Last Reel - Friday Night Funkin': Indie Cross OST (Final Version) -

Last Reel – Friday Night Funkin’: Indie Cross OST (Final Version)

Joan Atlas
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(please do not reupload this or the instrumental – i will take it down)

this is actually a new version, not the same as the DEMO one.
it’s also more way more difficult as you can see.

It feels weird to actually release Indie Cross after such a long wait, but here we are, and I hope you guys enjoy it, we’ve been working really hard to make this a reality.
I wanna thank everyone on the team for being such nice people, very fun to work with, and I’m also really glad I got to be a part of this, it was one of the first projects I entered on the FNF community and I’m really grateful that it was this one in particular.
I hope you enjoy Indie Cross as much as we did, and I hope you can beat THOSE songs…
375 BPM.
– Joan Atlas

thumbnail art and visualizer made by: @MORØ Nighteye



  1. I saw some Easter eggs on this mod all I'm going to say is on the second song on the background you will see Sammy but look behind Sammy you will a stick figure kinda familiar he's fast so keep on eye on him

  2. Is it just me or does this remind me of the lab rats theme

  3. Last reel is me favorite song thanks for the new version

  4. Joan, you absolutely killed it with Last Reel! Easily one of the best Indie Cross songs!
    Keep up the great work!

    but you definitely missed in Despair, it wasn't that great…

  5. The new version of this song is an absolute upgrade to the previous version of this song

  6. Out of all these mods this is my fav one.

  7. Not gonna lie this theme made me like bendy more.

  8. This song is better than ‘chaos’ from vs sonic.exe

  9. We need a whole version of this with the guitar instead of vocals

  10. Why does the beginning of the song reminds of Madness? Is it the drumbeat or the style?

  11. I'm not critical or anything like that but this song is very good, one of the best

  12. What if they added Super Meat Boy. he is also an indie game

  13. TwistedFunnel & Friends With Tornado 60163 says:

    The beginning of the song is such a hit!

  14. This song is kicking my butt, any tips? I do ok till the last part

  15. Ṿ̶̀ê̸̢͐ñ̸̰̌ð̴̠̄m̴̞̉ says:

    when you have it on full audio with headphones it seems like your house is shaking

  16. First part sounds like a menu song

  17. At first I thought: "Holy shit, This is incredible"
    But when 1:19 showed up, I was like: "WHAT THE FUCK, HOLY SHIT NO WAY"

    All besides, 1:19 really shot me back to The Homestuck Days, When Gamzee went on a Rampage and Held Terezi Hostage. Ah yes, The Good "[S] Game Over" Days… Or well, The Carne Vale Days. This mod was one hell of a ride, so Amazing!

  18. Should have added the lost ones because there bendy and sammy they can summon them._.

  19. Theres's this gut called orange that reuploaded the inst

  20. Te damos la bienvenida al portapapeles de Gboard. Aquí se guardarán los textos que copies.

  21. i wonder what she's listening to
    what she's listening to:

  22. The fact that this was composed by one person made it more than just a masterpiece

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