Glitch vs. RAINBOW FRIENDS (Friday Night Funkin') -

Glitch vs. RAINBOW FRIENDS (Friday Night Funkin’)

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Today in Friday Night Funkin’, Glitch plays the RAINBOW FRIENDS mod..
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  1. i cant belive that he had olny like 5 misses i would have 40 by now

  2. Bet you can't hide that you're missing every time you do a Five Nights at Freddy's video and you miss you tried covering we can see where your rap battle and we can see your misses

  3. GLITCHHHHHHHH If u miss at 8 it will look like a 0

  4. glitch pls play the sonic forces or vs infinite mod

  5. Red is da final boss😮

  6. Watch this vid (lime) rainbow friends all phases-friday night funkin'|roblox rainbow friends

  7. Also react to this [chapter 2]new rainbow friends sings friends to your end (cyan x yellow join) friday night funkin

  8. I like when blue starts the singing and purple too

  9. Bro, you literally had to Mrs. were you talking about?

  10. I found an Easter egg I found AMONG US in the behind of glitch room

  11. Purple is the one that's worst than all of them

  12. Play the sonic mode
    Is there any fallen easy

  13. sussy in toy box susususususususususuusususuusususususuusususuus

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