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I made a Friday Night Funkin’ Mod in Only 7 Hours: “Welcome Home Mod”

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In 7 hours I made a new chromatic scale (samples of my friend, Chris), made a song, animated the sprites, ported them into psych, charted the song, and coded small aesthetic mechanics.

I’m getting the hang of thissss!!
But it’s probably unhealthy to randomly crunch like this just cause…

I made this because my friend was gushing about how he was getting his new pet rats soon, and I thought the idea of him welcoming 3 new pet rats would be a really cute mod idea hehe! tragically, not of his rats will be named Pico, BF, or GF smh

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  1. Gregory why have you adopted those mouses?”

  2. Me: mum can we get pet mice
    Mom: no dear we have pet mice at home
    At home: hello🐀 hi🐀 hey🐀

  3. week two, the rats climb on his head and pull his hair to control his movements like some shit outta ratatouille, using him to enter more rap battles

  4. This music is so cute💖💖

  5. The mod look so cute🥰 i try to search in my pc i dont think i fuond it cuz theres a lot of fake game look like this

  6. Me:hmmmm what this
    Also me: oh well i guess ill watch
    My friend:wait no-
    Also me:die of cutest overload

  7. This is so awesome I've watch this like 20 times and not stopping and I even add to my song list

  8. Wait which gender is the human boy or a girl

  9. Imagine what happened if mouse BF Was With Sky

  10. btw how did pico and bf and gf turn into a mouse?

  11. This is the most cute mod ever

  12. That 0:56 I love the AW sound! Is a cool animation Imma subcribe

  13. Wait a minute if he likes the “rats” why is he battling them wont they die..

  14. Wow i like this one the hands are perfect 👍🏻 i love it


  16. This look likes the dusk till dawn 1! But rat additon

  17. 0:54 when mice pico is sneeze her voice is so Cute 😍

  18. Love love miss you miss love miss you all love love miss miss love love you love love miss miss you miss miss all love love and miss all love miss you love love you miss miss all love love miss love love and love miss you love love miss love you love miss love all miss miss all love love miss miss love love you all love love miss you all love love and miss you all miss love


  20. Compadre asterdam hongo es más difícil hacértelo

  21. Me gusta mucho la canción😍😍😍🎵🎵🎵🎵🎶

  22. I’ll like to say but Welcome Home mod is the cutest mod ever 😍

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