JAKE & FINN?!? THE CORRUPTED MOD IS AMAZING. | Friday Night Funkin (Vs. Pibby Corrupted Full Week) - currygoatrevenge.com

JAKE & FINN?!? THE CORRUPTED MOD IS AMAZING. | Friday Night Funkin (Vs. Pibby Corrupted Full Week)

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Welcome back to some more Friday Night Funkin!! In today’s episode, I decided to take down the full week of the FNF vs. Pibby Corrupted Mod & this has to be one of my new favorite mods. It was SO good and packed full of amazing stages, crazy songs and even crazier chartings. Jake & Finn? Yeah. Mordecai? YEAH. Even more corrupted characters? Yeeeeeah.. Enjoy

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Vs. Pibby Corrupted Mod:

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00:00 Intro
02:00 Steven Universe Song 1
04:16 Steven Universe Song 2
06:08 Steven Universe Song 3
08:38 Steven Universe Song 4
11:26 Mordecai’s Song
14:06 Spooky Boys throwing down
16:27 Pico, you good fella?
18:53 BF!!?
21:32 Finn’s song (THIS IS SO HARD)
25:31 Jake joins the fight
27:52 Princess Bubblegum is angry..
28:48 Jake & Finn Finale


  1. My fav song is mordacais Bc the guitar it is absolutely a banger

  2. Also if you don’t know, the person from Steven universe song 3 is Spinel, and she is swinging her weapon, but when idle, her weapon is like a foot away from bf’s face lol

  3. Look at the rating at 2:29 is 69% and it say NICE

  4. Pibby mod is the equivalent of corrupting a flash drive by removing it incorrectly

  5. Holy mary mother of moses little Cesar's pizzeria toppings with golden brown bread with a large cheeseburger and hot apple pie WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST FUCKING WATCH !!!

  6. hey Ryan, did u know that there are references to the Hypnos Lullaby Monochrome song lol

  7. there used to be more to the 4th song of the Steven Universe week lol

  8. Finn & Jake used to have different sprites lul
    (Srry for so many comments lol)

  9. List Steven is from the movie and spinel is corrupted/gliched I am crying

  10. I wonder why gf was never in the pibby corrupted mod maybe she also got corrupted? hmmm

  11. "Its not a mistake", ✨IT'S A MASTERPEACE✨

  12. Bro I realized that the 3rd song from Steven universe sounds like monochrome from lulibys mod

  13. Corrupted steven: aaw it is cute to think the weak little thing can hold me for long, bf. Almost made me feel bad to destroying it so quickly. Now where's my partner?

    Corrupted spinel: the legend Steven universe hehehahahahaha

    Corrupted steven: ah there she is!!! Come on out, my girl 👧!!!!!!

  14. So Ryan after playing the mod myself there’s actually 4 more Finn and jake songs in free play (one of them is a cover of you can’t run from sonic exe)

  15. Ayo the bit where the scythe weilding one kinda sounds like monochrome if u play it for a minute or 2

  16. I love the change song from the Steven and spinel week because I remember playing it from other Steven universe mods

  17. People think that the corrupt BF in blue-balled isn't boyfriend, they think that that's the corruption forming itself into another form to corrupt the real bf, the one with the gun is the real one I think.

  18. There a corrupted bf mod it the same as pibby corrupted mod but bf corrups everyone pico skid and pump

  19. That is so cool how there,s evil Glichs in cartoon worlds 🌎 and all of that you play and cool Fin and Jake, Steven, hi I,m new here!!

  20. In the background of phase one finn you can see this: D__z n_ts

  21. The 2nd song um kinda sounds lije monochrome no cap

  22. Sad they didn't make them more gory and spooky

  23. At the intro I thought it was sped up

  24. Please try the Vs. Osk mod, its songs are absolutely amazing, some of the best ive seen in a while.

  25. I love how ryan put coryxkenshine as his edit

  26. Dude medical, Steven,finn,jake,and Queen bubble are scarest

  27. He brings back his wiggle fingers 😆

  28. 8-bit Ryan goes to his ultra form self to beat the corrupted mod.

  29. Cant believe he didnt notice the red theme refrence in glitched gem smh

  30. the spinel song one part sounds like monochrome from hypno lullaby

  31. Please play vs Dave and Bambi make sure to play ALL songs on hard So you can unlock the super hard secret song called cheating

  32. You also skipped extra songs in the song select

  33. Im download this mod and full combo with sillyfangirl settings

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