Friday Night Funkin' vs Yoshi AND vs Luigi (FULL WEEKS) -

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Yoshi AND vs Luigi (FULL WEEKS)

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FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ vs Yoshi and vs LUIGI (Luigi’s Mansion theme FNF music) Mario Rebooted community mod Friday Night Funkin’ games mod full week playthrough BF vs Mario Luigi Tails (Luigi is like TAILS from Sonic, with Mario and Luigi Tails Sonic friends!)!! Amazing Mario Friday Night Funkin’ Music using Mario songs, Mario 64, Super Mario World, and more!! There are funny Mario mods, funny retro Mario mods, girlfriend/ GF is kidnapped and Peach is kidnapped by Bowser! Can Mario and BF save GF?

What if Mario and Luigi had Minecraft TNT? –

Super Mario Party ALL MINIGAMES!! (Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach) –

What if Super Mario had Custom Goombas? –

#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #Mario

Intro Friday Night Funkin’ vs Yoshi AND vs Luigi (FULL WEEKS) – 0:00
Opening Cutscenes – 0:06
Friday Night Funkin’ vs Luigi (Luigi’s Mansion Theme FNF) – 0:59
Yoshi Cutscenes – 2:40
Friday Night Funkin’ vs Yoshi (Song 1) – 3:43
Yoshi Cutscene + Elmo – 5:26
Friday Night Funkin’ vs Yoshi (Song 2) – 6:02
Final Yoshi Cutscene + Elmo – 7:37
Friday Night Funkin’ vs Yoshi (Song 3) – 8:08
Thank You for Watching – 10:39


  1. OMG I LIKE THAT MARIO IS IN FNF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. in that mod there s a waluigi week but u don t have it.

  3. You are the best youtuber ever

  4. Mario: Calm down, luigi! You’re an expert at escaping these types of places! Luigi: You’re right! I can get us out of here! Just follow along with me!

  5. Friday funkin knight Mario and Luigi vs Sonic and Shadow from team battles too type this on win

  6. I can do the Yoshi voice too. I really like Yoshi's faces. You should do Toad for FNF.

  7. You play Friday night funkin Mario games too? That's great!

  8. These songs feel like I could play them on piano.

  9. When is the luigis manshin video going to come out?

  10. You should try Mario's Madness! It's based on Mario Creepypastas and other Mario media like old YouTube animations.

  11. Zxmany I feel like you should play cat Mario because it is different

  12. Enrique Bonilla juanteddy1234 my birthday is soon says:

    Okay we hope The next future video see next fnf mod is Mario madness other Mario mod but scary

  13. Enrique Bonilla juanteddy1234 my birthday is soon says:

    we’re back in Mario. Rebooted mod!

  14. How about you try making a mod for Mario and Sonic

  15. I think There's a version MOD like that but With Kirby

  16. JB'sCreativityProductions2022 🏖️🌞 says:

    I like how Boyfriend sounds like Tim the bear from the Cleveland show XD

  17. The yoshi theme was yoshis island

  18. Challenge: Which Side Is Harder? 1V3 Mario Party Superstars Version

    0:00 intro
    0:08 Mario,Luigi,BF Dialogue
    1:02 Luigi’s Mansion OST
    2:51 Yoshi,Bf,Mario Dialogue
    3:17 Mario just broke the 4th wall!
    3:43 Flower Garden!
    LETS GO!
    5:28 Yoshi,Bf Dialogue
    6:04 Underground Theme
    6:30 When ZXMany is a Lego Falling off
    7:39 Yoshi, Bf, Mario Dialogue
    8:11 Spikey-Stroll
    10:36 Outro
    You know what else would be insane?

    WHAT IF ZxMany was turned into a FNF Mod?

  20. This was a really cool Friday night Funkin Mario video you should do more videos where you play more of the songs the Yoshi and Luigi songs were really good also this video was really funny the part where yo she said we have to defeat Elmo got me laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅 This is a really good Friday night Funkin mod I’m a big super Mario fan so this is good for me anyways enjoyed this video bye-bye

  21. Everything about this was so cool, the dialogues, the graphics and of course the music!
    1:07 Nice reference to 3D World with that haunted sofa in the background!
    2:53 The Weegee wanted poster in the background is a really nice extra detail.
    3:48 Oh hi Boshi, long time no see since you're unfortunately only in Super Mario RPG!

  22. It’s really easy to get a heart from Zxmany. But for me, it’s kinda hard

  23. Is origami king going to come back? I love them

  24. ZXMany, You sound so much like Manx Ninja Pig!

  25. I'm so glad to see you playing more FNF ZXMany!! If you want a suggestion for FNF mods, then I REALLY suggest Friday Night Funkin: Indie Cross. It's very very good. It's basically a mod that crosses over with 3 different indie games that you like!😉. I would Really love to see you play this one, and I'm sure others will too! It's really funny and I really think you'd like it.

  26. I am using my moms computer and I love ur vids

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