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I Finally Play HYPNO’S LULLABY V2… Friday Night Funkin’

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FNF Pokémon Hypno Mod Update. Merg Gameplay Playthrough with commentary and reactions. Songs about all kinds of creepypastas like Hypno’s Lullaby and Lost Silver.

Friday Night Funkin’ by ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade3k, evilsk8r, kawaisprite
Mod by Banbuds

Play the game yourself

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Thanks for reading. 🙂 hypno has the coolest pkmn cry


  1. Merg, the mechanic of insomnia is that if your accuracy goes below 90% feraligator bites your face off and you crash your game! Luckly, its one of the easiest song without mechanics

  2. Merg, you gotta play outertale. The thing released and it's rlly good. Ruins to waterfall is out

  3. I think merg is the first YouTuber I've seen that was able to correctly identify most of the characters and Pokemon, great job!

  4. Man, you're the best youtuber, you upload for everything that I wanna ask for, xD

  5. Been waiting for this for a while. Thanks for doing this merg, and I think your voice sounds just fine. I love your content and to see you doing stuff I like is even cooler. And it's alright merg, we all sucked at the pendulum. Make sure to take breaks and get better funni cherri man 🙂

  6. merg if you give us a binding of isaac video i will give you 9999 years of good luck

  7. Merg you should totally play Among Us again. Your so fun to watch!

  8. am I the only one that says the guy with red hair looks like Kris from deltarune

  9. Here's some more Unown translations:

    30:22 – IT FAILED

    30:29 & 31:03 – CELEBI DIED

    30:39 (you got that correct) – I SEE YOU

    31:13 (correct again) – NIGHTMARE

    31:37 – BOO!

    31:48 (correct) – ABANDONED

    32:01 (you got it correct, but you had to hold down shift for the '?') – CAN YOU SEE?

    Hope these help.

  10. I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
    There are few times where an FNF song has made me feel something.

    Tutorial – Base FNF OST makes me feel nostalgic.
    Lo Fight – vs. Whitty, super groovy.
    Release – vs. Garcello, motivated.
    Overtime – Retrospecter: IPU, invigorated.

    Frostbite makes the top of that list. No song, FNF or otherwise, has immersed me in this kind of grief and desperation.
    It’s there with Happy End of the World – XI and Stained, Brutal Calamity – DM Dokuro.
    I am very sad but happy.
    Thank you for sharing it.


  11. No, the best cry os obviusly kriketune's

    Also heppy seeing you back to your prime state, keep it up man

  12. the 3rd song "hypno" does indeed look like the boss Gurdy from The Binding of Isaac

  13. i didn't know they released or canceled the mod

    i'm happy and sad now. but i finally beat left unchecked with mechanics on.

    tips on how to actually do the pendulum:

    do something to keep your finger in sync with it with another limb, your fingers will get mixed up if you try to focus on moving them for 2 different things. so instead, try to keep your rhythm by saying a "tick,tock" or "1,2" in your head or out loud in sync to the pendulum, when you get that in rhythm, it helps you keep your spacebar in rhythm, you can also bounce your leg, but i've found the tick tock method to be the best. you can also bop your head, which was the first strategy i ended up figuring out, but the music might mess up your sync

    and here's some more technical tips,

    if you try to spam notes, you might accidentally start spamming the spacebar. don't risk it.

    it seems the pendulum speed is scaled to the tempo, this is extremely useful because this means you can actually just look at the character idle animation, it perfectly syncs with the pendulum.

    and the most helpful tip for people struggling on first song

    the instrumental (lavender town remixed) is actually synced with the pendulum, try to pay attention to it. sometimes the syncing instrument will stop or off a beat and return to syncing, but it can help you keep track.

    that's all i figured out.

    (if you still can't beat it and want the pendulum, just use a metronome if you are desperate , or use your leg for spacebar if you are insane)

  14. Merg is long overdue to hit 1 million subscribers

  15. But are you playing the other songs as well?

  16. I love how the title says finally

    And yet thats exactly the exclamation I had. Finally!

  17. pls play dave and bambi again, but do 3.0

  18. "The one that Nintendo doesn't want you to know about"

  19. i have some fun facts about the songs
    1: in lost cause gf sings parts from three songs in og fnf pico M.I.L.F and dad battle
    2: also in lost cause: hypno's form is a refrence to the boss gurdy from the binding of isaac
    3: there was meant to be an ending animation for insomnia where silver screaches causing the feraligator to wake up and chomp on bf
    4: there are many more songs to play so look forward to it

  20. I was watching merg since around 2017 and after the omori playthrough started watching him less

    Got him on my recommended again today and i now realize how much i have missed him

    Almost at one million already wow

  21. YOOOOO MERG Thank you so much for playing our mod!!! Can't wait for you to see what else is in store 🙂

  22. First of all, get well Merg and o hope your recover isnt as painful as some can be and rest well!
    Now another thing: If you activate bot Play at any song, the message which normaly appear "Bot Play" will be changed each song to something rude towards you which is a funny detail while at a certain song it actually gives you lore yet i wont say which one 😉
    Also, each pause menue has a different view so it sure would be awesome if ya show each one yet i dont if the screen changes in the song too, such as in the monochrome remix where the first phase is a slightly remixed. Also, at 7:26 you can hear that GF sings the first song of the original game against daddy dearest which i find really cute since thats the first battle BF actually ever had. Ngl i replay of the original would truly be so nostalgic ngl.

    Another thing which you will get later: Do NOT choose middle! I recommend to choose left since i think it would be the best for you.

    Also, A LOT of mods you once played got a version 2 like midfight masses, Garcello, the original B-Side mod, The Binding of Isaac and some more and some even a version 3 such as The Sonic Exe mod, Vs Dave and Bambi which actually is a really cool mod nowadays. aswell as there are surly a lot of really cool and really old mods such as Friday Night Fever as example which deserve to be played or one certain omori mod where ya play as Omori and Basil against Kel, Aubri and Hero which surly is awesome too even tho its just one song yet an awesome one for sure, not to forget midfight masses b-side where i can assure you that you wont survive b-side ruv, yet sadly his new sprite isnt in the mod yet.

    Other than that, im really glad i randomly found a video of yours which had an old youtube error multiple years ago. Always love to watch your videos and you are also the only person i watch on youtube who speaks english since since im not interested in english speaking youtubers.
    Take care buddy and wish ya the best✌🏻

  23. bru i am also sick at the time of watching this x_X

  24. Woah can tell you're sick but man u still madr good content really really cool stuff mannnn cherry man cherry cherry man

  25. Even when sick, Merg still sounds as cheery as ever.

  26. Hi Merg! You can turn on "P*SSY MODE" in the settings to remove the mechanics. I'm glad to see you enjoy the mod!

  27. Nice video as always. I hope you are feeling better now

  28. At the beginning of Lost Cause, when GF sings to BF, she sings the banger, Dadbattle from tho OG game

  29. video 9 of counting mers subs till 1mil (starting 980k)

    video 1: 980k

    video 2: 980k

    video 3: 980k

    video 4: 980k

    video 5: 980k

    video 6: 981k

    video 7: 981k

    video 8: 981k
    video 9: 982k

  30. Merg, please play deltarune mode named Ribbit

  31. Snap back to reality ups there goes Hipno trying to kill you

  32. I hate how he calls the pendulum the metronome

  33. If you buy some of the stuff in the shop you will get new songs in free play and if you press 7 in the main menu you will get missingno

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