FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' (WeekEnd 1) Secrets, Easter Eggs, References, and Characters -

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ (WeekEnd 1) Secrets, Easter Eggs, References, and Characters

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Wake up babe! New FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ Update just dropped!!

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  1. There is a small detail you missed: The name of the 'boss theme' that is being remixed for that guitar portion is called: "Talkin' Smack/Talking Smack" . I just want that as a single alone, it's one of my favorite little guitar loops and that is by far my FAVORITE rendition of that loop.

  2. As someone who grew up right outside philly I almost wish there was more direct references to it in this, but its still cool that its taking place there.

  3. cant wait another three years to actually get week 8!

  4. You missed an easter egg; when you idle in freeplay, you get two different animationa
    the TV one, in specific, has different audio tracks from newgrounds cartoons that will play faintly
    In the game files, they're all named the IDS for the movies themselves in NG

  5. The game has become extremely popular now with the song Blazin’ and especially 2hot. On top of that, the mod Silly Billy released! The absolute PEAK of Friday Night Funkin’!

  6. there's another secret you missed in the freeplay menu. if you wait long enough, bf eventually starts watching tv, and i think most of what he watches are newgrounds references

  7. Wait- I share birthday with the creator of NewGrounds????????????

  8. Something I noticed pretty quickly is that some of the frames/poses in the cutscene following "Blazin'" where Pico and Darnell are really going at it, are definitely a reference to the final brawl between Simon and the Anti-Spiral in the second Gurren Lagann movie.

  9. I hope fnf makes a reference to There She Is!! for one of the weeks. It's such a unique series that's a part of new grounds history

  10. One long video on Nene & Darnell easy, makes it more of a worth while watch in my eyes.

  11. I joined 4 fandoms while waiting for this update

  12. u forgot if you wait long enough in freeplay menu daddy dearest will appear behind boyfriend

  13. This is crazy we got a review by left thumbs for weekend before dead estate update 😔

  14. 8:28 character development over 25 years tends to end up with the characters learning some morals lol

  15. 3:05 keep that to yourself, that dreaded Nintendo sees and hears everything

  16. 7:35 definitely would prefer a longer video for both Nene and Darnell

  17. You missed one thing when you are low health nene starts to raise her knife, preparing to throw it at you

  18. 1:55 I remember watching your vids years ago and seeing the dead estate promotion parts. I can’t believe how much you have grown since I’ve seen your vids

  19. I would love to see you do one of these on cassandra!!!

  20. I think a video on a couple of Picos School characters would be awesome, Darnell, Nene, and maybe even Cassandra or some other picos characters! Like a Pico side character video. (Also if Pico and Darnells nose wipe fight thing is a DBZ reference I wouldn’t be surprised, Dave (Phantom Arcade) Loves DBZ)

  21. I like the small detail in WeekEnd where if your about to die Nene holds up her knife, readying to throw it. I just like that small detail.

  22. If I was born back then darnel would have burned my ass up and Des Moines

  23. I've seen the update a bit overshadowed by the massive Mario's Madness mod released 2 months ago. Though that's not to discredit a lot of the amazing stuff this update did! The new tracks are all great and the QoL improvements are all really appreciated.

    It's also really nice to have some harder songs in the base game, thanks to the modding community, 4-8 minute songs with much harder and faster tracks have kinda become a normality with some of them even adding additional gimmicks to them as well. The base game was, for lack of a better word, comically easy compared to anything else you were seeing. Even week 8.

    The erect difficulty is more on par with tracks you'd find in a lot 2023 and 2024 mods and I'm sure it's really nice for people who've been engaged in the community a long time between updates.

  24. In regards to Darnell and nene, I personally would love the longer video. your longer essay-esque videos always keep me company when I want to expand my gaming knowledge

  25. You say including an animated cutscene "proves those mods can't replace the original" as if countless mods haven't already done the same thing before 😅

  26. The trans rights thing makes me feel uncomfortable.

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