Friday Night Funkin' - Whitty & BF Duo vs Small Whitty (Fun Sized) - Full Week [Hard] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Whitty & BF Duo vs Small Whitty (Fun Sized) – Full Week [Hard]

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0:50 Lo-Fight
3:00 Overhead
5:30 Ballistic

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  1. why is whitty standing with BF and vs he's own kind XD LOL

  2. This one is Marcos do Brancoala

  3. If they do the exact things in your head you are noticed that it doesn't matter how many other ways are the same peopled their children
    But this doesn't work at my own level

  4. Whitty before:
    Leave me alone

    Whitty today:
    Leave us alone

  5. Why does bf look terrified he is almost the same highty

  6. Ay did whitty ask him to be hes bro?

  7. Boyfriend tryna satay on whitty back on ballistic is so funny lol

  8. I thought he was the little guys big bro

  9. Finally! BF can stop taunting Whitty around about some rap battling and actually be helpful to him for once.

  10. Boyfriend is fighting for his life to hold on the whitty lol

  11. The fact that little whitty is already ballistic

  12. I am not sure what you mean by the way that the other person said that I was going through a phase of depression

  13. Worthy supposed to battle on a tiny version of him😂

  14. Tiny one is so cute❤ i just want to hug it❤

  15. I watch this before and i watch the talking one😅 yep that is the one i watch but talking you're still confused it's a different one

  16. I'm going to go on the next video see you

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