Friday Night Funkin' WEEK 8 - (Full Week & Cutscenes) -

Friday Night Funkin’ WEEK 8 – (Full Week & Cutscenes)

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Friday Night Funkin’ WEEK 8 – (Full Week & Cutscenes)

00:00 Main Menu
00:24 1st Cutscene
01:51 1st Song “Darnell”
04:11 2nd Song “Lit Up”
06:08 3rd Song “2hot”
08:11 4th Song “Blazin”
10:17 2nd Cutscene
11:01 Final Score


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  1. I’m gonna be honest this does not sound good 💀

  2. I wish Cory would come back to play FNF, I miss his videos
    0:28 What type of vending machine is that? lol

  3. Their fight at the end is 100% inspired by Simon vs. Anti spiral in Gurren Lagann

  4. We got a new fnf update before gta 6💀

  5. I just have noticed that they used the playable pico (miss sprites)

  6. 8:23 imagine if in that part were boyfriend an it use the unused animations (dodge, attack, preattack, etc)

  7. This ain’t week 8 it’s the weekend

  8. you tell bros rusty from the weeks not coming out

  9. why did they make darnells laugh a part of pico's charting?

  10. It's not really Week 8 it's WeekEnd 1 I don't get why people think it's Week 8

  11. Me waiting for week 8:🙂
    Me still waiting:😐
    Me still waiting:💀
    Me when week 8 finally comes out:😆


  13. They dindt lied about pico as playable Character

  14. I think Nene will kill Boyfriend by her self in incoming week

  15. The cutscenes are everything to me 😭😭😭✨✨✨

  16. I wont lie the songs are great and the animations. Only problem I have with it is the charting on the songs. Just feels it cant keep up with whats going on.

  17. Wow- Only 3 Freakin Years For The Week? TBH, That Be Short! Sure, 3 Years, But- WOW!

  18. Imagine how many betacius and covers we'll make out of this!

  19. This isn't week 8 this is weekend 1 but whatever you wanna call it

  20. Just realized this in normal difficulty don’t think I can’t see the difference🧠😶‍🌫️🧐

  21. I mean, a part of me is frustrated that this took so long, but… yeah, I can kinda see why this took so long.

  22. Can’t wait for the fnf covers now “but everyone sings”

  23. You guess they’re still working on it after all

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