Frostbite WITH LYRICS | Friday Night Funkin' Hypno's Lullaby Mod Vocal Cover [CHRISTMAS SPECIAL] -

Frostbite WITH LYRICS | Friday Night Funkin’ Hypno’s Lullaby Mod Vocal Cover [CHRISTMAS SPECIAL]

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Both Red and Gold’s voices were created with Synthesizer V Studio Pro, using the Kevin voicebank. I do not own the gameplay shown in this video, nor do I own Frostbite.

Merry Christmas!

Frostbite MIDI creator(Thank you!):

Game footage by:

0:46 song
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  1. Where's the SpongeBob version of this?

  2. 1:43 “But right now it’s so cold, I can’t go on. STRUGGLE through the snow, let the battle rage, set the stage for the SONGs of PERISH we sing. Take a breath and split the pain, mother can you hear my dying words echoing through the wind robbing me of my life? Suddenly I’m left with no choice but to die to FROSTBITE!”

    Red: “But right now it’s so cold, I can’t go on. STRUGGLE through the snow, let the battle rage, set the stage for the SONGs of PERISH we sing. Take a breath and split the pain. Now you realize, you’ve no choice but to die, on the mountain high, FROSTBITE.”

    That hits different, tell me that ain’t bars.

  3. im late to the party but i noticed when Gold/Ethan Tells Typhlosion to run Away it Disobeys Wich is a nice refference to the pokemon games where if you try to release your starter it comes back with a message saying [Typhlosion was worried about you and came Back]

    nice touch if that was intentonial

  4. every time the pikachu bites itself i imagine it has an itch lmao.

  5. I'm surprised this doesn't have more views, it's amazing. If it weren't for the description I wouldn't have known that the voices were done by AI.

  6. Were making it off the mountain with this one

  7. Were making it off the mountain with this one

  8. Oh wow incredible is surprise me to find out these AI voices still amazing this give me goosebumps

  9. Gold/lost silver/Ethan: hol up, INHALE BTCS, COME HERE RQ-
    Red: SPAWNS
    Blake: SPAWNS
    Gold/lost silver/Ethan: dam that was fast, ANYWAYS-
    Blake: blud looks tired af
    Blake: anywahs bc u brought us here for nothin, me and him are going back to my room
    Gold/lost silver/Ethan: I was gonna show you frostbite with lyrics- welp

  10. I am clawing at the walls. Frostbite is already sad song but with these lyrics… what a tragedy. Great job :3 synthv works well here!

  11. Классическая погода в России

  12. Im curious as to what gold did when red mentioned him doing a sin

  13. These voices really don't resemble a person a bit. Gold's voice is a bit like Rewrite Sonic's, it can be clearly seen at the beginning

  14. 2 trainers being frozen to death while 1 of the 2 trainers' pokemon desperately tries to save it's owner, while the other's pokemon is using it's owner as a lil snaccy waccy. CONCLUSION. typhlosion is gud doggi but that led to both of them dying sadly

  15. I'm impressed that these are ai voices, if I didn't look at the description, I would've believed these were actual people singing!

  16. AI has really come this far??? Jesus chrisr

  17. Is no one going to talk about how creepy reds Pikachu (Freakachu)'s jump scare at the end of it is both creepy yet cool?

  18. Remember, the only reason why Gold even did the journey of climbing Mt. Silver was to battle Red and become the Pokémon Champion. Just imagine how Gold feels, knowing he will die soon, slowly bleeding out and slowly succumbing to Frostbite, only to realize the person he tried to battle to become the Pokémon Champion, is dead. His body rotting and nearly unrecognizable from who he was before. Gold must feel heartbroken.. Now knowing he climbed up Mt. Silver for nothing, and to just now die to his horrible fate.

  19. Impressive! The lyrics reflect the atmosphere, setting, and message(of SoMS) beautifully! The jumpscare at the end could've been blacked out, but that's just me. Been [beyond] bothered by jumpscares, because of my brother pranking me with the Maze Game………… a child……. *heavy anger-infused sigh* Either way, this is great, and it inclines me to check out some possible candidates for my own lyrical FNF song. Maybe Takeover could work, for Halloween, this year…….😈

  20. A vision or not the fact Red only looks slightly bothered by the cold while Gold looks destroyed the entire song is the most metal thing I’ve ever seen. Red is so badass that even a vest in unreasonably cold piercing weather only gets a slight reaction out of him until frostbite inevitably comes.

  21. When I'm a adult I'm gonna be a singer and this is my song I'm dropping

  22. "Punishment for Sin" Even though the original Pokepasta is an Easter Egg, this EE is supposed to STOP anyone using a Particular cheat code, so Red might be somehow aware of the cheat the player is using.

  23. Amazing lyrics and song! One of fav mods too

  24. Video description: Two 10-year-olds suffering from frostbite and serious injuries sing with each other as they slowly perish

  25. I wonder why red brings out his pilachu

  26. NAH. Those voices are TOO WELL DONE to be AI voices.

  27. Should have brought an escape rope. Or fly.

  28. that's a lot of blood gold is spitting out..

  29. "JUST SHUT UP!You're lying,like everyone else!"

  30. Wish we had the original Snow On Mount Silver which had the credits.

  31. You can see Reds Using his right arm but keeps his left in his pocket and also keeps most pressure on his left angled leg which is why both are missing from the cold.

  32. If he didn't want his Venusaur to die, he should've Mega Evolved it. Thick Fat blocks out most Ice-Type damage.

  33. I love how gold is attempting to bargain to not save his self but to save the ones who have been with him through his journey, the pokemon

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