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I made a Steven Universe Friday Night Funkin’ Mod in Under 12 Hours: “My Monster”

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SO! I couldn’t take it anymore. I NEEDED to make a Steven Universe mod… AND I NEEDED TO MAKE IT NOW! So I spent all morning from 12 am to now! It’s a short song and It honestly came out way different from how I pictured it initially… but this was fun for my FIRST Steven Universe mod! I think people should be making more SU mods. I miss the aesthetic alot!

Also the amazing background art was done by my new pal Mike, give him a follow, he’s crazy talented!

Also HighPoweredKeyz made the Steven Chromatic!!

Also if you’re curious about context, this takes place between the original series and the movie. It’s based on an AU me and a group of CC friends came up with! Shout out to Bone, Mike, Lea, Kev, and etc cause they indirectly helped this mod get made lol!

Now once this premieres… I’mma eat… Then sleep lmao.

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  1. 1:06 I love how you put in one of the words he said from that tv show called Steven Universe the Future, awesome video btw!😄

  2. Simplesmente um espetáculo audiovisual, ficou muito bem feito, magnífico.

  3. Can you make a mobile app with all of the Steven universe mods and if not most and this?

  4. If you listen closely you can hear the silouettes's vocals get lower and lower as more are added

  5. You make the best mods ever, I love your Mlp corrupted mod, it was my favorite!

  6. Guys, it's in boot mode, it's good, the game is squeezing you

  7. Okay one last comment, I just noticed that at the end even if he technically “won” according to the bar, he’s still anxious which is so accurate to mental health. You might not always feel better after doing coping skills, in fact they might not even help you at all except giving you something to focus on until the feelings lessen or pass entirely.

  8. 1:05 this drop makes me go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr🔥🔥🔥

  9. And THIS was the reason why I watched steven universe

  10. give this song more time and it will be an absolute banger

  11. When I was watching this my spoon fall down and I said side eye😂

  12. Wait why doesn't he look like the movie Steven unless this is the future or maybe a different timeline

  13. So when you make a fnf it takes 12 hours right?

  14. i feel like the smallest shadow of steven is his trauma, the mid shadow is the thing that he did to jasper (and his trauma with spinel) and the biggest one is what he became.

  15. I love this mode one thing, though. You could possibly change the arrows to make it look like. The diamond formation like down is pink up is white left is blue right is yellow

  16. the music is good, but that art makes this awesome. I love the iterations of depravement into destroying the self becoming the monster.

  17. I remember watching this one year ago now it’s on my new to you????

  18. We all think a person is playing this but at the top under the timer it says bot play

  19. Bro I've watched every single episode of Steven universe, The future series, and even the movie, this is very alike to what Steven was going through in Steven Universe Future, Steven gets stronger, because of his "pink diamond", and messes everything up, and even shattered topaz, plus, he becomes a monster at the end, and the gems and other people try to calm him down, in the end he becomes normal. So, this is kind of how "His monster" is kind of like the pink diamond that Steven has.

  20. The small shadow going from small and faint to pronounced black and having its own entire face is nice to see develop with each time it comes out.

  21. Alternate title: instead of getting therapy Steven universe has a rap battle with his depression

  22. Can anyone help me, the download is working but it opens a file that doesn't have the game, just the scripts and the paws

  23. Showing the different forms of Steven in the back was really chilling bringing me back to repeatedly watching this series, and how he was slowly crumbling under pressure. Great work. 👏🏾

  24. This is actually amazing! Can't wait to see more of this!

  25. This is amazing!! Can't believe how good this is

  26. Wait have you never noticed that maybe the monster is pibby corruption and he’s fighting from it, and I commented in 2024 ❤😂

  27. The first monster kinda looks like Steven’s pibby form

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