Friday Night Funkin' Week 8 Leak... (FNF week 8 update) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Week 8 Leak… (FNF week 8 update)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Week 8 Leak! The FNF Week 8 update finally has been teased by the official Friday Night Funkin’ Developers, and they have leaked 2 new songs for the new “Erect Difficulty” being the remixes of “South” and “Dad Battle”, along with showing off all new art work for what could be to do with week 8, or something to do with the upcoming cover for the Friday Night Funkin’ Album and the FNF Week 8 release date being in early 2022. Ninja Muiffin, Phantom Arcade, and Kawaiisprite has revealed the two new FNF erect remixes that will possibly come with the week 8 update, or when the full game is released. Either way it’s great to finally get some official Friday Night Funkin’ news after what feels like so long since Tankman and Friday Night Funkin’ Week 7…

our Friday Night Funkin’ playlist (FNF weeks, mods and more!) –

South (ERECT Remix) – Friday Night Funkin’ OST –
Dadbattle (ERECT Remix) – Friday Night Funkin’ OST –

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  1. Spookeez was already a hard week imagine week 4 and week 7

  2. The erect songs are so goddamn good you can literally make the charting on your own

  3. I don’t usually like remixes, but these are an exception

  4. I think bf is holding the rings from triple trouble

  5. When will you come back to FNiA?🥺🥺🥺

  6. Almost over a year also I forgot about this game also from weekly new “weeks” to yearly

  7. He has a song quiz coming up,and bought the classic lifesaver,yet they changed the wrapper.

  8. Yo daddy dearest trying to get the sour lime lifesaver from bf what

  9. I know what it is!

    It's clearly a Lifesavers candy, no questions

  10. God I haven’t seen this sense he did his original fnia cloud novel series

    God he hasn’t changed one bit still very energetic and decently funny
    Though he definitely has his channel directed more at children now

  11. I think the full game is gonna have 30 weeks in total, seeing how after Week 7 we are told that there will be 20 new weeks [likely there will be an increment in that figure] and that is a gonna be so hype, it could blow the world up!!

  12. South was the best song of the (base) game, but then the Dad Battle remix dropped. I still like the chart someone made for it because it’s a bit harder, but the Dad Battle remix has taken the throne for fire music leader.

  13. there is a mod for the update aka for this song and more

  14. 3:12 oh my god boyfriend is holding robux 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  15. You should play ben drowned mod Mic of time its a new one that came out and its awesome 👍

  16. Oh bro that's a candy ring definitely some people may say it's a CON- jk but we all know it is one

  17. Can they not just make a game WITHOUT the innuendos? =w= I mean, come on! I get that the rating is T for Teen, but this is just dumb in my opinion with all the lewdities and suggestive content.

    Awesome beats however. Sounds really sick, so props to the team for what they’re cooking up. ;3 Have a great one, Mairusu! Can’t wait to watch ya play this new week and new mode!

  18. Boyfriend is absolutely not holding a condom, he in fact holding a ticket to Tanacon.

  19. Wrong Answers Only:What’s Boyfriend Holding?

  20. Bro it’s gonna be awesome getting more official fnf content again


  22. Mairusu's room is like one of those "name a single item in this picture" things.

  23. Bro that thing bf is holding is a sonic ring packed in a plastic thingy

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