Friday Night Funkin' Week 8 Leak... (FNF week 8 update) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Week 8 Leak… (FNF week 8 update)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Week 8 Leak! The FNF Week 8 update finally has been teased by the official Friday Night Funkin’ Developers, and they have leaked 2 new songs for the new “Erect Difficulty” being the remixes of “South” and “Dad Battle”, along with showing off all new art work for what could be to do with week 8, or something to do with the upcoming cover for the Friday Night Funkin’ Album and the FNF Week 8 release date being in early 2022. Ninja Muiffin, Phantom Arcade, and Kawaiisprite has revealed the two new FNF erect remixes that will possibly come with the week 8 update, or when the full game is released. Either way it’s great to finally get some official Friday Night Funkin’ news after what feels like so long since Tankman and Friday Night Funkin’ Week 7…

our Friday Night Funkin’ playlist (FNF weeks, mods and more!) –

South (ERECT Remix) – Friday Night Funkin’ OST –
Dadbattle (ERECT Remix) – Friday Night Funkin’ OST –

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  1. Erect remixes for all the songs possibly?
    Oh, wait, week 7 and week 4 erect remixes….. I just realize how difficult that will be

  2. Boyfriend sounds the best boyfriend ascends he learned from tankman its been 6 months ago

  3. if you need a real cool mod .. check Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix.

    its a fnf mod with smb graphics/sprites … it has 4 songs.

  4. NO WAY

    Edit: rn there is 666 comments no cap.

  5. DUDE BRING BACK THE MINECRAFT VISUAL NOVELS BY MAKING YOUR OWN! you should contact a creater of a Minecraft visual novel but I really recommend that you contact the creator of the Minecraft a science failure!

  6. Took them long enough, I thought the game was dead

  7. Boyfriend holding the Green Apple or Watermelon Lifesaver

  8. I hope they release the update on February 2, 2022 which occurs on Tuesday aka the twos day

  9. @mairusu can you play a ben drowned mod? It's call Mic of time

  10. Man can't wait for week 8

    Hope I will be a playable character(probably won't happen)

  11. wait so that means maybe the week 8 will come out near my brithday? SWEET!

  12. What I’m guessing is we are possibly gonna get like a Halloween week because BF has candy and a bag so that’s what I think

  13. Mairusu they stole your thumbnail and put it on a hoodie

  14. I think there at a mall cause gf is sitting on a vending machine and I think bf has a ring in there hand.

  15. Why bf holding a donut? (I know what it actually is)

  16. i think its best if we dont tell you what bf is holding

  17. I thing is gonna be mommy mearest true form becuse that hand nail have the same color and long thing just like mommy mearest

  18. Hello marirusu. And by the way I watch some of your videos

  19. So FnF will cost money? I can buy it on steam or what?

  20. Hey the Funkin expo launched a day or two ago ^^! You should record your reaction it's about a hour long! a lot fo cool mods appeared and it could give you a good idea on what mods you can play or look out for next!

  21. I think BF has a tiket because he want to join the multiplayer to show how pro he is. ( I THINK )

  22. The album cover is prob for week 2. Seems like they’re trick-or-treating

  23. you shouldn't call this a week 8 update, they're focusing on releasing the full game

  24. I remember watching you months ago! Im back to watch you again

  25. I don’t think the vending machine is daddy dearest, I’m mean how can he fix inside. Maybe it’s like an entity similar to lemon demon I don’t know that’s my game theory.

  26. This is getting exciting. Mods alone proved that this game is really crazy, so I am starting to imagine what the full thing has in store.

  27. I wonder what a offical remix of monster and winter-horrorland would sound like.

  28. cant believe this is the man that made fnia…


  30. All I can say: these songs improved majorly

    And ALOT more difficult

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