I Spoke with the CREATOR of Wednesday's Infidelity... "Oh, Shoot!" | FNF Mods (ft. Jhaix) - currygoatrevenge.com

I Spoke with the CREATOR of Wednesday’s Infidelity… “Oh, Shoot!” | FNF Mods (ft. Jhaix)

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D-Side OSWALD?! Leak ma Balls? PART 3!? In this powerful FNF Mod Interview, we talk with Jhaix, CREATOR of Wednesday’s Infidelity, and how leakers, challenges, & music fought the mod’s development into the masterpiece it is today! Spicy topics in this Friday Night Funkin’ mod include Cheddar & Julian, WALT DISNEY???… And a *very powerful* message at the end.

🐁 🎃 What’s your favorite Wednesday’s Infidelity character/song? Comment below! =)

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0:00 – Jhaix Fires Into Battle! (+Mod Inspiration)
1:36 – Why Give Cheddar & Julian Full Weeks?
1:59 – Biggest Challenge + Development Time?
2:41 – D-SIDE OSWALD Inspiration THO!
3:30 – Wednesday Infidelity Collaborations?
3:50 – Why Make LEAK MA BALLS!?
4:19 – Thoughts on Adding Colors to W.I.?
4:35 – Slow Music vs. INTENSE Music?
5:26 – How the H*CK did you make Julian’s Vocals?
6:12 – Wednesday’s Infidelity Part 3??? 😮
6:41 – How’d WALT DISNEY React to the MOD?
7:00 – if you could say ANYTHING to the viewers…
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That’s right folks, we have the amazingly talented and kind-hearted Jhaix on the show to talk about the tale of Wednesday’s Infidelity, and his team’s journey to success. Absolute bangers in this mod include Unknown Suffering from Mickey Mouse’s third phase, Untold Loneliness from D Side Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Leak Ma Balls inspired by the dirty leakers that showcased the mod before its release.

We also discuss questions such as, why choose the day “Wednesday”? I also ask him if he thought about adding colors to the mod, and how he made vocals of Julian’s heavily distorted voice. Jhaix also talks about his interesting philosophy behind composing music, such as making slow vs. fast music. It’s honestly one of the most fascinating perspectives behind creating an FNF mod. And of course, Jhaix gives an incredibly important message at the end that made me tear up during the interview. Follow him on Twitter and YouTube to come along his amazing journey!



All elements of Wednesday’s Infidelity and Friday Night Funkin’ belong to their respective owners. Including songs, art, coding, etc. (Check Them Out!)

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  1. More content from the king himself! We love you Meta! 🐐💚

  2. the part when he said to us well i been suffering when im in school but thx for that it made me happy

  3. It really makes sense why Wednesday Infidelity won’t get a Part 3 all because it took 8 months for a update to happen after the mod launched.

  4. Please can you have an interview with the qt creators hazard 24

  5. This is one of my favorite mods and am glad you could interview the creator of Wednesday infidelity! Aka my fav song is untold loneliness


  7. This was probably the most emotional FNF Mod Dev Interview yet.

  8. I'm gunna punish you because You need a new brother and when he's born just show him fnf straight away

  9. This interview was sick!!

    also f in chat Wednesday Infedelity.

    meterraria int– oh wait your a mickey mod.
    they dont die.

  10. Meta! Jhaix! What an inspiring interview and video! I'm sorry that Jhaix went through tough times, but was so glad to hear his positivity at the end. Love your interviews, Meta!

  11. Quantavius jonquillynipple dinglesheath the 3rd🗿 says:

    The way they had the “Carnival In toyland” instrumental in the background while jhaix was giving his speech genuinely made me feel

  12. Some more info with the most goated version of a Sad Mouse mod! (Youtube just hates the word at this point)
    Man, I haven't watched you for a week now, at least I finished my exams for this xdd

  13. Okay now this is just awesome.
    Wednesday Infidelity is a very cool mod.

    One of my favorite mod.
    keep up the good work meta!
    The fact that you hearted every comment is just nice.

  14. The Jhaix quotes were so heartwarming….. 10/10

  15. Friday night funkin(animations,concepts,and more) says:

    7:12 tells him thanks man I needed that:)

  16. Mod was nice, wish some songs had more effort tho

  17. I never thought I'd be confronted by a mickey mouse mod about feelings I hide.

  18. I loved this interview so much and I also had a very strong feeling that the mods music was based off of some sort of emotion atleast that's what I felt during dejection and sunsets . Just the way he described his inspiration for last day was very fitting for the situation and the song was intentionally made upsetting and slow vibe I love this mod so much it puts a lot of thought into the work.

    Also the creator is a Chad

  19. fuck, now this will get caned. prob n word related shown by the last 2

  20. rip no part 3 of Wednesday's Infidelity

  21. The thing jhaix said at the end almost made me cry.. that was so powerful.

  22. Hello whats more harder? Bob or Bambi all of the songs btw

  23. do a interview with the guy who created the suicide mouse mod.
    you know, the originol

  24. Cheddar is my least favorite character it’s because the song cravings just creeps me out It just traumatizing me I used to hear that song five years ago and when I did whenever I heard the song I would get traumatized



  26. 7:19 this speech/Explanation kind of thing made me emotional and I was not expecting it..We need more people that are nice like him

  27. fun fact:Julian is a fucking monkey in a costume

  28. hey guys so I didn't understand much about it but from what I understand there won't be a part 3 and I'm very sad this mod was amazing and had a lot of potential and then maybe I'll make a video reacting to yours but I just wanted to say that this one it was one of the best fnf mods ever made that made me cry

    hug from brazil 😀

  29. let’s hope this mod doesn’t get cancelled like every other good mod we had

  30. That guy make one of the most "aggressive" and "sad" mod in the world but he got such a golden and amazing heart I really wish happiness for him and for the entire mod for making one of the best FNF mod in the world ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Can you interview SpongeBob parodies next and this interview made me tear up

  32. Mine is unkown suffering song and crazy mickey

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