How Friday Night Funkin CHANGED Jakeneutron's Life ft @Jakeneutron -

How Friday Night Funkin CHANGED Jakeneutron’s Life ft @Jakeneutron

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Friday Night Funkin has changed the lives of many people including Jakeneutron. But when you have mastered the craft what is next for such a creative artist? In this video I interview him to find out. . .

00:00 Intro
00:23 Who is?
01:56 FNF
11:49 After FNF
19:21 Final Thoughts
21:35 Da end

Animated Show @badtakedelete
2nd Channel @extradoven
Interviewee @Georghiou2D@Jakeneutron

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  1. "it's been out for 5 years"
    well actually, it's not out yet..
    but jokes aside, cool video.. i did not know about Jake Neutron

  2. Honestly jake is one of if not the most underrated artist i have seen he has done such a big change in everything he does and that what every artist should strive for, making a change.

  3. Teehee thank you for the lil mention I try my best so I'm glad u enjoy my Stuff!!!

  4. It’s impressive how much he grew. Seriously I remember back when he had only 23k and the fact he was able to have his channel grow in such a short time is phenomenal

  5. What a motivational video!, I definitely love the editing & how clear and simple minded it gives off I'm surpised I never noticed this channel especially how really good this video is!, The message from jake "Create your own opportunities to archieve something" is something I never knew & needed to hear about. this was an amazing video.

  6. It’s pretty cool seeing you use your avatar in videos now.😺

  7. Yo that’s awesome that you are friends with Recd!

  8. Jake has always been my biggest inspiration and this is the best vid I've ever seen😭💕💕❤❤❤

  9. i love getting insight into creators like this!

  10. pibby

    actual reason why i asked is cause pibby and fnf are notorious for getting trashed on (personally im not a fan of it but idrc about enough to hate it) that monotone voice was crazy though LOLLL
    💀💀💀 at least your stuff is the best of the best so stand proud on that since it does have genuine care out into it and i respect that

  11. We are slowly starting to not see the actual daft peena, rather seeing his cat thing

  12. Awesome interview! I appreciate the mention as well <3

  13. I thought jake neutron was always popular and successful I remember all the way back to the shillouhbecca remix

  14. This video was made before the weekend 1 update?

  15. 4:26 not April fools. That was a other AS video. The trailer was from halloween 2021.

  16. Funnily enough i followed him back when he did like this doki doki animation thing. It's really nice to see him grow so much. Dude deserves it. 🙏🏾 Glad to have got the chance to see this video though. Its cool to hear him talk about all this. Great vid!

  17. Holy shit is that a positive video about fnf in my timeline?!?!?;

  18. Actually next time that you do another interview with Jake can you ask him this.

    Do you like sonic the hedgehog or you just put him there for entertainment for other people that like sonic?

  19. i guess we arent getting vs Oswald but i can understand the lack of motivation to work on it. excited for the work on Indigo Park tho!

  20. Jakeneutron its probably my favorite FNF youtuber i been folowing him since the pibby conecpt songs

  21. AAAAA 🥺 Can’t wait to see you at Momocon, man! 😀

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