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Hijinx but Tom and Tord Sings it [FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ COVER]

Hendi the Hen
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I don’t do YouTube anymore, I just post whatever random ideas I make skhfHJFS-

Ben’s Adventure (original mod and song) by bbpanzu:

Chromatic Scales:
– Tom:
– Tord:

Health Icons taken from:
– Tom:
– Tord:

Everything else is by me!


  1. I love the way their drawn it makes tord not look like a trigger happy psycho

  2. Guys im going to die from cringe help💀

  3. Ive been coming back to this and I don't know why this time I red the songs name as Tahiti then my mind jusy went, Arthur we need to get to Tahiti

  4. 下の時の顔めっちゃ好き可愛い

  5. Песня жесть🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

  6. wait is the eye supposed to be black in the left anim

  7. Should've made the background red and yellow just like the zombeh attack and wtfuture thumbnails because the background looks very similar to the thumbnails still very cool tho

  8. 😏hahah i know this character pickin up that guy its tord

  9. you had a chance to make tord in his robot

  10. This is basically the end but Tords giant robot is a model of himself

  11. ive lisend to this so meny time, and why do you not do youtube anymore? you have 46.8K subs

  12. Ishsigrjwkhqgdjdiyhsihagaaaiaohqoeuu e gk ada komentar link ke partai-partai politik di ampili arto ada di dalam rumah tangga dan sll terkabul ada yang kung Fu fighter Indonesia di ampili tenan yo ws tk scan ya Rabb yang kung Pao to mas kawin yang tidak ingin lagi di ampili tenan yo ws ng kediri ta mas yang asa dan sll dlm waktu yg lama apa adanya dan sll terkabul ada komentar untuk foto papii ada yg AA AA pulsa ini AA pulsa ini adalah untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang Allah yang telah disatukan menjadi sebuah kebutuhan bagi setiap orang pasti pernah merasakan ada yang mau ikutan satu satu nya apa ya Rabb ada yg tau ga kenapa tidak ingin lagi dengan bumi dan Langitan ya Allah aku memohon maaf cinta kita kepada Allah dan ridho Allah sll dlm keadaan yang tidak bisa di kantor apa sll dlm tubuh yang sehat terus itu

  13. ปรัตถกร ทวีศักดิ์ says:


  14. Does Tord sound like a cat meowing to me alone?

  15. "I founded a giant banana pepole and this banana wore a topknot, and it was a boy and it wears red and gray"

    -"tom (2016)

  16. 😈😈😈😈hahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  17. Before when Tom got dropped I thought tord was going to turn on the stove than put him on the stove and than cook him and now when he is cooled down tord will EAT Tom (mah:brain gurl why are you evil?)

  18. I like this version better than the real version.

  19. So cool! I wish this mod exist 😄

  20. For some reason tord model look like boyfriend

  21. matt's sad beacuse he wants his mirror✨

  22. Damn I love this song so much 😍😍 I listen to it every time 💖

  23. That is from the real eddsworld yeah its amazing with the tord and tom u know tom and tord are hating each other

  24. When Tord hits the left arrow it is showing that he has a black pupil on his right eye, is that a meaning?

  25. Hi I like drawing on TIKTOK and was wondering if I could use this sound I will credit you

  26. i think a red or blue background would work better

  27. Tord and tom the long arowos Kinda sounded like when in a church

  28. If anyone likes my comment I will make lyrics to this cover

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