HUGGY WUGGY IS NOT A MONSTER! Poppy Playtime & Friday Night Funkin Animation -

HUGGY WUGGY IS NOT A MONSTER! Poppy Playtime & Friday Night Funkin Animation

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Boys and girls, welcome to Garten Of Ban Ban II 💟🌱🐝

A terrifying escape game from NAB NAB 🕷️🧿will make PLAYER nervous, 😰he must flee at full speed to avoid being caught by the terrible monster,🥶🧌 he will meet a little baby OPILA, 👶🦩he will be victim of the giant blue spider, 🤨😜but the little bird 🥲will not be touched and will not be abducted 💪so easily, after a movie escape that you can not miss,💥💣💩 they will meet SLOW SELINE🐌 will be eaten by this strange snail? 🤮☠️Then PLAYER and the little one will have to fight against 🫠his brothers and the new resistance,🦤🛡️🦤 despite escaping now they will be in 👩‍🏫🥹class with Banbanela,🔢🏀🎳 then he will help to evade JUMBO JOSH 💚to end up returning to his mother OPILA BIRD. 😳

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Banban’s Kindergarten, where you’ll meet the most lovable gang of friends that any child could ask for! Get ready to be introduced to OPILA BIRD, GREEN, JUMBO JOSH, CAPITAN FIDDERS, STINGER FLYNN, BANBANELA & BAN BAN BAN – the beloved members of The Banban And Friends Gang. These iconic mascots have won the hearts of kids everywhere and made Banban’s Kindergarten the dream place to be!

However, something strange has happened at Banban’s Kindergarten, and it’s up to you to uncover the truth. Explore the mysterious establishment and discover the secrets hidden within, but beware – you’re not alone. Will you be able to unravel the horrifying truth behind this once reputable learning facility without losing your life and sanity?

Don’t miss out on the chance to join the Banban And Friends Gang and experience the magic of Banban’s Kindergarten for yourself. Who knows what adventures await you there? Come on, let’s go!

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