Lifeless Husk - Friday Night Funkin' vs. EP-56: the Complete Saga -

Lifeless Husk – Friday Night Funkin’ vs. EP-56: the Complete Saga

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[Yes, I made this song. You MAY NOT reupload/extend my work to other platforms. However, usage of my work in speedpaints, gameplay videos, fangames, etc, is allowed as long as I am properly credited!]


This is the first song in the main week for @snolidice5048’s FNF Mod based off of LEGO Speedrunning! “Lifeless Husk” is a unique take on Too Slow for Friday Night Funkin’ vs. Sonic.exe by MarStarBro, where you play as Boyfriend and rap against Lifeless Husk who turns out to be a distraction so the evil and menacing EP-56 can make an entrance! ooh shocker, plot-twist
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Logo/Background Artist –
EP-56 VA –
Lifeless Husk Sprite Artist – and @ToadOdyssey
EP-56 Sprite Artist – @ToadOdyssey
Lifeless Husk Chromatic VA/Lyrics Written By – @slashtheslushie


  1. Uh, anyone gonna talk about the new channel name & PFP?

  2. Awesome ! Keep up the good work Ployfield ! 💚

  3. This is so cool! Nice work Poly! Love your work!

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