Ice Cold Cake but Oswald sings it | Friday Night Funkin' -

Ice Cold Cake but Oswald sings it | Friday Night Funkin’

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Ice Cold Cake Oswald Cover with cutscenes mod showcase!
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Ice Cold Cake:

Ice Cold Cake Oswald cover mod:

Ica Cold Cake Oswald Timestamps:
00:00 – Preview
00:03 – Intro
00:12 – White
00:46 – Oswald Cutscene 1st
02:19 – Oswald Cutscene 2nd Mad
03:15 – Outro

toot_link – coder and other
Ice Cold Cake Original Authors
Fire_MF – Composer of Ice Cold Cake
AdvancedNot – Artist & Creator of Baker
Crocoboyo – Background Artist
Polyfield – General Edits, Composition Help, and Chord Modifications
miss ruru – The Baker/Peach VA
GalXE – Luigi Chromatic Creation
Snolid Ice – Emotional Support
Original Authors
.ult – Ice Cold Cake Chart
マグマン / Magman – Oswald Xml Port
Assets from Wednesday’s Infidelity mod

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

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  1. Oswald is have a real voice do you know who is the persone is do the voice a tink is Sandi

  2. Bro its so cool oswald its my fav character

  3. Instead of Mario I want it as his wife because it would make sense.

  4. ⚡the boss cuphead pro من شلة صاعقة ⚡ says:

    Nice bro You are very cool nice

  5. Mario and Luigi are dead in the background why??

  6. I literally don't have much else to say….

    But DANG this pretty nice cover and I also like the beginning part especially ngl, along with the rest of it as well.

  7. Oswald killed Mario and his brother. Is he going on a rampage in other worlds now!

  8. Finally, a Ryzzon video that isn't sonic related

  9. Ice cold cake is one of those songs that can't be covered because of how specific the chromatics are, this cover is trash because the Oswald chromatic is dogshit, the voice lines used sound so off tone and without any effort

    This is literally a kick in the ears to listen to, y'all are just praising it because you either never listened to the actual one or are just freaking 14 year olds who think that anything that uses WI is good

    Seriously Ryzz stop showcasing shit already we know you're starving but God damn a freaking warning for our ears is the least you could do, yuck

  10. Oswald is from Wednesday infidelity part 2.


  12. Ice cold draft like how they coldly drafted him from the universe

  13. My only complaint is that the dead marios should be mickey instead

  14. This channel is the best 🤩, Who agree with me guys?🙊

  15. i just realized now you not play sonic.exe mod ig

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