I Pretended To Be SANS In ROBLOX Friday Night Funkin' - currygoatrevenge.com

I Pretended To Be SANS In ROBLOX Friday Night Funkin’

Chrisu Gaming
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  1. This guy hit every note and all of em where sick

    I was acctually in that server bruhhh

  2. Why is the person looks like my old aFaTaR

  3. Me:fights sans sans:does zardy hard me:wins sans:blasts blasters for rage quitting me:oh no

  4. Bruh that dude he first went up against just got destroyed hard lol

  5. This is the worst Sans avatar ive ever seen in my entire life

  6. I came to check on ur channel bc I havent watched u sense u played robeats and I saw u make funky friday now and as expected ur a gaming legend at it

  7. Did anybody see the button he press it's all sick she's a god

  8. Zardy is the hardest one.
    Matt 2.0 be like…..

  9. Im ink sans from x event

    Roblox name: Fanofdenis122

  10. Chris the sans mod is coming in funky Friday

  11. Fun fact:arm and leg color is human ya lol

  12. Once the new sans song and animation comes out make another video about cosplaying as him

  13. wait untill the sans song comes out oh wait it already did

  14. eyo wait a minute in the thumb nail that was my drawing of sans

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