed

  6. 50:29 sent that to ant youtuber who was watched brawl stars invest in future because there was morse code in bs video and they can decode that too

  7. With the 11:58 part you put and the last part I thought “slushy gf” ment she turned into a slushy

  8. How can Bf sing and dodge at the same time?

  9. the songs JUST. GOT. BTTER.

    also, i assure you many kids will go "They turned spooky's saturday funking FNF renovation into its own game?!??!"

  10. the game that inspired doors now has a mod

  11. I still don’t agree with axe bf because it’s the main protagonist of the game (in one ending you become a specimen that is what that part is referring to)

  12. Well I be super duper darned plus it's very long though

  13. bro i was watching this bro i had two things on my mind these two things were dating the ghost or that white woman but ok i choose the ghost and cuter😏

  14. I guess all I could say is that about time, there's a mod for Spooky's Jump-scare Mansion

  15. If you dont play the original game specimen 14 is the protagonist in the bad ending

  16. I got a good mod for you to show case It is called the golden one v2 it is really good with a story

  17. Oh I love Spooky's.

    And the game overs are actually good in this one.

    6:59 Yep. This is my new favorite mod. Definitely.

  18. i remember Spooky Jumpscare Mansion i watched 5 years

  19. 스푸키 게임 정말 좋아하는데 I'm scared 이 부분이 굉장히 취향 저격임 대박 여태 한 모드, 본 모드 중 제일 잘 만들었다고 생각함

  20. This all started because of a flash game that took less than two day to make.

  21. Been a while since I have seen a spooky thing.
    Always love to see her again.
    She is an adorable bean.

  22. Rule 34 artists when seeing whiteface:

  23. 5:06 DAMD spooky go roasting the player ☠️ also very funny ,I like her style

  24. The Lean Specimen became Spy TF2??!?!?

  25. Starlight The Princess Sundrops wife (Troll acc) says:


  26. This is all so cool and well made.
    This mod is awesome.

  27. Specimen 14’s Song really does describe the idea of: “A man who lost both his sanity and freedom to Bloodlust”

  28. 3:11 I'll be honest, during the game you can probably twitch because of surprise, but looking at this, it's predictable + as for me, the screamers look like Tricky's road signs.

  29. I can see 2 different faces on the "You >💩"
    One is a one eyed big happy face, facing towards you
    The other is a more angry one with two eyes, facing more to the bottom right

  30. well, we learned something new
    never delete wario wario from your pc.

  31. 3:17 I like that the motif of the song
    from "the living tombstone" starts sounding in the cutscene of the game and then humming it

  32. Main charter for the mod here
    This mod came out while I was visiting Pennsylvania (I'm still here) happy to see you cover the mod
    Maybe you should cover the other mods team lizord has released 🙂
    We poured our hearts and souls into this so I'm glad you liked it

  33. I did specimen 9 boss
    Give me your love to me communitygames

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